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Is there life after Olympic Dam

Is there life after Olympic Dam. Dr Paul Heithersay. Rural Solutions SA October Journal Club. Let’s talk about Olympic Dam. Largest Uranium Resource in the world 4 th largest Copper Resource in the World 4 th largest Gold Resource in the World. 4th largest copper deposit in the world.

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Is there life after Olympic Dam

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  1. Is there life after Olympic Dam Dr Paul Heithersay Rural Solutions SA October Journal Club

  2. Let’s talk about Olympic Dam Largest Uranium Resource in the world 4th largest Copper Resource in the World 4th largest Gold Resource in the World 4th largest copper deposit in the world

  3. Lets talk about Olympic Dam • Australia’s largest underground mine, ~ 300 km tunnels • Roxby Downs ~ 4500 people

  4. Olympic Dam Expansion

  5. Olympic Dam Announcement “alternative, less capital-intensive design of the Olympic Dam open-pit expansion, involving new technologies, to substantially improve the economics of the project.” “the long term outlook for the copper market remains strong and we will continue to work closely with all stakeholders as we refine our longer term development plans for this unique, world class ore body. We want to find the right solution to unlock this resource” “The South Australian Government has been fully supportive of Olympic Dam and has created an environment that is highly conducive to business investment. We have been very much encouraged by their attitude to business development and the Olympic Dam expansion project” “Olympic Dam is a resource of enormous potential and we will continue to work on technological and design alternatives that have the potential to substantially improve the economics of the expansion, while also completing some early stage site works.”

  6. What this means BHPH will consider new mass handling technologies including conveyors rather than trucks Minimum starter pit design New processing technology including Heap Leach of primary sulphides Leading to a step change in capital required to begin the project Technologies are being developed in SA with the assistance of local universities and companies The technology, if successful could unlock lower grade ores than currently mined Potentially leading to longer minelife. Time frames need to fall within Federal Government EIS approvals

  7. Olympic Dam Project Pre-Commitment

  8. Mineral Resources Project Pipeline Major Mines Olympic Dam *Challenger Beverley Middleback Ranges Leigh Creek *Malu *Angas *Honeymoon Jacinth-Ambrosia Beltana White Dam Cairn Hill Iron Chieftain Ankata Kanmantoo Beverley North Peculiar Knob *Wilgerup Wilcherry Hill Mindarie 20 mines Major Projects *Arckaringa (CTL) Beverley South (U3O8) *Bird-in-Hand (Au) Bramfield (Fe2O3)*Carrapateena (Cu-Au) Clinton (CTL) Crocker Well (U3O8) Flinders-Reliance (Zn) Four Mile(U308) FuturGas (CTL) Gum Flat (Fe2O3) Hawks Nest (Fe2O3) Hillside (Cu, Au) *Kalkaroo (Cu-Au-Mo) *Menninnie Dam (Pb-Zn-Ag) Mutooroo (Cu-Co) Mutooroo (Fe2O3) Oban (U3O8)Olympic Dam Expansion (Cu-U-Au-Ag) Poochera (Kaolin) *Portia (Au) Project Magnet Phase 2 (Fe2O3)Razorback (Fe3O4) Samphire (U3O8)Tripitaka (HM) *Tunkillia (Au, Ag) Warramboo (Fe3O4) 27 projects Major Prospects Acropolis (Cu-U-Au-Ag) *Alvey (Pt, Pd) *Aphrodite (U3O8) Aristotle (Zn) Armchair (U3O8) Aroona 2 (Zn, Pb) Atacama (HM) *Baggy Green (Au) Bagot Well (Cu) Bald Hill Iron (Fe) *Barns (Au) *Barton West (HM) Becaroo (U3O8, REE) Big Lake 20 (U3O8) Big Lake 28 (U3O8) *Black Hills (Au) Blanchewater (U3O8) Blinman (Cu) *Blue Rose (Cu, Au) Bungalow (Fe3O4) Burra (Cu) Carrow (Fe) *Claude Hills (Ni) *Coolybring (Fe3O4) Deloraine (Au) *Dromedary (HM) *Emmie Bluff (Cu) Emmie North (Cu)Eurelia (Diamonds) Eurinilla Dome (Cu, Au) Flinders Island (Diamond) Giffen Well (Fe2O3) Glenrae (IOCG) Golf Bore (Au) Goulds Dam (U3O8) Greenpatch (Fe3O4) *Hercules (Fe3O4) Hicks Hill (Fe) Jamieson Tank (Mn) *Junction Dam (U3O8) *Jungle Dam (Ag, Au, Fe) *Kangaroo Dam (Pt, Pd, Au) Kenmore II (Ni, Cu) Kopi (Fe) Lady Jane (Au) Lilydale (Fe) Lock (Coal) Mainwood (Au) Malache (Zn, Pb) Maldorky (Fe) Melton (Cu, Au) Minbrie (Fe) Miranda (Cu)Mojave (HM) *Mongolata (Au) Monsoon (Au) *Moonta (Cu) Moorilyanna (Cu) Mount Brady (Fe, Cu, REE) *Mount Caroline (Ni, Cu, Pt, Pd) Mount Christie Siding (Cr2O3) Mount Cora (Fe) Mount Davies (Ni) Mount Distance (U3O8) *Mount Gunson (Cu, Co) Mount Torrens (Cu-U-Au-Ag)*Mount Woods (IOCGU) Mulyungarie (U3O8) Mutooroo Iron (Fe) Netherleigh Park (Cu) *Netley Hill (Cu, Mo) North Kalkaroo (Cu, Au) North Portia (Cu, Au) Notrab (HM) *Oakdale (Zn, Cu) Parara (IOCGU) Paris (Ag) *Parkinson Dam (Ag, Zn, Cu, Au) Pindari (Ni, Cr) Pollinga (Mn) Princess Royal (Cu) *Prospect Hill (Sn) *Pundinya (U3O8) Punt Hill (Cu, Au) Radium Hill (U3O8, Th, Ra) Sequoia (Fe, U3O8) Sheoak (Au, Ag) Shylock (Cu, Au) Skye (Au, Ag) Snaefell (Fe) Springfield (Diamond) *Stuart (IOCGU) Taurus (Pt, Pd, Cu) Telephone Dam (Pb, Zn) *Titan (Cu, Au) Tomahawk/Tunkillia area 191 (Au) Toondulya (Cu, Au) Torrens South JV (Cu, Au) Typhoon (Au) Typhoon (HM) Ultima Dam (Au, U3O8) Victory (U3O8, REE) *Vulcan (Cu, Au, U3O8) Weednanna (Pb, Zn, Ag, Cu, Au) Wheal Ellen (Zn, Pb, Ag) Willamulka (Cu, Au) Willy Willy (HM) Winjabbie East (Cu, REE) Wirrda (Cu, Au) * Yadglin (U3O8) Yanyarrie (Ba) Yarramba (U3O8) Zeus (Cu, Ni) ~90 Major Prospects 12 * PACE Co-funded * PACE Co-funded * PACE Co-funded

