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  1. Dada An artistic movement that started off in Europe during World War 1, where artists and writers found themselves in that Zurich offered. The artists took the approach of artistic tradition of protesting due to the European society allowing the war to have happened. The dada artists used an early form of shock art using everyday objects to create art. Marcel Duchamp produced some of the notable outrages, he did this by painting a moustache on a copy of the Mona Lisa and was proud to display his sculpture entitled Fountain – a urinal to which he added a fake name. The publics reaction to the dada movement wasn’t a good response, which is what the artists widely encouraging. Dada soon spread from Zurich to other parts of Europe and to New York City.

  2. Marcel Janco He went to Zurich in 1915 to study architecture at the age of 20. During the war Janco spent it as a student far from home to be away from the horrors of war. During his stay at Zurich he joined a group of artists where he was one of the founders of the Dada movement. Janco played an active part of the movement.

  3. Kurt Schwitters Schwitters became a part of Dada in Berlin. This was after meeting Hans Arp, Raoul Hausmann, Hannah Hoch and Richard Huelsenbeck. He started to create collages which he called Merzbilder. Schwitters made his collages from waste materials which he had picked up in the streets and in the parks of Hannover. He then saw the creation of a fragile new beauty from the ruins of the German culture.

  4. Man Ray Man Ray was a leading figure in the Dada and Surrealism art movements, this was in both America and in France. Early in his career he worked for a map publisher as a commercial artist, he had given this up to practice his own art. Man Ray was introduced to European avant-grant at the Armony Show. This was the first exhibition in America to include modern art. During this exhibition it inspired Ray to reject traditional styles and to experiment with new forms and new methods in which to create art. Through Stieglitz’s Gallery 291 Man Ray had et some of the most innovative artists of the time, this has included Marcel Duchamp, the creator of the Dada movement. Some of his work suggests collage, this was because of his interest in abstract surface designs which has come from overlapping shapes.

  5. Something that interests me about this work is how war and politics join together to create this work. The artist, in my opinion, added the specific words because it might be how he sees America being run or where the failings in America are? ‘Osama hiding in his cave’ Tharin Beeman (2008)

  6. The reason I have picked these pieces of work is because of the use of a serious issue across the world being portrayed in the way it has. To me the work shows how war affects more than the people fighting in it. Stefan Danielsson. Stefan Danielsson creates socio-political collages. His work is based on suffering and redemption.