kuali coeus iuie report training n.
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Kuali Coeus IUIE Report Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Kuali Coeus IUIE Report Training

Kuali Coeus IUIE Report Training

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Kuali Coeus IUIE Report Training

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  1. Kuali CoeusIUIE Report Training

  2. Topics Covered Training Assumptions IUIE (Indiana University Information Environment) • General Information • Accessing IUIE • Home Page • Resources Kuali Coeus (KC) in IUIE • Location of Reports • KC Report Names and Descriptions • Run and Discuss Specific KC Reports • Parameter Screen & Running The Report • Result Output Discussion • Report Tips What To Do When Problems Occur A Brief Tour of MyRA – My Research Administration

  3. Training Context You are familiar with Kuali Coeus: • Proposal Development; Budget Development;; Award You have access to, and basic knowledge of, IUIE (Indiana University Information Environment) • Visit IU Knowledge Base ( to find out how to request an account We will cover PDQs and running a few Kuali Coeus reports in IUIE • Q&A as well as ‘Play-time’ will be available • Only PDQs will be covered. No Lookup tables and/or restricted data We will NOT cover what to do with the report results • IT Training is available for data manipulation within Excel ( • Exporting data for external systems or batch jobs

  4. Context: Different Ways to Access IU Data (ODBC, IUIE)

  5. How Do I Access IUIE? Log into OneStart ( Select the Services tab Select Administrative Systems from Left Navigation To open IUIE, click on ‘Access the IUIE’ link within the IUIE channel Caption: View of IUIE when opened

  6. IUIE – Home Page Items on the IUIE Home page • Tabs to access areas of IUIE • Quick View, Catalog • Manage Access, Utilities • Links to IUIE Resources: • Online Hours; Training Opportunities • Release Notes; IUIE News Archive • Tutorial; Help; Personalize • Feedback; Logout • Search • Application Area News • IUIE Update Notices • Issue Notifications • DSS Schedule Completion times • Each application area listed inorder of completion time • Additional Informational Reports

  7. IUIE – Training Opportunity Resource Click ‘Training Opportunities’ to open IUIE Training Opportunities Additional Resources • Online Tutorial • Training Manual Caption: IUIE Training Opportunities page

  8. IUIE Terminology What is a Datagroup? • Raw (Unformatted) data that may be returned in the browser or Excel • Output columns may be selected • Sometimes called a ‘data dump’ What is a PDQ (Pre-Defined Query)? • A Formatted Report with specific data returned • Data is returned in a pre-defined layout • 2 Year Comparison by Chart • 2 Year Comparison by ORG • 2 Year Comparison by Sponsor Type

  9. Kuali Coeus IUIE Reports 1 How to get to Kuali Coeus Reports Select 1) Catalog --> 2) Master Catalog --> 3) Research Administration --> 4) Kuali Coeus (KC) Kuali Coeus • Award Development reports • Institutional Proposal reports • Proposal Development reports • Shared Folder contains data groups and reports that are cross-module 2 2 3 3 4 4

  10. Where Can I Find Kuali Coeus PDQs? Click on Data & Reports Click on Predefined Reports

  11. How do I Find Answers to KC Award Questions ORA FAQs: FIS to KC Crosswalk link: Or click on the Link in IUIE under KC Reference Guides KC Reference Guides

  12. For Example: Report GenerationFIS Prop# > Prop Dev ID > INSTProp ID > Award ID Award Family Clicking on Shared Folder provides access to actual report generation Reference Handout on ‘What do the Numbers in KC Mean?’

  13. Running Reports in IUIE Let’s run some reports!

  14. What is MyRA? MyRA: My Research Administration A web-based reporting tool that allows principal investigators and administrative staff to view the status of sponsored projects and compliance data • MyProposals - Lists proposals with a link to additional proposal details, attachment information, and status history • MyAwards - Lists awards by sponsor with links to expense summary for expenses and encumbrances compared to account budget, status of award receipt and negotiations, and related documents, and account administrator contact information • MyCompliance - Shows IRB approvals with protocol number along with approval and expiration dates. Similar modules for Conflict of Interest and IACUC are being developed. • MyEducation - Shows scheduled and in progress courses taken through CITI and IU’s Office of Research Administration.

  15. How Do I Access MyRA? To access MyRA • Go To Office of Research Administration home page ( • Scroll to the bottom of the page • Click on the MyRA tab in the Systems Toolbox • Click on the “Access MyRA” link from the Systems Toolbox • CAS Authentication is required • Enter your IU Network username and password Access MyRA link

  16. How Do I Access MyRA Quick Guide? To access MyRA Quick Guide • From Office of Research Administration home page ( • Click on the “MyRA Quick Guide” link from the Systems Toolbox • From within MyRA • Click the icon located in the upper right of each screen Access MyRA Quick Guide Access MyRA Quick Guide

  17. MyRA Dashboard Upon logging in, the user is presented with the MyRA Dashboard Access MyRA Quick Guide Click on the links within the widgets to access news items

  18. MyProposals Dashboard If you are a Principal Investigator, the system will take you directly to a view listing all of your proposals. Otherwise, you will first need to search for an investigator, and then you will be able to view all of his/her proposals. Number of entries to display per page Export data to Excel link Click on a Kuali Coeus Proposal Document Number to view details of the proposal

  19. MyProposals: Proposal Details Proposal Data • Additional details Attachments • File names only • Must go to Kuali Coeus to viewactual attachment Status History • Workflow information

  20. MyAwards Dashboard View of awards by agency for the selected Principal Investigator Filter the list by agency Export data to Excel link Click on an account number to navigate to Expense Summary detail Click on a proposal number to navigate to award details

  21. MyAwards: Status of Awards: Award Details Award Data • Additional details Attachments • Link to actual file Status History • ORA Tracking information • Information prior to 9/18/09 may not be displayed.

  22. MyCompliance Retrieve information about Conflict of Interest, Human Subjects, and Animal Subjects protocol data related to your research COI • Conflict of Interest • In development Human Subjects • Protocol information • List of Protocols available • Protocol details available Animal Subjects • Protocol information • In development

  23. MyCompliance: Human Subjects List of Protocols A principal investigator can quickly view a listing of his/her protocols by clicking on the ‘Human Subjects’ option on the MyCompliance sub-menu The Search box searches across all values of the List of Protocols table and displays protocols with items that match the search criteria. Click on the Protocol Number to view more details about a study.

  24. MyCompliance: Human Subjects Protocol Details Protocol Data • Additional details Actions • Listing of actions taken on the protocol

  25. MyEducation The MyEducation area of MyRA is where a researcher/delegate can view history of educational courses that he/she has completed. Currently, CITI and ORA Session course information is available. • *use left navigation link to see specific courses/sessions The MyEducation Dashboard will show the researcher ORA Session courses that he/she is registered for, as well as current CITI courses that are in progress

  26. MyEducation: CITI Details Information on CITI courses completed or currently in progress. Click on the link to change the current view from courses in progress to completed courses Filter the table data by selecting a category in the drop-down list. By default, all categories are displayed

  27. MyEducation: ORA Session Details Information on ORA sessions completed or currently in progress. Click on the link to change the current view from completed sessions to upcoming courses Filter the table data by selecting a area in the drop-down list, by default all areas are displayed

  28. Resources If you have questions or would like to make report requests use one of the following contact methods • Email: • Bloomington: • Indianapolis: • Phone • Bloomington: (812) 855-0516 • Indianapolis: (317) 278-3473 eLearning Videos and Training Guides are available at Research Administration Web Site: