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Collect news from school staff and school leaders. Create an easy way ...

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School PublicityTraining WorkshopHosted by Susan Hale, Communications Department

Housekeeping l.jpg

  • Start on time = end on time

  • Bathroom locations

  • Cell phone on silent or vibrate

  • Materials online (booklet has URL)

  • Ask questions at any time

Understanding the media l.jpg
Understanding the Media

  • Newspapers, TV and radio stations are “mass media”

    • They communicate to the masses

    • They focus on what is new, unique or has impact

  • They provide a community service, but…

    • Are also driven by the bottom line… profits, market share and ratings

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Understanding the Media

  • It is news if…

    • It has significance to the general public

    • It is timely

    • There is human interest

    • It is unique or it is something new to the area

    • There is nothing else going on that day

Your role l.jpg
Your Role

  • Collect and send out school news

  • Find newsworthy items

    • New, unique programs

    • Stories that are unusual or quirky

    • Student and staff awards/recognitions

    • Activities that tie in with holidays, historical events, milestones or current events

Your role6 l.jpg
Your Role

  • Collect news from school staff and school leaders

    • Create an easy way for them to contact you

  • Encourage colleagues to give you good news and achievements

    • Make sure they know you’re “The One”

    • Establish a process

  • Ensure media releases are on file

Your role7 l.jpg
Your Role

  • Let’s hear from some veterans

Writing tips l.jpg
Writing Tips

  • Do:

    • Answer the 5 Ws and 1 H

      (Who, What, When, Why, Where and How)

    • Proofread and re-check your information

    • Write as though your audience has never heard of this topic before

    • Describe it through facts, not feelings

Writing tips9 l.jpg
Writing Tips

  • Don’t:

    • Abbreviate school names (BES, OES, PES)

    • Leave out first names (Miss Hale)

    • Use unexplained acronyms (AYP, IEP, EIP)

    • Use educational jargon

    • Forget to give a contact name and phone number

Who gets it l.jpg
Who Gets It?

  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    • Daily newspaper

    • AJC rarely uses submitted photographs but sometimes will

  • What they want

    • “Story so unique we'll want to make room for a story on it”

    • “Story so important that it would be of interest to readers and/or parents outside of Fulton County as well”

Who gets it11 l.jpg
Who Gets It?

  • Community Newspapers

    • “Neighbor” newspapers (South Fulton, Northside, Roswell/Alpharetta)

    • Alpharetta Revue, Johns Creek Herald, Roswell Beacon, Sandy Springs Reporter

    • Published weekly

    • Smaller staff; not always able to personally attend event

    • But happily accepts submitted photographs

Who gets it12 l.jpg
Who Gets It?

  • Television stations

    • Stories are generally 30 seconds to 1½ minutes

    • News topic MUST be visual AND timely

    • WXIA’s Class Notes hosted by Donna Lowry

  • Radio stations

    • Occasionally will run announcements and public service announcements

When to send it l.jpg
When to Send It

  • Before the event

    • Send out information

    • Be mindful of deadlines and give leadtime

  • During the event

    • If the media doesn’t show, grab your camera!

  • After the event

    • Rewrite the information into the past tense

    • Write a caption for photos, if you have any

When to send it14 l.jpg
When to Send It

  • Newspapers

    • 5-10 days before event

  • Television

    • 2-3 days before event

    • Email first, but follow-up by calling or faxing information the day of event

Fcss media l.jpg
FCSS “media”

  • Rapport Online (employee news)

  • Your school/PTA newsletter

  • Business Partner’s newsletter

  • Your school’s web site

  • Fulton County Schools web site


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Reaches 100,000 families

Reaches all of Fulton County, except cities of Atlanta and Roswell

Excellent way to promote your school/students/activities

– Comcast Channel 24

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What are we interested in?


Sporting events

Field days

Video yearbooks

News shows

Student productions

Bulletin Board Graphics



Interesting or unusual activities

– Comcast Channel 24

Slide18 l.jpg

Technical Specifications

Interesting Content


Student Media Releases on file

No copyright violations

Technical quality – DV tape or DVD

Bulletin Board Graphics

PowerPoint is easy creation tool

Keep text large and limited

Email to

– Comcast Channel 24

Www fultonschools org l.jpg

  • Your school’s web site vs. FCSS web site

    • Goal of publicity is to build relationships

    • Your web site should be an information resource for parents and community

    • Communicate with your parents and your community first

    • Communicate with the rest of the world second

Www fultonschools org20 l.jpg

  • Criteria used for the FCSS web site

    • Similar to how news media selects their stories

    • Is it unique? Or does every school do it or have it?

    • Is there a good, eye-catching photo?

    • Does this story positively represent FCSS?

Www fultonschools org21 l.jpg

  • What gets posted

    • Stories that relate to the system as a whole

    • Stories with GREAT photographs

    • Stories and photos that convey “school life”

    • Generally active for 7 days, then archived

  • What doesn’t

    • Individual student or staff news

    • These should be posted on your school’s web site

Email tips l.jpg
Email Tips

  • Put text of article INSIDE email message

    • Cut-and-paste from Word document

    • Or, type information directly into message

    • Makes it quicker and easier for reporter to read

Email tips23 l.jpg
Email Tips

  • Give message a catchy subject line

    • Make them want to read your message

    • Example

      • “Hale Elementary School sends students into space”

  • Avoid generic subject lines

    • Doesn’t generate interest; easily overlooked

    • Examples

      • “Article from Hale Elementary” or “School News”

Email tips24 l.jpg
Email Tips

  • Attaching photos

    • Select 1-2 of the BEST photos

    • Attach in original JPEG format

    • Donot “embed” or insert photo into Word document

      • Renders the photo unusable

    • Be mindful of photo size (i.e. how many KB, MB)

Email tips25 l.jpg
Email Tips

  • Create an email distribution list

    • Newspapers, TV and radio stations

    • School newsletter editor

    • School webmaster

    • Business partner CEO or PR contact

    • Your principal and administrative team

    • Area Superintendent and Board member

    • Communications Department

    • FCSTV