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  1. Membership • Student ($35) Anyone participating in a full-time undergraduate/graduate degree program at an accredited college/university. At the completion of the degree requirements, student members are eligible for either Affiliate or Individual membership. • International (non-North American initiative) • Online Student ($30) Website based membership limited to outside North America. Online publication only. • Developing Countries ($10 - $25) Online access only for residents of qualifying developing countries.

  2. Conversion • How do graduating student members convert their memberships? • The Graduation GiftA special offer, one year FREE membership, is given to student members who are graduating. • Affiliate ($93) Provides a cost-saving membership to the younger professional who is 27 years of age or younger. This membership is limited to three consecutive years or the age of 27. Upon reaching one of these two limits, members are eligible for Individual status.

  3. Why Work with Students and Student Chapters? • A&WMA and its volunteer leaders are committed to serving the environmental professionals of tomorrow by providing them with the tools necessary to advance the profession, building strong and active student chapters, and providing career guidance.

  4. What does an A&WMA Student Chapter do? • Activities that allow students to learn more about the profession while building relationships with local professionals and other students. • Hold regular meetings with scheduled programs designed to help members learn more about the environmental profession. • Invite local professionals to speak to the members about current developments in the field and how they will impact future workers. • Organize company tours, student conferences, resume-writing and interviewing workshops, fundraisers, internship programs, and social events.

  5. Resources Available to Support Student Membership and Student Chapter Development • Scholarship Application Information • Student Membership Brochures • Career Center Flyers/Bookmarks • Membership Reports from the Database Download • Discounted rates for attendance at conferences, including the ACE • Promote upcoming events on the Online Events Calendar • Recognition Programs

  6. 10 Great Recruiting Ideas for Your Student Chapter • Host a special “bring a friend” meeting featuring an ice-breaker exercise, a brief club orientation, and refreshments. Each member must bring a friend with them to the meeting. • Display business card of former chapter members now working in the field to demonstrate that former chapter members are finding jobs in their field.

  7. 10 Great Recruiting Ideas for Your Student Chapter • Obtain testimonials of the value of A&WMA membership from former chapter members now working in the field and share them with potential members or post on your web page. • Ask professors to offer extra credit for A&WMA membership and/or participation. • Prepare a two-minute talk on the value of joining A&WMA. Give your presentation to classrooms and hand out membership applications and information.

  8. 10 Great Recruiting Ideas for Your Student Chapter • Set up tables displaying A&WMA materials at the student activities fair and the freshman orientation. • Write an article for your campus paper on a successful chapter project or high profile speaker. • Offer a chapter Book Award (money towards textbooks) for members only.

  9. 10 Great Recruiting Ideas for Your Student Chapter • Plan chapter social events in addition to educational activities. People like to join groups that are friendly and fun. • Always speak with excitement and pride when describing your chapter. Enthusiasm is contagious!