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Deep red in colour Modest; not considering yourself or your ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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Deep red in colour Modest; not considering yourself or your ideas

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Deep red in colour Modest; not considering yourself or your ideas
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Deep red in colour Modest; not considering yourself or your ideas

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  1. The trendy crimson1tinted eyeglasses had given Josh some aloof and sophisticated air. However, he became the same humble2 person when he ___________ them ___________. • Now, I understand that this leather jacket, which I bought ten years ago, was worth paying such a lot of money, as it hasn’t __________________ even at the edges3. • Don’t you also find some curtain panelled fitting rooms precarious4, especially when you are ___________ something ___________ and there are some children running around? • I can’t wear this tartan5 shirt under my favourite beige corduroy6 jacket. They horribly __________________ each other. What about the floral7 patterned satin shirt? TOOK OFF WORN OUT ON TRYING CLASH WITH • Deep red in colour • Modest; not considering yourself or your ideas • to be as important as other people's • The part of an object that is furthest from its centre • A precarious situation or state is one which may very • easily or quickly become worse • ‘Kadife’ as in Turkish • A traditional Scottish pattern of coloured squares and • crossed lines • Made of flowers or decorated with flowers or pictures • of flowers

  2. Carla will have to __________________ for months to buy that designer handbag. Then, she will probably not have much money to carry in it. • I have never been rich enough to be able to __________________ the fast pace1 of fashion. • Carol, an impulsive2 fashion hunter, doesn’t miss a single opportunity to __________________ her trophies3. You can see her in social gatherings flaunting4 her exclusive attires5. • Everything Cliff had worn for the night __________________ each other in perfect harmony, hinting at his subtle6 sense of style. SAVE UP KEEP UP WITH SHOW OFF WENT WITH • The speed at which something happens or is done • Someone who is impulsive does things without • considering the possible dangers or problems first • Something that you keep to prove your success • in something, especially in war or hunting • To show your money, success, beauty etc so that other • people notice it • Clothes (formal) • Not easy to notice or understand unless you pay • careful attention

  3. Slaughter1 of the wildlife to make exclusive fur coats has brought about __________________ questions. • Some people are __________________ as rebellious just because of their style. However, if we all looked like each other our environment would definitely be unbearable. • Bill Can’t 3 is a/an __________________ settlement in Ankara. Few people can afford to live there. • It is impossible for a person who leads a __________________ lifestyle to reside2 in an exclusive suburb3. ETHICAL STEREOTPED EXCLUSIVE MEDIOCRE • To kill an animal, especially for its meat or hide • To live in a particular place • An area where people live which is away from the centre • of a town or city

  4. To our surprise, Jason, who has risen from rugs to riches, declined1 our request for a charitable cause. He is so caught upin2 his __________________ lifestyle that he seems to have forgotten living in similar wretched3 conditions. • Alice saw her name __________________ in the golden rim4 of a diamond wedding ring soon after she had heard those long awaited words “Will you marry me?” Then, she felt her knees shake and her heart skip a beat. It was worth waiting for Adam for all those years. • Knowing that some artificial5 substances such as nylon pollute the nature for at least 200 years before they completely decompose6, some ethical companies have started mass producing attires made from __________________ materials. • The cuts and the colour of Rachelle’s new night dress were very __________________. We could never have guessed she could be so breathtaking. LAVISH ENGRAVED SUSTAINABLE FLATTERING • To say no politely when someone wants you • to do something • To be or get involved in something • Someone who is wretched is very unhappy or ill, • and you feel sorry for them • The outside edge of something circular • Not real or not made of natural things but made to be • like something that is real or natural • To divide into smaller parts until disappearing

  5. When end of the season sales start, once empty __________________ are piled high with clothing on sale. So many customers look at these articles that it is practically1 impossible to keep them on the shelves where they are supposed to be. • As the shop was full of bargain hunters, pushing your trolley in the __________________ was virtually2 impossible. • When there was a major3 power cut, all the __________________ stopped working in the mall. Soon, the stairs got cram packed with shoppers. COUNTERS AISLE ESCALATOR • Almost • Almost • Big, comprehensive

  6. As the designer boots had a dear1 price, Eileen bought them by eight monthly __________________. • Naturally, when floral2 patterns fell out of fashion, the __________________ for such designs decreased. • High heeled shoes have always been very in and will not lose their __________________ in many years to come. INSTALLMENTS DEMAND APPEAL • A very high price • Made of flowers or decorated with flowers or pictures • of flowers

  7. Unless you have the same perfect body shape, never judge how something will look on you by looking at the way it stands on a __________________ in a shop window. • Purchased articles with a manufacturing fault should be returned with the __________________. Otherwise, we aren’t liable for1 giving a refund • Weekend supplements2 of some newspapers also include the advertising promotions of some department stores. Readers have got accustomed to3 finding the __________________ of such stores together with the regular supplements. MANNEQUIN RECEIPT FLYERS • Legally responsible for the cost of something • An additional part at the end of a book, or a separate • part of a newspaper, magazine etc • To be familiar with something and accept it as normal

  8. Express __________________ save you from the trouble of waiting for other heavily loaded trolleys1 going through the barcode scan. • If you want to have a rough idea about the cost ofliving in a country, ask somebody who lives there to go to a supermarket and take the picture of the __________________ in a row. • As I had lost the receipt, I was not entitled to2 get a __________________. So I had to purchase another pair of sunglasses. CHECKOUTS PRICE TAGS REFUND • A large basket on wheels that you use for carrying bags, • shopping etc (= Cart; American English) • To have the official right to do or have something

  9. Corduroy jackets have fallen out of fashion. __________________, the demand for them doesn’t seem to have fallen so sharply. • __________________ trousers are especially preferred by young people who want to look cool. They are also preferred for their potential to conceal1 some flaws2 of the body shape such as weight. • I was __________________ that the fake eyeglasses I had bought were firm3 enough. To my horror, they started falling to pieces after a very little time of usage. NEVERTHELESS BAGGY CONVINCED • To hide • Imperfections • Strong; well made

  10. Customers who have bought more than five __________________ may not use the express checkout desk. • After some bad experience, Lucy was convinced that so called cheap imitation goods proved to be more expensive than genuine1 articles. So she decided to buy imitations __________________. • A beautiful yellow rose __________________ Nancy’s straw2 hat. They looked so flattering on her golden tresses3,cascading4 down her slender shoulders. ARTICLES NO LONGER ACCOMPANIED • Real • the dried stems of wheat or similar plants that are used • for making things such as baskets, hats etc • A woman's beautiful long hair • Something that hangs down in large quantities

  11. The chain store is said to be preparing to __________________ an unprecedented1 advertising promotion. • Well, it seems romanticism2 has fallen out of fashion. The __________________ of floral patterns seems to be over. Instead, shop windows are bedeckedwith3 checked designs. • I have picked up the bargain of my entire life today. Can you imagine I bought this blue satin blouse __________________ for nothing? It was only £5. Yes, you heard me right. Not £50, just £5. LAUNCH ERA VIRTUALLY • Never having happened before • a way of writing or painting in which feelings, • imagination, and wild natural beauty are considered more • important than anything else • To decorate something such as a building or street by • hanging things all over it

  12. The manufacturer had boasted1 that none of the __________________ they produced would have a manufacturing fault, which turned out to be a crap2. • I hope all our efforts, after all, were for a good __________________. Otherwise, it will be a pity. • The shop offers all cuts of suits to its customers. The range of designs varies3 between sportive to __________________. GOODS CAUSE EXECUTIVE • To talk too proudly about your abilities, achievements, • or possessions • Something someone says that you think is completely • wrong or untrue • To change