diabetes prevention l.
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Diabetes Prevention

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Diabetes Prevention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Diabetes Prevention. Learning to Manage Stress Month 3; Class 1. The “Good Old Days”. Top 10 Daily Hassles A survey of middle-aged adults:. Concerns about weight Health of a family member Rising prices Home maintenance Too many things to do Misplacing or losing things

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Diabetes Prevention

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diabetes prevention

Diabetes Prevention

Learning to Manage Stress

Month 3; Class 1

top 10 daily hassles a survey of middle aged adults
Top 10 Daily HasslesA survey of middle-aged adults:
  • Concerns about weight
  • Health of a family member
  • Rising prices
  • Home maintenance
  • Too many things to do
  • Misplacing or losing things
  • Yard work or outside home maintenance
  • Property, investments, or taxes
  • Crime
  • Physical appearance
what s your score on the stress test
What’s Your Score on the Stress Test?
  • Think of what has happened to you in the past year;
  • Jot down the point values for events that apply to you and then add up your score.
signs of stress physical signs
Back pain

Chest pain





Muscle tension

Racing heart

Shortness of breath

Changes in blood sugar

Signs of StressPhysical Signs

If these symptoms are sudden or severe, or if they persist, contact your doctor.

signs of stress psychological signs

Trouble thinking clearly



Trouble Making Decisions

Sleeping poorly

Short temper


Signs of StressPsychological Signs

Some of these signs are similar to signs of hypoglycemia. Diabetics on medications need to check for low blood sugar if they experience any of these.

coping strategies
Problem-Focused Coping

Going to the source of a problem to fix it

Emotion-Focused Coping

Learning to live with the stress by changing the way you respond to it

Coping Strategies
stress management
Stress Management
  • Get organized
  • Set goals
  • Banish bad thoughts
  • Keep a journal
  • Take care of the basics
stress management9
Stress Management
  • Take care of your health
  • Exercise
  • Learn how to relax
  • Get rid of or avoid stress
  • Join a support group
  • Have fun!
stressful situation activity
Stressful Situation Activity
  • Bill and his wife Penny are excited. Christmas is just a week away and they are planning to drive to Vermont to spend the holidays with their daughter and her family...
relaxation techniques breathing exercises
Relaxation TechniquesBreathing Exercises
  • Sit
  • Uncross legs and arms
  • Take a deep breath
    • Exhale as much as you can
  • Breathe in and out
    • Relax when you exhale
relaxation technique progressive muscle relaxation
Relaxation Technique:Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Comfortable chair
  • Feet flat
  • Hands resting on legs
  • Begin at your feet and move toward your head
    • Tense 7 seconds; Rest 20
    • Inhale as you tense, exhale as you relax
  • Visualize a peaceful, calm place using all five senses