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  1. Resumes Getting your message across

  2. The overall appearance Your resume must have three distinct parts: The cover letter The resume The three references Each part will appear on a separate sheet of paper. The sheets will all have the same heading.

  3. The Completed resume Will appear like this:

  4. The Cover Letter: Bruce Key 122 Main Street Bedford MA 02180 999-999-9999 Date Name of person you are contactingTitle CompanyAddress City, State, Zip Code Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name, (leave out if you don't have a contact person) The first paragraph of your letter should include information on why you are writing. Specifically mention the position you are applying for and how you heard about the position. If a newspaper, cite like this: The Boston Globe (May 22, 1009). If an online job center, name the site and include a reference number if given and the date of the posting. The next paragraph of your cover letter should describe what you have to offer the employer. Mention specifically how your education, qualifications and experience make you well suited for the position. Also include any honors or awards that might help your application. If you have much education and experience, this could be broken into two paragraphs, one for schooling and one for experience. Conclude your cover letter with a paragraph thanking the employer for considering you for the position. Include any contact info you might add as well as information on how you will follow-up. Respectfully yours, Leave five or six lines free for your handwritten signature Typed Signature Enclosures: resume, references

  5. Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

  6. The Resume Bruce Key 122 Main Street Bedford MA 02180 999-999-9999 ObjectiveTo secure a welding/fabrication position in an industrial setting EducationShawsheen Technical High School, Billerica, MA 01821 Graduation pending 2011 Certifications Welding/ Fabrication Shop Blueprints, MIG/TIG/STICK, cutting, hand and power tools   OSHA 10 and 30-hour, OSHA Subpart R, OSHA Forklift training, OSHA Scaffold Safety, Coyne Basic life support, Coyne Basic First Aid Activities and Skills USA (4 years); Track Team (3 years); Citizenship Award (2007).  Awards  Work experience  4/07-Present (part time) ABC Manufacturing Corporation Peabody, MA Welder Production TIG and MIG weld pieces. Participated in both shop and road assignments. 4/06-9/07 ABC Manufacturing Corporation Peabody, MA Shop assistant Cleaned shop, logged and organized tools, checked inventory. Worked with management to create a new inventory system. 1/06-4/06 DeMoulas Market Basket Woburn, MA Front End Service Handled a variety of responsibilities cashier, customer service booth, photo order processing, returns and lottery and tobacco sales, check cashing and money order sales, employee check in and out. 9/05-1/06 McDonalds Wilmington, MA Counter Service Customer assistance: processed customer orders, processed cash and credit payments, coordinated drive up window. Assured customer satisfaction and availability of prepared product for timely service. References References furnished upon request

  7. Resume Writing Guidelines

  8. The references Bruce Key 122 Main Street Bedford MA 02180 999-999-9999 References Mr. John Morrison, Automotive Instructor Shawsheen Regional Vocational High School 100 Cook Street Billerica MA 01821 1 –978 – 667-2111 Ms Harriette Lauder, DeMoulas Front End Manager 627 Main street, Wilmington MA 01880 1-978-000-0000 Mr. Eric Venn (neighbor – I did landscaping for him on a regular basis) 22 Elm Street Billerica MA 01821 000-000-0000

  9. The cover letter The cover letter introduces you to the employer. It must leave a great impression. • crisp and clean appearance • correct and thorough employer information • accurate and positive facts about you • error free writing • mature and precise vocabulary

  10. Be definitive! • You are not a good candidate for the job – you’re the best • You are not a worker, you are a tremendous worker • You are not almost always on time, you are always on time

  11. Vocabulary in the cover letter What terms from this week’s vocabulary could you use to make a good first impression?

  12. Which of the following words will you use in your cover letter? • Delegate • Enterprising • Resourceful • Encouragement • Validity • Conscientious • Arbiter • Collaborative

  13. Way to say:Which statement is more positive? • I am a good candidate for this job. • I will excel in the position you wish to fill. • I think I would be excellent in the position. • You will not be disappointed with my work.

  14. The resume • The resume must provide an employment goal • The resume must give pertinent education and training history • The resume must give an accurate and positive work and activity history

  15. Leave lots of white space in your resume • Use bullet lists to present information • Organize your information carefully

  16. Should you include your email in your return address? • Yes • No • Sometimes

  17. What action words could you use in your resume? • Choose you words carefully!

  18. What action words will you use in your resume? • Motivate • Delegation • Arbitrate • Resourceful • Innovate • Conscientious • Collaborate • Revision

  19. The References • References must be people who will speak positively about your attitude and abilities. • Your references should be employers, but teachers and coaches can be used • You must identify your association with the person you are using as a reference • You must provide complete contact information for each reference • You must have the person’s permission to use him or her as a reference.