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Blocked Drains PowerPoint Presentation
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Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

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Blocked Drains

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  1. Blocked Drains

  2. All sorts of things can cause your drains to become clogged and it's important to take preventative action before the problem becomes serious and more expensive to fix.

  3. A build up of grime, food, hair, small objects like toys and of course tree roots can all affect how your drain works. So throw old oil in a container and put it in the bin, put coffee grains in the bin and not down the sink, and use a drain strainer to catch debris and prevent it running down the drain.

  4. It's also a good idea to run hot water down the sink every now and then to flush the grime away.

  5. A smelly drain can be an indication that there is a lot of muck in the pipe. If efforts to remove the odour and problem don't work, it's well worth calling us in to flush the pipes before a serious blockage occurs.

  6. We have the right equipment to clear blocked drains fast and effectively.

  7. Video Sewer Inspection This enables us to see right into the pipe so we can discover what is causing the problem. When we know what exactly is blocking the drain, we can choose the best way to remove it.

  8. Electronic Location This is another way we can locate the source of the blockage. We can track the source of the leak above the ground and then go about fixing it without having to dig up your entire garden to find it.

  9. If the pipe has become damaged by something like tree roots, we can repair the affected pipe and get things flowing quickly once again.

  10. For more update, visit us