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Regional RM Strategy in RAP PowerPoint Presentation
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Regional RM Strategy in RAP

Regional RM Strategy in RAP

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Regional RM Strategy in RAP

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  1. Regional RM Strategy in RAP

  2. Regional Resource Mobilization Strategy The RAP RM Strategy has been elaborated in line with and complementary to the FAO Global RM Strategy The Resource Mobilization will be supported by a “Partnership and Resource Mobilization Officer, P-3” who will be based in the FPG-RAP

  3. Regional Resource Mobilization Strategy Field programme in Asia Pacific Region has rapidly expanded in the past 10 years under the new RBM of FAO’s PWB, field projects and programmes are integrated into the strategic planning of the PWB to complement RP to attain committed results and outputs. Top 4 Donors contributed for more than 90% of the extra bud. Resources (2011), EC, ES, IT, JP The RM strategy tries to secure more timely and predictable resources in support of the agreed objectives

  4. Regional Resource Mobilization Strategy Mobilization of resources at regional level are possible for multi-country programmes in the regional context on trans-boundary or cross border issues, as well as to promote regional cooperation and networking of member countries, and promote capacity building and South-South Cooperation RAP RM Strategy reflects the needs and priorities of member countries in the region and interests of resource partners for the region.

  5. Regional Resource Mobilization Strategy MAIN OUTPUTS AND KEY ACTIVITIES A Consolidated, diversified and expanded base of FAO resource partnerships. Increased awareness of FAO priority areas of work and resource requirement through implementation of communication plan. A new Organization-wide culture and enhanced capacity for resource mobilization Resource planning and use effectively managed and reported to governing bodies and external partners.

  6. Regional Resource Mobilization Strategy Thanks