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Ppt access For Blocked Websites PowerPoint Presentation
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Ppt access For Blocked Websites

Ppt access For Blocked Websites

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Ppt access For Blocked Websites

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  2. BLOCKED / RESTRICTED WEBSITE In order to monitor the internet usage, Owners of your company or Higher Authority can use the option of blocking the URL (Uniform Resource Locater). This is also known as URL filtering

  3. REASONS WHY SOCIAL SITES SHOULD NOT BE BLOCKED Morale Reputation Communication Advertising Collaboration Social research Skill building Transparency Networking

  4. HOW TO ACCESS BLOCKED WEBSITE You can easily access a website blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) simple steps in our tutorial to open the blocked websites in a few step process. You can use any of the options given below to unblock a website.

  5. METHODS TO ACCESS WEBSITE Two of the easiest ways to access blocked websites are using VPN networks or proxy servers Access Blocked Websites using VPN Browser Addons → Zenmate VPN → Browsec VPN Access Blocked Websites using Proxy Sites/Server

  6. Access Blocked Websitesusing VPN Browser Addons One of the easiest way to access a blocked website in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) is done by installing the VPN Addons. This add-on will send your Url request to an Inter-mediatory IP located in a different country (Country of your choice) and reaches the targeted website. Then it will return back to the user from a different IP.



  9. Access Blocked Websitesusing Proxy Sites/Server Proxy servers/sites is use to bypass the blocked website from the Internet Service Provider. It will convert the website Url and helps in reaching the targeted website with a different Url. Here the website will be directly accessed from the proxy server.

  10. You can use any of the options given in the previous slides to unblock a website.But please check with your local authorities before using them. We will not held any responsibility if you’ve breach the regulations of any.

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