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  1. A Team approach to Including Students with Disabilities in Physical EducationCase Study #14- Case Studies in Adapted Physical Education by Hodge, Block, Murata, Lieberman Scenario- Lincoln Elementary School. The district adapted education teacher will begin a new unit and it will be in aquatics. The students will learn about drown-proofing techniques and beginning swimming. The class consists of 24 students all 3rd graders. This is a 3-week course, and the students will be in the water two times per week. One of the third graders is named Mitch. Mitch has spastic cerebral palsy with moderate mental retardation. He is non-ambulatory and has a slight hearing loss. His IQ is 75. Mitch needs help both cognitively and physically. Mitch’s mother insists that Mitch be allowed to be in the water class as it is offered to all 3rd graders. The IEP team and school staff have decided to allow Mitch to take the water class.

  2. Goals and objectives-class • Learn to duck their head under and hold their breath while under the water, holding onto the edge of the pool for support. • Learn to bob up and down holding onto the edge then unassisted by the edge of the pool. • Stand unassisted in the water away from the edge of the pool. Arms outstretched in front of them face in the water blowing bubbles. • Stand 5 feet facing the edge of the pool and push off the pool floor with their feet reach for the edge of the pool. • Holding on to the edge of the pool with outstretched arms, face in water, kicking feet. • Floating in the water with a personal floatation device on their back. • Floating in the water on their back without a personal floatation device.

  3. Goals and objectives-Mitch • Mitch will have on a personal floatation device at all times in the pool and will have an aid with him in the water at all times for safety purposes. A second aid will be out of the pool watching for any signs of distress. • Using a personal floatation device, Mitch will duck his head under the water holding his breath while holding onto the aids outstretched hands. • Holding hands with the aid facing each other bob up and down with the head going under and holding his breath. • While other students are using the personal floatation device and learning how to float on their back, Mitch will be holding onto the aids hands Mitch will float on his back and stomach gaining some confidence in the water. • With the help of the aid, Mitch will hold onto the edge of the pool and kick his feet. • Mitch will be able to float without the assistance of the aid.

  4. Talking Points Questions about the case 1. What are your thoughts about Mitch’s mother suggesting that since all 3rd graders were receiving aquatics, her son should too? Is this a reasonable request when water is involved? 2. What are some of the concerns in this case? 3. Should pool staff have input on allowing Mitch to join the class? How much? 4. What are your thoughts on the goals and objectives for the students? What are your thoughts on the goals and objectives for Mitch? 5. Will having different goals set Mitch apart from the other students? 6. Is there a way to include Mitch in any part of the sessions that will make him feel a part of the class?