  9. Maiden Mineral Resource Announced 2011/2012 Minotaur ExplorationCarey's Well Kaolinite - 16.3 Mt (meas.) bright white kaolinised granite yielding 8 Mt of -45micron kaolin within previously defined 47.2 Mt (inf.) of white to off-white kaolinised granite PerilyaNorth Moolooloo: 214 000 t at 34.4% Zn (ASX release 10.6.11) TerraminAngus Sunter Deposit: 375 600 t at 3.8% Zn, 1.6% Pb, 15 g/t Ag ± Pb (ASX release 29.11.11) Marmota EnergySaffron (Junction Dam): 4.36 Mt at 437ppm U3O8 (contains 1 510 t U3O8) (ASX release 18.11.11) Western Plains ResourcesPeryhyn: 352.4 Mt sub bituminous Coal (ASX release 7.7.11) Lochiel North: 270 Mt Lignite coal (FY 2010 – 2011 Annual Report) IMX ResourcesSnaefell Project: 109.8Mt at 30.13% Fe (ASX release 12.10.11) OZ MineralsCarrapateena: 203 Mt at 1.31% Cu, 0.56 g/t Au, 270 ppm U, 6.0 g/t Ag (Carrapateena Mineral Resource Statement 14.4.11) Lincoln MineralsGum Flat Iron ore: 1.8 Mt Hematite Indicated Resource at 50.5% Fe (45% Fe cut-off) including 0.9 Mt DSO hematite at 54.2% Fe (50% Fe cut-off) Havilah ResourcesMaldorky Iron Ore: Indicated Resource of 147Mt of 30.1% Fe at a cut-off grade of 18% Fe Centrex – WISCO – Eyre Iron JVFusion Magnetite: 319.4 Mt at 20.1% Magnetite (ASX release 31.8.11) Bungalow: 103 Mt at 25.3% Magnetite (ASX release 10.5.11)Carrow: 159 Mt at 27.8 % Magnetite (ASX release 1.6.11) Sumitomo - Minotaur JVMutooroo Magnetite: 1.5 Bt at 15.2% DTR magnetite (ASX release 24.11.11)

  10. SA Major Resource Projects

  11. Future of Iron Ore in South Australia 18 18

  12. Developments in the Braemar ProvinceProposed $7+ Billion Investment in major Iron Ore Projects

  13. Major Mines, Projects and PortsEyre Peninsula

  14. Future of Iron Ore in South Australia 21 21

  15. Copper MINES *Olympic Dam: BHP-B *Malu (Prominent Hill Open Cut): Oz Minerals Ankata (Prominent Hill Underground): Oz Minerals Kanmantoo: Hillgrove Resources PROJECTS *Carrapateena: Oz Minerals Hillside: Rex Minerals *Kalkaroo: Havilah Resources Mutooroo:Havilah Resources Olympic Dam Expansion: BHP-B PROSPECTS North Portia: Havilah Resources Punt Hill: Monax * PACE Co-funded

  16. Hillside Conceptual Pit

  17. Globally competitive in new Cu discoveries Olympic Dam (1976) Prominent Hill (2001) Carrapateena (2006) Hillside (2009) Source: MinEx Consulting Feb 2010

  18. Iron Oxide Copper Gold Deposits Olympic Dam Total Resource 9 129 Mt at 0.86% Cu, 0.027% U3O8, 0.32 g/t Au and 1.48g/t Ag Total Ore Reserve 500 Mt at 1.84% Cu, 0.057% U3O8, 0.76 g/t Au and 3.41 g/t Ag Prominent Hill Total Resource (including Ankata and Malu) – 214.9 Mt at 1.23% Cu, 0.5 g/t Au, 2.8 g/t Ag Production 2010–11 (contained metal in concentrate) – 105 751 t Cu, 191 708 oz Au, 530 568 oz Ag Carrapateena Inferred Resource 203 Mt at 1.31% Cu, 0.56 g/t Au, 6.0 Ag, 270 ppm U3O8 Hillside Prospect Inferred Resource 330 Mt at 0.8% Cu equiv ( including 116 Mt at 1.2% Cu Equiv)

  19. Tonnes & Grade for recent DiscoveriesCopper Deposits >0.5 Mt Cu-eq found 1999-2011 Grade (% Cu) Copper Only Weighted Average SizeWorld 625 Mt @ 0.58% Cu = 3.65 Mt Cu South Aust 208 Mt @ 0.96% Cu = 2.00 Mt Cu Carrapateena(203 Mt @ 1.31% Cu) Prominent Hill (289 Mt @ 1.01% Cu) Kalkaroo(125 Mt @ 0.77% Cu) Hillside (217Mt @ 0.68% Cu) Pre-Mined Resource (Mt of Ore) Source: MinEx Consulting March 2012

  20. SA Oil and Gas Factoids • Cooper Basin JV’s A$11 billion. • Snowy Mountains scheme $8 billion at current prices. • $164 billion of LNG projects under development. • 63% of total resource sector investment.  • Australia will be world’s biggest LNG exporter  by 2020. • This will make Australia a global leader in three commodities, coal, iron ore and natural gas.

  21. South Australia’s Energy Portfolio • Proven plays: • Oil & gas Cooper-Eromanga & Otway • Leigh Creek Coal • Prospective plays : • Oil & gas - Officer and Arckaringa basins • Oil & gas - offshore Bight Basin • Oil & gas - offshore Otway Basin • Shale gas - Cooper and other basins • Low K reservoir (tight) gas - Cooper Basin • Coal seam gas - Eromanga Basin • Underground coal gasification – • Arckaringa, Walloway Basins • Coal mining - Arckaringa & Tertiary basins for power generation, syngas and synfuel • Hot rock engineered geothermal systems (EGS) - eastern South Australia • Hot (geothermal) sedimentary aquifers - eastern South Australia

  22. The development of unconventional gas is proving to be positively transformational for North American economies and Australia is a first mover in developing shallow coal seam gas as feedstock for liquefied natural gas (LNG) export. In addition, when developed to best practice standards for well integrity, gas is a much less carbon intensive (than coal) source of electricity supplies. ...more than 20 companies/Joint Ventures are now focusing on exploring unconventional gas plays with giant discovery potential in South Australia. This is in addition to exploration for conventional oil and gas plays in proven producers and the State’s frontier basins. With such diversification, the chance at least one of these unconventional gas plays will lead to a major discovery is high. ...

  23. SA Oil and Gas Factoids • The interest in the Great Australian Bight by BP is also important. Australian oil production is falling and Australia needs to find  a new oil basin. It might be offshore South Australia.

  24. DMITRE Bringing Resources & Energy portfolios together with ManufacturingInnovation &Trade

  25. Manufacturing in transition Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP Minister for Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy Minister for Small Business South Australia has a strong and proud history of manufacturing, which has been central to the well-being of South Australians since the 1940s. Today, South Australia is an economy in transition. Manufacturing has a crucial role to play in the transformation of our economy. We must ensure a strong manufacturing sector is front and centre in our future.

