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Resumes . ASMC-PDI ORLANDO, FL JUNE 4, 2010. Jim Walker, ACAP Counselor . ADMIN REMARKS/RULES. 1) Use 1 inch margins all around 2) Type size 12 but not lower than 11 3) Full justification 4) Don’t split a paragraph between 2 pages- adjust margins if necessary

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JUNE 4, 2010

admin remarks rules
  • 1) Use 1 inch margins all around
  • 2) Type size 12 but not lower than 11
  • 3) Full justification
  • 4) Don’t split a paragraph between 2 pages- adjust margins if necessary
  • 5) Place name at upper left of 2nd page
  • 6) Never staple your resume
  • 7) Gimmicks don’t work!!!
what is a resume
What is a Resume?
  • Your sales brochure
  • Employer Tool > Interview
  • 30 second commercial
  • Contact distant employers
  • Memory Jogger
today s objectives
Today’s Objectives
  • Basic Understanding of purpose/uses of resumes
  • Chronological and Functional Resumes
who needs a resume
Who needs a Resume?
  • Everyone
  • Learn how > Keep it updated
  • Prepares you for interviews
  • Employment Applications
  • Own business (financial loans)
who should prepare the resume
Who should prepare the resume?
  • Your spouse or friend
  • A professional resume service
  • You
how can you use your resume
How can you use your resume?
  • Set up & expand your network
  • Respond to job listings
  • “Cold” contacts (hidden market)
  • Job Fair “Business Card”
  • Broadcast method ??
how do employers use a resume
How do employers use a resume?
  • Screening tool
  • Fill their needs
  • “Are these people reading the advertisements or lazily applying for every job with the same resume.”
reasons employers eliminate a resume
Reasons Employers Eliminate a Resume
  • Poor grammar-97%
  • More than 1 spelling error-93%
  • More than 1 typing error-83%
  • Poor organization-78%
  • Incorrect word choices-66%
  • Length-56%
  • Highlights work history / skills / SUCCESS
  • 1 to 2 pages
  • Do not use “I”, “me” or “we”
  • Use action words and accomplishments
  • Review and edit
  • Best quality printing and paper
  • No excess baggage
excess baggage
Excess Baggage
  • Personal
  • Organizations / Memberships
  • References
  • Salary / Benefits
  • Awards List
types of resumes
Types of resumes:
  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Hybrid or Combination
  • Electronic Resume
  • Headhunter/Recruiter
resume strategy
Resume strategy
  • Identify the target
  • Pick the right format
  • Avoid disqualification
  • Show that you have the right stuff
  • Get the resume to the right person
resume contents
Resume Contents
  • Heading
  • Objective
  • Summary of qualifications
  • Experience / Qualifications
  • Education and Training
  • So employers can contact you easily
  • Appropriate email address
  • Clean answering machine message
  • Can change your address and phone number if needed
a complete objective statement includes
A complete objective statement includes:
  • Your target in a concise statement?
  • Type of work and (level of position)
  • Strengths you bring to the employer
  • What you will accomplish on the job
sample objective statement

Sample Objective Statement:

An auditor’s position with Ernst and Young using experience, leadership, and supervisory skills to assist the company in conducting a professional, profitable business.

sample objective statement1
Sample Objective Statement
  • A position in financial or acquisition management where experience, initiative, and interpersonal skills will be strongly utilized to build the company’s reputation.
sample objective statement2

Sample Objective Statement

An entry-level human resource position that will allow me to apply my leadership, management, and supervisory skills to assist your organization in retaining high quality employees.

summary of qualifications

Summary of Qualifications

Selling yourself as the best candidate.

summary of qualifications1
Summary of Qualifications:
  • Summary
  • Bottom line up front
  • To attract reader’s interest
  • Should outline/highlight the resume
  • Do not duplicate objective statement
  • Write last
sample summary of qualifications sentences
Sample Summary of Qualifications Sentences
  • Strong financial management, acquisition, and contracting experience with twenty years in problem solving, business decision making, and demanding leadership positions. Personally liable for an open checkbook with the U.S. Treasury in excess of $55 million annually. U.S. Government Secret security clearance.
chronological paragraph
Chronological Paragraph
  • Job description-cut and paste Resumix?
  • Current job, then work backwards
  • Highlights (6 lines)
  • S -T - A - R
    • Situation / Task
    • Actions = Verbs = Skills
    • Results = Achievements
Chief, Pay & Entitlements 2005-Present

U.S. Army, Fort Hood, TX

Management Analyst 1999-2005

U.S. Army, Fort Lewis, WA

Budget Technician 1993-1999

U.S. Army, Fort Riley, KS

skill categories

Skill Categories

Building a functional format

what do you have to offer

Computer Operations

Budget Preparation


Manpower Mgmt

Personnel Mgmt

Financial Mgmt

Resource Mgmt





Special Projects

Work Ethic


Interpersonal Skills

What do you have to offer?
functional paragraph
Functional Paragraph
  • Skill description
  • Highlights (6 lines)
  • S - T - A - R
    • Situation / Task
    • Action = Verbs = Skills
    • Results = Achievements
budget management


Directed disbursement, accounting, and control of public funds in support of military and civilian operations. Made disbursements in U.S. Dollars and foreign currencies. Managed a budget in excess of $125 million for contracts, services, and supplies during FY 2006.



Supervised the health, motivation, training, and job performance of up to 12 individuals. Managed the Customer Operations Section of a recently organized activity, the largest of its kind in the Army. Led the security operations team that received recognition as being rated as the top unit of its type in the Army.

work ethic
Work Ethic

Worked shifts of 24-hours in duration as well as weekends and holidays. Also worked during inclement weather to include extreme heat and cold. Desire to learn and use new skills so as to improve personally and professionally. Willing to work at a necessary pace to complete each task. Frequently selected by superiors to accomplish difficult tasks because they had the confidence in my ability to complete them successfully and on time.

interpersonal skills
Interpersonal Skills

Worked well with a diverse group of people. Performed effectively as an individual or as a member of a team. Handled stressful situations with ease. Demonstrated excellent problem solving abilities. Communicated effectively with team members.

education and training

Education and Training

What education and training will be important to the hiring decision?

education and training sequence
Education and Training Sequence:
  • College or work toward degree.
  • Vocational Training.
  • Training (Leadership).
  • Correspondence Courses.
  • Technical-specific training.
  • Degree General Studies
  • Major 26 credit hours
  • School Northern Virginia Community College
  • City/State Woodbridge, VA
  • Year 2006