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Kuali Budget Construction

Kuali Budget Construction. Catherine Maddaford KBC Administrator. Kuali Budget Construction. Fringe benefit assessment. Automatic Allocation.

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Kuali Budget Construction

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  1. Kuali Budget Construction Catherine Maddaford KBC Administrator

  2. Kuali Budget Construction Fringe benefit assessment

  3. Automatic Allocation • When the object code shows the salary setting button next to it, then it requires that a position is updated to allocate an amount to the GL budget. • Positions are also required whenever a salary/wage object code requires a fringe benefits charge. • As positions are updated, the wages and salary allocations are updated in the GL budget when the position is saved. • The fringe benefits budget is updated in each account when the system is updated during nightly processing.

  4. This is what is entered in the positions in salary settings. This is what is entered by KBC. Fringe Benefit Assessment Users do not enter the fringe benefit allocated budget. The sample above shows that there are allocations for two object codes that generated the fringe benefit assessment, which was entered by KBC for the correct object code.

  5. No Fringe Allocated • For those object codes that do NOT require a fringe benefit assessment, the user enters the allocated budget directly into the account on the GL budget update screen. • Examples of wages – no fringe assessment • TA’s and RA’s • Student wages for enrolled students

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