  26. ENERGY – Managing South Australia’s energy business Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP Minister for Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy Minister for Small Business The Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE) brings together in one department the varied energy-related responsibilities of government. These include investment for and exploration of energy resources; the legislative and institutional framework for energy markets; delivery of energy services in remote areas; and South Australia's efforts in identifying and promoting renewable energy projects.

  27. Invest SA established under the guidance of the Economic Development Board

  28. Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP Minister for Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy Minister for Small Business China is poised to be the largest economy in the world. More so than ever before, our State’s future is intimately linked to the growth of China, and will be influenced by how well we work with our friends in China to strengthen this partnership. I am keen to ensure that this Government’s support is coordinated and aligned to assist the key business sectors to build stronger partnerships with China and grow this opportunity. Sean Keenihan President Australia China Business Council SA Branch Through participating in the development of the China Strategy, interested parties have the opportunity to: • hear from industry and government opinion leaders on key opportunities • participate in seminars led by industry and government opinion leaders covering emerging trends in China and market opportunities and challenges associated with the bilateral relationship • contribute to the State Government’s thinking on the priorities and challenges for the State’s engagement with China • network with and develop contacts that will support your engagement with China and provide guidance on how to operate successfully in the Chinese market.

  29. Jay Weatherill Premier of South Australia India is important to South Australia’s future. Our State’s relationship with international partners will be vital to our economic growth and future prosperity – and India is at the top of the list of the partners that can contribute most to South Australia. This paper seeks your input on: • Which Indian states should South Australia target? • Which industry sectors should be developed? • Key commercial opportunities • Processes to ensure relationships are developed and effective • Critical initiatives in the areas of high-value manufacturing, resources services and technology, clean technology and knowledge intensive services.

  30. PACE 2020

  31. Australian Copper Conference 2012 Deep Exploration Technologies CRC • DETCRC Partnership • New Drill Testing and Training Facility • Geochemical and alteration vectoring • Development of 3D basin cover • over Eastern Gawler IOCG province Hylogged holes within IOCG belt Hylogged holes intersecting basement

  32. Mineral Potential Modelling IOCG±U Potential – Uses Exploration site selection Key Ingredients Mapping Mineral Potential Models 3D visualisation Olympic Dam Carapateena

  33. 3D Mineral Mapping of IOCGU deposits Hematite Magnetite Hematite – Magnetite Albite K-Feldspar 2 km Sericite Sericite – Chlorite Chlorite N 10 km 500 m x 500 m x 10 m cell size 10 km Alteration Voxet 10x vertical exaggeration

  34. Frome Embayment TEMPEST™ AEM • Collaboration with Geoscience Australia. Cost: $2.5M (PACE $0.25M). • Northern Murray Basin to north of Flinders Ranges: 95 000 km2 total area, 25 000 line km • Available for download www.ga.gov.au

  35. GSSA Projects • Mapping salinity gradients using TEMPEST™ AEM: New insights into the formation of sand-hosted uranium deposits. Michaelsen, B. and Fabris, A. • delineates the broad architecture of the Poontana Trough • helps identify structures in the Beverley-Paralana area • delineates aquifers containing freshwater & saline water • provides vectors of aquifer flow • demonstrates that sand-hosted U deposits are located where fresh groundwater mixes with saline groundwater

  36. Source-rock Targeting Of IOCGU Deposits PROOF OF CONCEPT ONLY

  37. Opening up the Woomera Prohibited Area • Woomera Prohibited Area Coordination Office (WPACO) established • In June 2011, regular meeting schedule • 12 staff, primarily Canberra-based, • multi-Agency representation including DMITRE, DefenceSA; Defence; Airforce-Test Range; RET; Finance & Deregulation • One Stop Shop for non-Defence access to WPA • WPACO website launched • http://www.defence.gov.au/woomera/ • Access Zones defined and published on SARIG • New PACE Gawler Craton project over WPA

  38. Opening up the Woomera Prohibited Area • Exclusion Windows 2012-13 Calendar published • Example: next exclusion period for Amber 2 (trajectory corridor) is 20 Aug to 2 Sept • Industry Liaison Meetings established • held every month in Adelaide • Opportunity for one-on-one meetings with any party with interests in WPA • Template Deed of Access for Exploration released for consultation • Workshops held in Adelaide and Canberra • Over 60 participants, 18 detailed written submissions • DMITRE has resumed processing pending ELA’s (two thirds of backlog processed)

  39. Opening up the Woomera Prohibited Area • COMING SOON…. • New Woomera Geoscience Survey Program • End to Moratorium on issuing Deeds of Access to new explorers • Signing of the MOU which articulates co-existence principles, management protocols and consultative mechanisms • Advisory Board with Independent Chair appointed • Technical Reference Group with Industry representation established • Inspection & Compliance capability rolled out (Air Force collaborating with DMITRE)

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