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Thrivent Builds Publicity Training

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Thrivent Builds Publicity Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thrivent Builds Publicity Training. Making the Most of Your Dedication & General Media Relations Tips. 1. Today’s presenter:. Cheryl Winget (HFHI) Media Relations Specialist Minneapolis, MN. 2. Purpose of today’s training. Tips to make your dedication appeal to the media

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thrivent builds publicity training
Thrivent Builds Publicity Training

Making the Most

of Your Dedication


General Media

Relations Tips


today s presenter
Today’s presenter:

Cheryl Winget (HFHI)

Media Relations Specialist

Minneapolis, MN


purpose of today s training
Purpose of today’s training
  • Tips to make your dedication appeal to the media
  • Tips on working with media
  • Tips on logo usage, site signage, etc.


why focus on dedications
Why focus on dedications?
  • They are photo-friendly.
  • Homebuyers are present and prepared.
  • They are emotional events.
  • Sponsors and volunteers are present.
  • Special guests.
  • Forum to talk about uniqueness of Thrivent Builds.


let s talk about preparedness
Let’s talk about preparedness
  • Prepare the family
  • Create key messages
  • Send out your news advisory and news release
  • Media kits
  • Templated materials at


how is your dedication unique
How is your dedication unique?
  • First of several Thrivent Builds?
  • First in the state?
  • Prominent community person attending?
  • Unique family story?
  • Unique house?
  • Are Lutherans unique in your area?
  • Hold a special ceremony.
  • How about a block party?


cooperation is key
Cooperation is key
  • No affiliate is an island.
  • Contact us! We’d like to know about your events before they happen.
  • Don’t forget 2007!


offer your best advice
Offer your best advice
  • We will now open the phone lines.
  • Please share your Thrivent Builds dedication/media successes with us now.
  • If you have questions, this is also a chance to ask them.


media relations basics
Mediarelations basics
  • Terminology
  • What makes news?
  • What makes the media tick?
  • How to get your news out
  • Beyond news releases and advisories…


media relations lingo
Media relations lingo
  • Key tools: news releases, media advisories, fact sheets
  • Other tools: backgrounders, media kits, family bios, key messages
  • Beats, boilerplates, pitches, oh my!


common media materials

Community calendar entry

Fact sheet

Homebuyer biographical sketch

Key messages

Media advisory

Media kits

News release

Pitch letter/e-mail

Public service announcement (PSA)

Talking points

Go to:

Common media materials


what makes news
What makes news?

What’s news and what isn’t will depend to a great extent on where you live and the size of your newspapers and radio and TV stations.


know your media
Know your media
  • It’s important to familiarize yourself with local newspapers and area radio and TV stations.
  • Develop an ongoing relationship with a reporter or editor at each news outlet who covers feel-good stories.


time to write and edit
Time to write and edit!
  • Many templates are available at
  • Remember to have colleagues review media materials before sending to the media.


distribution tips
Distribution tips

• Send to multiple media outlets.

  • Send materials by preferred method.
  • Send to the appropriate person.
  • Ask about deadlines.
  • Always contact the editorial/news department.
  • If using e-mail, copy and paste, don’t attach.
  • Sometimes personal delivery is best.
  • Make a follow-up call.
  • Don’t expect a response.
  • Respond quickly to requests.


working with the media
Working with the media
  • Be prepared.
  • Don’t expect an immediate commitment.
  • Don’t complain about minor inaccuracies in stories.
  • Never ask to see a story before it’s published.
  • Be aware of basic deadlines.
  • Take time to say thanks!


keep in contact
Keep in contact
  • Direct, personal communication on occasion is important.
  • Don’t expect to make the headlines every time.
  • If you read or see a story that was done well, send a quick note to the reporter.


beyond news releases and advisories signage and messaging
Beyond news releases and advisories … signage and messaging
  • Logos and signage
    • Protects and represents both Habitat’s and Thrivent Financial’s brands
    • Raises awareness for both organizations
  • Talking points and key messages


partnering with the aso media relations team
Partnering with the ASO media relations team
  • Consulting
  • Assistance with writing and editing
  • Media lists


aso media relations contact
ASO media relations contact

Cheryl Winget

Phone: 612-340-5025

Toll free: 800-847-4836, X-35025

Cell: 612-877-1958