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Unit 11

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Unit 11. New Business. 新 企 业. Teaching & Learning Objectives. To enable Ss to talk about “new business ” To familiarize Ss with vocabulary related to economic terms To develop Ss’ listening and reading skills To improve Ss’ skills dealing with numbers

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Unit 11

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unit 11

Unit 11

New Business

新 企 业

teaching learning objectives
Teaching& Learning Objectives
  • To enable Ss to talk about “new business ”
  • To familiarize Ss with vocabulary related to economic terms
  • To develop Ss’ listening and reading skills
  • To improve Ss’ skills dealing with numbers
  • To cultivate Ss’ problem-solving ability
  • To enhance Ss business writing techniques by writing a letter
  • Quotation
  • Starting up
  • Vocabulary: Economic terms
  • Listening: Starting new businesses
  • Reading: Developing a new industry
  • Skills: Dealing with numbers
  • Case study: Marcia Lee Jeans
  • ‘There is always plenty of business, if you are smart enough to get it.’
        • EW Howe (1853-1937) American writer
types of new business
Types of New business

1. A new start-up

2. Existing companies:

1) With their existing products, companies can

  • get new customers similar to the ones they have already
  • find different types of new customers
  • sell in new areas or countries

2) Companies can also develop new products for

  • existing customers
  • existing sales areas or countries
  • new customers
  • new sales areas or countries
starting up


What conditions are important starting new businesses? Choose the three most important from this list.

important conditions
Important conditions?
  • Low taxes: People may also talk about a flexible labour market, where there are not only low taxes on companies but also low social costs (low payments from companies and employees for benefits such as health care and unemployment benefit), where it is easy to fire people when activity decreases, and where people quickly find new jobs when activity increases again.
important conditions1
  • Skilled staff: People might also mention the requirement for a good national education system and good company training of employees.
  • Low interest rates means that it is cheap to borrow money to develop new business activities.
important conditions2
  • Cheap rents for office and factory space are of course more attractive than expensive ones, but having your office in the right place at a higher rent may be more attractive than having it in the wrong place at a lower one.
  • A stable economy is beneficial because businesspeople are able to plan better when there is less uncertainty about future inflation, taxes, etc.
important conditions3
  • Good transport links are important for your employees to get to work and for salespeople to get to customers, but also for distribution of goods if your business does this.
  • Training courses provided or funded by the government can be helpful in developing the skills of budding entrepreneurs.
important conditions4
  • High unemployment may mean that the wages you can pay are lower, but you may not be able to find the people with the skills you want if you set up your business in an area with a high level of joblessness.
  • In manufacturing, a strong currency means that imported raw materials are cheaper but that your exports will be more expensive than those from some competing countries. But if your products offer more benefits, they may justify a higher price.
important conditions5
  • Government grants may be used to try to persuade companies to set up in areas with high unemployment but, if the area is unsuitable for other reasons (such as unskilled staff, distance from markets, etc.), these grants will not be enough.
starting up1

B. Many economies contain a mix of public and private sector businesses.

Look at the following logos of companies in different areas. Work with your partner and find out which are public sector companies and which are private sector companies?




vocabulary economic terms
Vocabulary:Economic terms

A. Match the economic terms 1 to 10 to their definitions a) to j).

vocabulary economic terms1
Vocabulary:Economic terms

B. & C.

Complete the economic profile.

listening starting new business
Listening: Starting new business



and complete



listening starting new business1
Listening: Starting new business

B.Listen to the second part of the interview. Which of the following points does Yvonne say are important?

  • business plan
  • relationship with your bank
  • economic conditions
  • workforce
  • marketing campaign
reading developing a new industry
Reading:Developing a new industry

A. The article Success in the shadow of Etna describes a major new industry which has developed in Sicily. What do you think it is?

reading developing a new industry1
Reading:Developing a new industry

B. Read the first two paragraphs and answer the questions.

1. Which industry is the article about?


2. Who is Pasquale Pistorio?

Sicilian chairman of ST Microelectronics.

3. How big is his company?

Europe's largest microelectronics group and

the sixth largest in the world.

reading developing a new industry2
Reading: Developing a new industry

C. Read the rest of the article and answer the questions.

1. Which other high-tech centre is compared to Etna Valley? How

are the two places similar?

Silicon Valley—both places have a good university

which works with local business, encouraging research.

2. Who provided incentives to invest in Catania?

The EU, the Italian government and local organisations.

3. Why are high-tech companies keen to set up businesses in


The large number of highly-educated, unemployed

young people, government and EU incentives.

reading developing a new industry3
Reading: Developing a new industry


Find words in the article with the meanings on the right.

skills dealing with numbers
Skills: Dealing with numbers
  • Try and answer these questions.
    • What is the population of your country?/ city?
    • How many people work for your company/study at your institution?
    • What is the average salary in your country?
    • What is the inflation rate?
    • Roughly how many people are unemployed?
    • What is the interest rate for savings?
skills dealing with numbers1
Skills: Dealing with numbers
  • Listen to the following extracts from a radio business news programme. Underline the numbers you hear.
    • a) Inflation rate: 2.0%/ 1.2%

b) Unemployment: 1,258,000/ 1,800,000

    • a) Profits increase: $1.8 billion/ $1.8 million

b) Sales increase: 80%/ 18%

    • a) Job losses: 1/3 / ¼

b) Workforce reduction: 15,000/ 5,000

    • a) Interest rate reduction: 0.5%/ 1.5%

b) Economic growth: 2.8%/ 1.8%

case study task
  • You are members of the planning committee which must choose a location for the new factory.
    • Work individually. Study the four countries and rank them in order of suitability as a location.
    • Work in small groups. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each location.
    • Meet as one group, with one of you leading the discussion. Decide which is the most suitable location for the new jeans factory.
  • Write a letter to the head of the chamber of commerce of the country you have chosen. In the letter you should introduce Marcia Lee Jeans and suggest a possible meeting in order to discuss the proposal further.
new business was opening1
New business was opening开业大吉

A new business was opening ... and one of the owner’s friends wanted to send him flowers for the occasion. They arrived at the new business site and the owner read the card,.... “Rest in Peace.” The owner was angry and called the florist to complain. After he had told the florist of the obvious mistake and how angry he was, the florist replied, “Sir, I’m really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry, you should imagine this: somewhere, there is a funeral taking place today, and they have flowers with a note saying, ... ‘Congratulations on your new location!’”