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  1. Scenario • You are an up and coming Rap Crew! • Today you will have the job of building your Rap Crew, setting your style and setting the stage. • Once you have set the stage, you will need to advertise your first RAP BATTLE. • Once you have set up your Rap Battle, you will need to rehearse a Rap ready for your final performance.

  2. Lesson 1 • – Go to this website and do some research about what Rap Stars like to wear. • Use the outline and sketch out what you want your Rap Star to look like. • Using Paint.Net make your Rap Star on the computer. • You will need to work with your group and make sure that your “CREW” has a similar look.

  3. Lesson 2 • During period 5, you will be performing your Rap Performance. To make the record producers and teachers aware of this you will be required to advertise your performance and get a good following from the public. To make people more aware of this you will need to decide in your groups, who will make each advertisement: • Posters • Tickets • Rap ID Cards • Newspaper Advertisement • Radio Advert

  4. Lesson 3 • Now that you have made your advertisements for your Rap Crew you need to SET THE STAGE. Using the template given to you, you must sketch and make your stage. • Each of the group members will make a stage and they will need to think about the audience. Will there be neon lights on the stage? • You can use pictures from the internet and paste them onto your stage so that you can make them look more effective. • Print it off and using the glue you can stick it together.

  5. Lesson 4 • Now that you have set the stage, advertised your event, you need to make sure that you have a Rap to perform to the record producers! • In your groups, come up with a verse for each of your group members. (Watch your language!) • You can rehearse it using Song smith. This is a piece of software from Microsoft. It allows you to sing into it and it puts the music to the song for you.

  6. ITS TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC!!! • In your groups, you are going to perform, however using your sheets you must monitor each persons performance. • You will judge them out of 5 for their swagger, lyrics and technique. • All scores are added up at the end and the winner will receive a prize….

  7. Evaluation • Please fill out the evaluation sheet and tell me if you have enjoyed your day. • Please note down some of the skills you have learnt: • It could be team work, • Using • Learning about advertising