kuali budget construction training n.
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Kuali Budget Construction Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Kuali Budget Construction Training

Kuali Budget Construction Training

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Kuali Budget Construction Training

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  1. Kuali Budget Construction Training Catherine Maddaford KBC Administrator

  2. Kuali Budget Construction GL Budget Import

  3. GL Import • You can import one or more accounts in one spreadsheet. • You must use the template and import only in CSV format.

  4. GL Import template You can prepare your budget for import using this template, saving it as a CSV before upload. BE SURE TO REMOVE THE INFORMATIONAL HEADING.

  5. Object Codes • You can include all object codes in your import EXCEPT those that are updated via positions. • Remove all compensation object codes that require fringe benefits assessment – those will be the ones that require positions. • Be sure that you do not have any rows with any information in any column missing, as this will cause errors on the import. • Do not enter any rows with a budget amount of zero. • Be sure to format your INCOME object codes with leading zeros before saving to CSV. • You can run the import more than once, but you will overwrite what was there before if you repeat the same account and object code, but change the amount.

  6. Steps for Import • Update and save your import file in CSV format, using the template, making sure you have blank columns where needed. • When you click on the Request GL import button, your new screen will have the “browse file” button. • Browse for and find your import file. Double click or click open to add that file to the browse file field. • Click add to complete the import. • The file may take a few minutes to load. • When the load is complete, print or save your log file, since that is the only message you will get as to what was successfully loaded or not.

  7. Verifying update • You can spot check your upload by viewing the account edoc for one or more of your accounts. • You can run the Account detail report in Cognos (BC processors only) to see all of the data on one report. • Save your log file when you process any import to see errors and how many records were updated. • Only changes will upload so that you will not overwrite prior budgets unless you change the account /object code/amount.