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How technology can (and should) help you market your law firm Digest Version. Marketing & Technology. Delaware Valley Law Firm Marketing Group May 25 th 2004 Justin Szlasa Triplebridge Consulting Ltd. New York, New York. In a perfect world….

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Marketing technology

How technology can (and should) help you market your law firm

Digest Version

Marketing & Technology

Delaware Valley Law Firm Marketing Group

May 25th 2004

Justin Szlasa

Triplebridge Consulting Ltd.

New York, New York

In a perfect world
In a perfect world… firm

  • Differentiation = allow your firm to stand out; provide a unique offering that is responsive to the needs of your clients

In a more perfect world
In a more perfect world… firm

  • Differentiation

  • Intelligence = allow you and your attorneys to make better decisions when allocating sales, marketing and client service resources

In the most perfect world
In the most perfect world*… firm

  • Differentiation

  • Intelligence

  • Efficiency = allow you and your staff to do more with less, cover more ground with fewer resources, transfer skills, increase awareness, touch more customers

* Also known as the United Kingdom

But even in the most perfect world
But even in the most perfect world… firm

  • Differentiation

  • Intelligence

  • Efficiency

…the fate of marketing technology projects

is not encouraging.

How to make it work in your world
How to make it work in your world firm

  • Differentiation

  • Intelligence

  • Efficiency

On the agenda
On the Agenda firm

  • Five Habits of Highly Effective Legal Marketing Technologists

  • Six Examples You Can Use To Make It Work

Marketing technology

1. Lunch monthly with your IT Director Technologists

“At Dorsey & Whitney our CTO helps pitch our services to clients”

–Silvia Coulter, CMO Dorsey & Whitney

Marketing technology

2. Market your technology Technologists

To your lawyers

To your clients

Bartlit beck is marketing technology
Bartlit Beck is marketing technology Technologists

  • Defending Cases for Wireless MobilityIntel Small Business Testimonial 2002

  • Non-Techies Can Dazzle ‘em with TechnologyWisconsin Law Journal 2003

  • Bartlit Beck’s Road Warrior CTO American Lawyer 2001

  • Courting TechnologyNorthwestern University Report 2000

  • Wired Lawyers: Up Close with two traveling attorneysLaw Office Computing 2001

  • Meet the Most Wired Lawyer in America American Lawyer 2000

  • Still Packing American Lawyer 2002

  • What Do You Get When You Cross a Lawyer with a LaptopSmall Business Computing 2001

  • Picture This: Facts Come AliveABA Journal 1999

  • How Computers Improve Your Work – and Your LifestyleThe Litigation and Technology Management Report 1996

Marketing technology

“Alston + Bird is a recognized leader in the use of technology in the practice of law. Our goal at all times is to manage the flow of information from research to attorney to client as quickly and efficiently as possible….we use state of the art equipment…to ensure that our attorneys have access to the latest information 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. This system ensures that messaging between our lawyers and clients…is optimized.”

Marketing technology

3. Front-load business objectives and keep them in the cross hairs

don’t let the software vendors, consultants and your tech committee throw you off course

Marketing technology

4. Make sure your projects are aligned with your firm’s culture

…and the culture of 100% of the firm’s I have encountered is defined by money

Marketing technology

5. Master the facts culture

“Get your facts first and then you can distort them as much as you please”

–Mark Twain

The facts
The Facts culture

  • Web site and intranet traffic reports

  • Direct email/direct mail reports

  • Current software; use; usage rate

  • Marketing department requests for assistance

  • Time & dollars spent on marketing technology

Marketing technology

Software that taps into billing and collection systems data to provide marketers with intelligent actionable fact-based reports

Marketing technology

Alumni channel marketing
Alumni channel marketing video, content, design

  • “Number one source of new business.” - Tom Tierney Bain & Company

  • “$82m new business in 2002.” - Big 4 Accounting Firm

  • “80% retention of former employees as clients.” - Top 5 Investment Bank

  • “60% higher chance of client win, when alumni are on the board.” - Big 4 Accounting Firm

Direct email marketing
Direct email marketing video, content, design

  • Tremendous advances in the last few years

  • Growth in acceptance by end users

  • Anti-spam legislation has helped legitimize direct email

  • Probably the biggest bang for the buck of any marketing activity

  • Speech example: Duo Consulting

Direct email software
Direct Email Software video, content, design

  • Prices start as low as $25/month

  • ASP providers—no IT stress

  • Sophisticated reporting, mail handling

  • Drag-and-drop design

  • Upload contacts from access or excel; later tie in with CRM (contacts & reporting)

Interaction matters module
Interaction Matters Module video, content, design

  • First time in Interaction you can relate people and companies to something other than people and companies

  • Potential to serve as a Transaction Database or Client Teams Support center

  • Web client, decent report creation, improved configuration

Return to the perfect world
Return to the perfect world… video, content, design

  • Differentiation = technology to help your firm stand out

  • Intelligence = technology to help you and your attorneys make better decisions

  • Efficiency = technology to enable you to do more with less

Five habits of highly effective legal marketing technologists1
Five Habits of Highly Effective Legal Marketing Technologists

  • Lunch with your IT director

  • Market your technology

  • Front load business objectives

  • Align projects with your firm’s culture

  • Master the facts

Six examples you can use to make it work1
Six Examples You Can Use To Make It Work Technologists

  • Analytics—Redwood system

  • Rich PDF—PWC/RCL

  • Borrowed Content—Mayer Brown

  • Alumni Management—Bearing Point/Select Minds

  • Direct Email—Vedder, Duo, Third Party

  • Bill for Technology—Save the Match/HIPAA

  • Interaction Matters--new potential?

Marketing technology
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