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  1. INTRODUCING..... • The latest innovation in floor slab systems


  3. CUPOLEX FLOORS ARE: • Economical • Strong • Warm • Environmentally friendly • Professional • Fast and easy to construct

  4. THE COMPONENTS: • Cupolex units are interlocking domes • Cupolex units are available in a range of heights from 50mm to 700mm depending on the slab thickness required

  5. THE COMPONENTS: • Beton stops are end stops which seal the ends of the Cupolex units • Beton stops are made to suit various Cupolex heights and can be extended to suit the slab dimensions

  6. STRENGTH AND DESIGN: • Designs are carried out in accordance with the latest building codes including AS/NZS1170:2002 • For expansive soil sites designs are carried out using AS2870:1996 • Each Cupolex floor slab is specifically designed by a Chartered Professional Engineer to suit site conditions

  7. STRENGTH AND DESIGN: • Cupolex Dome slabs have undergone extensive • Over 6 million square meters have been laid in Europe and the America’s • Live loads up to 10 kPa can be accommodated

  8. STRENGTH AND DESIGN: • Auckland University tests carried out in 2005 confirmed that the residential 300mm slab is over 4 times stronger than code requirements • Slabs tested remained elastic at loads over 6000kg well above the 1300 kg point load requirement for garages

  9. DESIGN & CERTIFICATION: EACH DESIGN INCLUDES: • Plans and details • Specific Calculations and a PS1 Design Producer Statement for consent purposes • A schedule of Cupolex and Beton Stop quantities as well as concrete volume is provided with the engineered design.

  10. DESIGN & CERTIFICATION • All slabs are inspected by an experienced Engineer. • On completion a PS4 Construction Review Producer statement is provided suitable for CODE OF COMPLIANCE

  11. ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY • Cupolex and Beton Stops are made from 100 % recycled plastic =

  12. ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY • Exact quantities are supplied to site • Cupolex will not blow around or end up in waterways • Virtually no waste

  13. ECONOMICAL (MATERIALS) • Typically concrete volumes and reinforcement quantities are15 % less than conventional raft slabs

  14. ECONOMICAL (MATERIALS) • Internal mesh chairs are not required. • Due to the interlocking nature of the Cupolex domes internal spacers are not required

  15. ECONOMICAL (LABOUR) • Laying the domes is extremely fast as each Cupolex Dome interlocks with the adjacent unit • Reduced reinforcing tying • No internal spacers or mesh chairs to place

  16. ECONOMICAL (LABOUR) • 3-5 m3 less concrete to place for a typical 160 m2 slab • Service penetrations can be formed using a timber hole saw

  17. ECONOMICAL (TRANSPORT) • Over 100m2 of floor can be transported on a single pallet • 2500 m2 can be transported in a single container

  18. THE LATEST INNOVATION IN FLOOR SLAB SYSTEMS Fully Engineered design in accordance with New Zealand and Australian Buidling Codes Environmentally Friendly Made from 100% Recycled plastic With almost no waste Economical And Easy to Transport Fast and simply To construct Inspected and certified during construction CUPOLEX DOME FLOORS