fighting technology inertia n.
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Fighting Technology Inertia

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Fighting Technology Inertia. How to get employees to accept new technology. by Sandi Jerome Sandi Jerome Computer Consulting “If only they were like a monkey”.

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Fighting Technology Inertia

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fighting technology inertia

Fighting Technology Inertia

How to get employees to accept new technology

by Sandi Jerome

Sandi Jerome Computer Consulting

if only they were like a monkey
“If only they were like a monkey”

“ If you teach a monkey to press the Ctrl key, he’ll happily press it all day for a treat. Teach a human and they’ll say, “but on my old system I used the shift key”

Law of Employee inertia – employees will continue in their current state unless they are encouraged to act otherwise


Mission Statement: The Technology Committee is the forum for reviewing, evaluating, and recommending strategies, plans, and policies for dealership information technology.  The specific elements of the committee's charge include: 

Identify strategic directions, capabilities, and objectives IT support, including learning technologies

Identify opportunities where IT can help achieve the dealership’s goals and recommend priorities

Ensure a coordinated implementation of the dealership’s IT projects and initiatives

  • Technology committee
    • IT director
    • Controller
    • Parts Manager
    • Internet Manager
    • General Manager/Dealer

training made easy
Training made easy

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

training methods
Training methods
  • Manuals, Knowledge-base, FAQ
  • Live instruction
  • One-on-one
  • Levels;
    • Level 1 – Data Entry
    • Level 2 – Search, Report
    • Level 3 - Results

What is the best way to train your employee to use the DMS better?

result based training list your needs and results
Result-Based TrainingList your needs and results
  • List of used vehicles over 60 days old
  • Customer’s service history
  • Expenses over $500
  • Where did they come from?
  • When was the last time they had their tires checked?
  • Which ones have increased over the past year?
why are dms systems so difficult for humans
Why are DMS systems so difficult for humans?
  • Integration with factory
    • Reduced innovation
    • Getting better with Star Standards
  • 30 years of limited choices
    • Uses want it to be the same
    • Keyboard/form-based systems
  • Integration with “modules

how do you determine if you need to change dms providers
How do you determine if you need to change DMS providers?
  • Cost, cost, cost – need 30% savings
  • CRM needs
    • Integrated vs. Interfaced
    • Access to the data
  • Contract is up
    • New contract is too long or costly
    • Contract is too complicated
  • Outgrown the system

can you change systems
Can you change systems?

Take this Quiz

  • Stable workforce
  • Controller /Parts manager “on board”
  • IT director/manager to help
  • Cost savings – 30%
  • Your data can be converted – not archived or held captive
  • Your CRM is not held captive by their server

how do you select
How do you select?
  • Budget range
  • Technology needs – what can’t you live without? – Case Study;
    • Multi-company
    • CRM interface/integration
    • Report writer – with Excel output

what is multi company
What is Multi-Company?
  • Payroll - distribution
  • Payables – Checks, one per vendor
  • Stock transfers, “views”
    • Parts
    • Vehicles
    • Combined reporting

Most important….Customers!


Combined “view” of Customers – one file

All vehicles purchased at any dealership, repair orders, parts

what is a report writer
What is a Report Writer?
  • Access to your main database files and transactions with security
  • Ability to select fields, criteria
  • Export to csv, XML, Excel
what is crm the big 3
What is CRM?The Big 3
  • Prospect and Lead Management
  • Contact management of actions, letters, emails
  • Data Mining of your sold customer database for service/sales

what is data mining
What is Data Mining?

What are Tier providers?

creating your own tier 1 2 3 providers
Creating your own Tier 1, 2, 3 providers

Case Study: Based on CRM/Multi-Company/Report Writer

  • Tier 1
    • ADP, DealerStar, R+R (ERA and Power)
  • Tier 2
    • DealerTrack/Arkona, ACS, Auto/Mate, MPK, DealerBuilt, PBS, Quorum
  • Tier 3
    • AutoSoft, System 2000, DPC, DDS

other items
Other Items
  • Service Scheduling
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • F&I Menus
  • Desking
  • Contract submission
  • Rental vehicles
  • Data warehousing
  • Automated parts picking
  • Parts locaters
  • Parts catalogs
  • Parts scanners
  • Driver’s license scanners
  • Labor time guides
  • Service pricing guides
  • Internet site - inventory
  • Internet leads
  • Titling
  • Audit – CPA firms
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Credit Bureau
  • Service Scheduling
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • F&I Menus
  • Desking
  • Contract submission
  • Rental vehicles
  • Data warehousing
  • Automated parts picking
  • Parts locaters
  • Parts catalogs

value matrix method
Value matrix method

manufacturer integration
Manufacturer integration 

What do you really use?

manufacturer integration the big 5
Manufacturer IntegrationThe Big 5
  • Financial statement
  • Parts orders
  • Warranty submission
  • Parts tapes
  • Labor time guides

But how much does it cost you?

how to save money
How to Save Money
  • Combine technologies; CRM, DMS, Payroll
  • Use a company that has fixed pricing
  • Avoid annual price increases by considering a contract and read your contract
  • Understand EVERY item on your billing
  • Compare the pricing on items you can buy elsewhere
    • Printer ribbons
    • Credit bureau fees
    • Paper, toner, forms

should you upgrade
Should you Upgrade?
  • Required?
  • Space, Speed
  • Newest versions – will you use these features

Watch the “it will cost less” pitch!

conversion checklist
Conversion Checklist
  • Take the “can you change?” test again
  • Pick a perfect date; end of quarter, no vacations, no other major changes
  • Make a training plan (not too early, not too late)
  • Determine a “go-no go” date and how to access
  • Document what data will be converted
  • Backup data that won’t convert; GL detail, parts sale detail
  • Consider steps; Parts and Service, Sales, Payroll

before you go live 25 2 rule
Before you go “live” – 25/2 Rule
  • 25 Repair orders
  • 25 Parts Tickets
  • 25 Car deals
  • 25 Checks
  • 25 Receipts
  • Parallel payroll – 2 runs

tips for getting great support
Tips for getting great support
  • Use their support website
  • Be clear
    • Screenshots
    • Examples; On job 3700 when I bring up repair order CV120330, the customer address2 field shows Suite 36 instead of 362. Instead of “customer fields are too short.”
  • Keep your own support log


Sandi Jerome

Phone 360-406-5062 x 706

Fax 503-715-5600

Thank you!