Where are all the gas stations
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Where are all the Gas Stations?. 2008 Hurricane Season Lessons Learned Workshop Louisiana’s Geospatial Response to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike January 29, 2009 State Library of Louisiana. Hurricane Gustav. Nearly 2 million people evacuated from south Louisiana in the days before Gustav

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Presentation Transcript
Where are all the gas stations

Where are all the Gas Stations?

2008 Hurricane Season Lessons Learned Workshop

Louisiana’s Geospatial Response to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

January 29, 2009

State Library of Louisiana

Hurricane gustav
Hurricane Gustav

  • Nearly 2 million people evacuated from south Louisiana in the days before Gustav

  • 34parishes were declared disaster areas on September 2

  • 48 deaths in the state of Louisiana

  • 1.5 million people were without power in Louisiana on September 1

Louisiana eoc needs information on the availability of fuel for the public
Louisiana EOC needs Information on the Availability of Fuel for the Public

  • Citizens enter open gas stations addresses into La.gov website

  • La DNR is using internet to cold call gas stations

  • Hampton Peele believes there is an official source for gas stations

  • LA DNR states LA Agriculture and Forestry’s Weights and Measures have official list

  • Weights and Measures have such list in their main building, but have no power

  • Eventually list is obtained

  • Hampton Peele calls Josh Kent and asks who is the best source to geocode gas stations

  • LA DOTD is tasked to geocode ~ 3400 gas stations on September 4 for a meeting on the 5th

What is geocoding
What is Geocoding? for the Public

  • Finding a geographic location for a given address

  • Requires addresses in a standard format with two fields: 1. Number, Name, Type (123 | Main | St.)

    2. A 5–digit Zip Code

  • Requires a street center line GIS database with specific geocoding fields

  • Requires software that reads the addresses and associates them with the GIS data

How does a address locator work
How does a for the PublicAddress Locator Work?

  • Identify the street and zip code in the GIS database

  • Identify the segment that contains the address number

  • Determine on what side of the street the address number belongs (odd or even)

  • Interpolate the numeric address along the line

  • Create a new point feature in a GIS database

Factors affecting geocoding accuracy
Factors Affecting for the PublicGeocoding Accuracy

  • Addresses Spelling variance and errors

    Multiple names (Florida Bl/ US 190)

    Zip code errors

    New Streets/ addresses

    2. GIS Data Currency of database Location of street center lines

    Does database support multiple names

    A Geocoding “Hit” Does Not Mean a Correct Location!

Finding unmatched addresses
Finding Unmatched Addresses for the Public

There were ~3400 gas stations and

~500 were unmatched (15%).

Reasons for unmatched points
Reasons for Unmatched Points for the Public

  • Wrong zip code

    Street name and zip code do not match

  • Wrong Prefix/Suffix Street instead of Road missing N,S, W, E prefix Abbreviation – boulevard: boul\blvd

  • Wrong town given

  • Address is new 911 readdressing

  • Custom Addresses

  • Highways 123 Highway 10 instead of 123 State Hwy 10

  • Geocoding standards - use 123 Hwy 10

Other geocoding sources
Other Geocoding Sources for the Public

  • Louisiana Department of Social Services (DSS)

  • ESRI * 2

  • Statistical Analysis Software (SAS)

    All of these sources had the same approximate error rate

Online sources for unmatched addresses
Online Sources for for the PublicUnmatched Addresses

  • Google Search Engine

    Google Maps

    Google Street View

  • Other Sources

    Virtual Earth


    These provide other options for finding targets

    Search by name of business

    Visual inspection

    Verify phone numbers

    These have the most up to date GIS data

Phone verifying unmatched addresses
Phone Verifying for the PublicUnmatched Addresses

  • Sometimes it works, but…

  • “I just work here.”

  • “Which way is North?”

  • “It is next to Bubba’s Bar B Que.”

  • Wrong phone number was entered.

    ~ 50 % of calls were

    successful in verifying a location

Other gis data sources
Other GIS data Sources for the Public

  • Homeland Security Infrastructure Program (HSIP) Freedom – general release

    Gold – reserved for declared emergencies for limited recipients

  • Parish Data

    These sources were difficult to work with without prior knowledge of the data organization and format.

How do we make this work
How do we make this work? for the Public

  • Ownership La Department of Ag and Forest needs to keep gas stations up to date and have a mechanism to distribute them

  • QA, QC

    A commitment to insure addresses and other data are complete, accurate, and up to date needs to be sustained

  • GPS

    GPS locations are accurate regardless of addressees

    Procedures need to be implemented to collect GPS locations for all gas stations in the database

  • Web Service

    Web access, whether public or secure, can provide direct access to data for intended parties

Maintaining currency of dynamic data
Maintaining Currency of for the PublicDynamic Data

  • Many operation databases are dynamic by nature (space and time)

  • Dynamic databases often have missing records for new data

  • Dynamic Databases often include old records that should be deleted

  • Multiple copies of dynamic data result in different users having access to different information

    During emergency operation everyone needs

    to be on the same page!

Lessons learned from 2008
Lessons Learned from 2008 for the Public

  • Data OwnershipAgencies with data useful in emergencies need to identify those sources, maintain them, and make them available .

  • Location Accuracy

    GPS locations should be gathered for as many critical databases as possible.

    These locations need to be maintained by the agencies that “own” the data.

  • Data Quality

    QA, QC should be a constant commitment. Prior to hurricane season each agency should ensure the quality of their data.

  • Data Access

    Web Services make an excellent means for sharing and distributing data. These assets should be prepositioned before hurricane season.

La dotd gis contacts
LA DOTD GIS Contacts for the Public

  • Jim Mitchell - IT GIS Manager

    Jim.Mitchell@la.gov 225-379-1881

  • CJ Marchand - IT GIS DatabaseManager/ Web Developer

    C.Marchand@la.gov 225-379-1913

  • Doug Albert – IT GIS Technical Specialist

    Doug.Albert@la.gov 225-379-1811

    Website: http://gis.dotd.la.gov/

The end
The End for the Public