Membership strategy systems
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MEMBERSHIP Strategy & Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MEMBERSHIP Strategy & Systems. Rotary District 5370. Membership Committee. Terms of Reference for Membership Committee – see Club Committee Manual Make up of committee Relationship to other committees

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Membership strategy systems

MEMBERSHIP Strategy & Systems

Rotary District 5370

Membership committee
Membership Committee

  • Terms of Reference for Membership Committee – see Club Committee Manual

    • Make up of committee

    • Relationship to other committees

    • Responsibilities of committee members; research, procedure manual, membership involvement, updates & reporting to board, training of mentors, orientation of new members, prospective member interviews, development workshops…

Set goals
Set Goals

  • Systemize the Membership Committee

    • Succession plan – who will be chair next year?

    • Design & implement systems

      • Basic – this year

      • Additional – set time line for accomplishment

    • Create a club membership manual of procedures

  • Net membership improvement

    • This year

    • Over three years

Membership committee1
Membership Committee

1. Develop a Recruitment Plan

2. Create a Systemic Orientation Program

3. Have a System to Include New Members

Outline of recruitment plan
Outline of Recruitment Plan

  • 1. Research Community & Club Demographics

  • 2. Use Information to Determine Classification Voids & Prospective Members

  • 3. Create Membership Workshops & Events

  • 4. Work with Communications & PR to Create Promotional Materials


  • Your Community: Demographics








  • Your Club Demographics & Interests

    • Membership Satisfaction Survey - attached

    • Clubrunner or Club Membership Information

  • Generational Differences – see Generations

    • Pre-war Generations – pre 1947

    • Baby Boom – 1947 – 1966*

    • Bust Generation – 1967 – 1979

    • Boom Echo – 1980 – 1999*

      * Largest generations in Canadian history

Recruitment plan
Recruitment Plan

“ Begin with the end in mind”

…Stephen Covey

  • Determine short and longer term goals

    • One year

    • Three years

  • Use research data to identify classification gaps and potential members. Prepare a classification list & identify prospective members.

  • Include entire club membership in recruitment plan - Incorporate membership planning & recruitment into regular meeting program schedule.

Recruitment systems tools
Recruitment Systems & Tools

  • Give your club members the information to recruit prospective members:

    • Use the “Why Join Rotary?” information on printed materials, web sites and newsletters.

    • Have a minimum of two club assemblies annually to review plans & accomplishments.

    • Use at least one meeting annually to “workshop” membership recruitment.

    • Ensure that club members and the board know “How to Propose a New Member”

Information tools
Information Tools

  • Education & Inspiration of Members:

    • Why Join Your Local Rotary Club?

    • Becoming a Rotary Club Member – RI web site

    • This is Rotary

    • Rotary Basics

    • Example of Bi-annual Assembly Presentation

    • How to Propose a New Member

    • RI Web Site – Membership

Interview prospective members
Interview Prospective Members

  • Ensure that prospective members understand benefits, commitments and responsibilities:

    • Prospective Member Orientation Checklist for interview.

    • Financial Information for Prospective Members

Orientation of new members
Orientation of New Members

Steps to Orient New Members:

  • Induction – make this a major club event. Invite family members.

  • Assign a trained mentor to every new member.

  • Have a checklist for the mentor and new member to complete within a pre-determined time period.

  • Institute a method of delivering training; firesides, breakfast meetings with directors, S.T.A.R.

Tools for orientation
Tools for Orientation

  • Induction ceremony

  • Induction folder: ABCs of Rotary, 4 Way Test, RI Presidential brochure, a certificate with the induction ceremony in print, badge, pin and invoice.

  • Mentoring Checklist

  • S.T.A.R. Program (optional)

  • DVD materials from RI for firesides


  • Make the new member feel special.

    • Have some way of identifying a new member. For example, put his or her name on a different table each week for 6-8 weeks. Have members rotate sharing the table with the new member.

    • Make the new member a part of your club:

      • Include him or her on the rotating duty roster.

      • Assign the member to a committee that has more than two members.

      • Schedule a classification talk in the first six months.

Tools for inclusion
Tools for Inclusion

  • Take an inventory of committees and committee members, including skills and interests. Keep a database.

  • Create a committee “tree”. Make sure that everyone in the club has a commitment.

  • Ensure that new members are personally invited to social events.

  • Invite new members to identify skills and interests.