welcome to miss duniya n.
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Miss Duniya International Beauty Pageants PowerPoint Presentation
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Miss Duniya International Beauty Pageants

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Miss Duniya International Beauty Pageants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant will help you get opportunities to step into the entertainment, modeling, film, television and many more industries! Missn Duniya Beauty Pageant is on a hunt for unique and beautiful young talented women all around the globe. Representatives from over 130 countries will have the chance to win over $100,000 n in cash prizes along with direct entry into the most glamorous and entertaining industries. This platform will provide multiple opportunities in the entertainment and glamour industriesn for contestants.

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Miss Duniya International Beauty Pageants

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welcome to miss duniya

Welcome To Miss Duniya

Miss Duniya is a global beauty pageant which will make its debut in November of 2018 in the

Entertainment Capital of the Duniya Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in Rios Hotel and Casino. The pageant is

futuristic, and seeks to “Empower Women” from all walks of life. The pageant itself provides an

opportunity for young women to engage in a glamorous display of beauty, poise, grace, intelligence and

humanity. The pageant will be an exciting multi-media entertainment event. Using state of the art web

platforms, it will allow the public to engage with our young contestants over the course of the pageant

activities including the final crowning of our “Miss Duniya” for 2018.

Very attractive cash and other prizes are available for our finalists. Opportunity to grow in many fields

will be offered to many contestants especially those that want to help humanity and women. The

winner of the pageant will also be closely associated with the Miss Duniya Team in lending a helping

hand towards uplifting people less fortunate than herself. Countless renowned celebrities from both

Hollywood, and Bollywood, have been invited. As well as Media and Business Elite from around the

entire Duniya.


The word Duniya means “community”, “Earth”, and/or “all humans on Earth” when translated into

English from 130 different languages from all over the globe. We are the Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant.

The pageant will grow to include women representing every country in the Duniya. Miss Duniya Beauty

Pageant wants to offer a platform for all women on Earth to truly empower themselves.

It is our pleasure to bring to light the accomplishments made by women. These accomplishments will

focus on education, intelligence, leadership, independence, commitment to humanity, and a desire for

peace throughout the globe. This is what truly personifies beauty.

I Am Beautiful

Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant will be a stepping stone for women who envision to empower other

women by giving them a platform where they can further their career in the entertainment industry of

their liking, television, Hollywood, modeling and etc. Women all around the globe are climbing the

ladder of success one step at a time. We intend for our pageant to provide many avenues of career

advancement for women while gaining confidence to take on any challenges that come before them

with a smile.