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  1. RESUMES What is a resume?

  2. What are resumes used for? What are the main categories on a resume? What do you put on a resume? What should you tell employers about yourself?

  3. A Resume is…. • A resume is a short point-form document that you give to employers (1-2 pages in length). • It tells them about your work experience, education and skills. • Employers will expect you to have a resume. • There are lots of experiences, skills and interest areas that you can put on a resume even if you do not have a lot of work experience.

  4. Do not include sensitive information such as bank account information, SIN.

  5. What Should be Included on a Resume? • 1) Personal Information - Name, Address, Phone • Number, Email Address • 2) Job Objective • 3) Personal highlights, skills, awards • 4) Employment experience (relevant experience) • 5) Volunteer Experience • 6) Education • 7) Interests / Activities • 8) Reference Statement (References Available Upon Request) **Reference list should be included on a separate page not with actual resume

  6. Personal Information • Your name, written in full • Your address, written out in full, without abbreviations. • Your home or cell phone number with area code and a contact number for messages if you don't have an answering service.

  7. Personal information • Homer J. Simpson • 14 Evergreen Lane • Springfield, Ontario NON O20 • Tel: 519-287-4566 • WRITE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ON THE WORKSHEET

  8. Job Objective • In one sentence, describe your job objective. • This tells the employer exactly what type of work you're looking for. • Try to link your objective to the job you're applying for.

  9. Job Objective • To obtain a position as a mattress tester. WRITE YOUR JOB OBJECTIVE IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ON THE WORKSHEET

  10. Personal Highlights & Skills • List the special abilities and skills that relate to the job you're applying for. • They can be from paid work, volunteer experience school and even hobbies. • You have more skills than you think - even if you've never worked at a job before. • Don’t forget transferable skills.

  11. Personal Highlights & Skills • General Skills • Punctual • Positive • People person • Specific Skills • Sleep experience • Mattress expert • Customer service skills • WRITE YOUR PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS AND SKILLS IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ON THE WORKSHEET

  12. Education • List your education, starting with the most recent and working backwards. • Include the name and city for each high school you attended (your areas of interest and the years you have completed.) • Don’t include elementary school. • Certificates or diplomas should also be listed, including those for mini courses like a computer or software course, first-aid, small engine repair, etc. • Don’t forget all those SHSM certifications!

  13. Education Springfield High • 1990 • Received High school diploma WRITE YOUR EDUCATION IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ON THE WORKSHEET

  14. Volunteer and Work Experience • List the companies you have worked for • List the locations (city, province) • Add the dates you worked for each job or volunteer position. • Start with the most recent and work backwards • Outline the type of duties you carried out at each job. • Provide no more than 5 duties for each job. • Use actions words and quantities • For example ……. • Babysat two preschool children twice a week. • Prepared daily meals and snacks.

  15. Work Experience • Burns Nuclear Power Plant Foreman 1998 to present Tasks Performed • Remove hazardous waste • First aid treatment • Repair hazard suits • Train employees • Moe’s Bar Server 1996 to 1998 Tasks Performed • Served Drinks • Cleaned bar • Cash duties • Closing up

  16. Volunteer Experience • Springfield Zoo/Cage Cleaner 1994 to 1996 • Springy Orphanage/Diaper Changer 1990 to 1994 WRITE YOUR VOLUNTEER AND WORK EXPERIENCE INFORMATION IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ON THE WORKSHEET

  17. Interests and Activities • Outline a few of your interests and activities. • This gives them an idea of what kind of person you are. Try to mention activities related to the job you are applying for.

  18. Interests and Activities • Hanging out at Moe’s Tavern • Spending time with his family • Travelling • Rod and Gun Club WRITE YOUR INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ON THE WORKSHEET

  19. Accomplishments • Use this section to include such things as the languages you speak, software programs you know, etc. • Include sports awards and honour roll etc. • You can include certificates you have earned. • You may add some of these items under Interests or Education instead.

  20. Accomplishments • Citizen of the Year - 2000 • Nuclear Waste Disposal Training – 2002 • Neighbourhood Watch – 2000-2013 • Parent Council – Springfield Elementary 2008-present WRITE YOUR AWARDS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ON THE WORKSHEET

  21. Here is what Homer’s Resume Would Look Like….

  22. Resume Quiz • Do the Quiz at the end of the Resume Worksheet Handout • Take up the answers and discuss CONTINUE TO THE NEXT SECTION ON REFERENCES

  23. REFERENCES Go to the References section of your Worksheet Continue to fill in the blanks.

  24. References • A reference is someone that an employer can contact to find out more about you and your work ethic. • References should not be included in your resume, but you should have them ready on a separate page. • Type the names, job title, company, city and phone numbers of up to three references on a separate piece of paper. Email address may also be • Your reference list should have the same headings and font as your resume. • Get permission to use them as a reference before you give their names. • If you can, give your reference an idea of the type of job you are applying for.

  25. Who Can be a Reference? • Someone from your school (teacher, guidance counsellor, coach); • Someone you've worked for (summer, part-time or volunteer employer); • Someone you've worked for on a casual basis (babysitting, shovelling snow, delivering papers); • Someone who is a friend of the family and can give a personal reference

  26. References ApuNaahshpeemapetilon • Owner • Qwik-E-Mart • 519-679-4321 Seymour Skinner • Principal • Springfield High School • 519-789-3456 Ned Flanders • Neighbour • 519-764-9876 WRITE YOUR REFERENCES IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ON YOUR WORKSHEET

  27. Here is what Homer’s References Would Look Like….