the history of africa n.
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The History of Africa

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The History of Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The History of Africa. Islamic Conquest. Arab Muslims conquered the region in 600s. The Great Mosque of Kairauon. Middle Eastern Influence Continues. Ottoman Turks take control from Byzantine Empire. Ruled from 1500s to late 1800s. Scramble for Africa.

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The History of Africa

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islamic conquest
Islamic Conquest
  • Arab Muslims conquered the region in 600s.

The Great Mosque of Kairauon

middle eastern influence continues
Middle Eastern Influence Continues
  • Ottoman Turks take control from Byzantine Empire. Ruled from 1500s to late 1800s.
scramble for africa
Scramble for Africa
  • Europeans came in 1800s—French, Spanish, Italians, British.
african independence
African Independence
  • Independence after World War II.
history of sub saharan africa
History of Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa was largely left untouched by outside powers and was predominantly controlled by indigenous tribes.

arab slave trade began in 7 th century
Arab Slave Trade—began in 7th century.

18 million slaves arrived in Arab countries.

Dhows were used to bring African slaves to India.

exploration begins
Exploration Begins
  • Explorers reached land by 1400’s
  • 1500s—First Portuguese trading ports established

What aspects of Africa do you think caused

the Europeans to stay near the coast?

colonial rule export economies plantations mines building of modern cities
Colonial rule—Export economies (plantations, mines); building of modern cities
  • exported to European countries
  • subsistence agriculture
  • cities, hospitals, ports, roads,
  • schools
scramble for africa late 1800 s to mid 1900 s imperialism arbitrary borders
Scramble for Africa (late 1800’s to mid 1900’s—Imperialism—arbitrary borders

European countries sought out African products and minerals.

Africans began working for wages, moving to cities, etc.

african independence movement
African Independence Movement
  • Gained momentum after WWII, which left the major European powers weakened.
      • 1950’s – 1970’s
      • African democracy—immature—implemented at local levels.
      • Small group of elite leaders—Western education


postcolonial era
Postcolonial Era
  • Effects:
  • Worked in the new commercial economy.
  • Modern medicine and improved infrastructure (in certain areas)
  • Low wages and unemployment
  • Rival ethnic groups forced to share power in newly independent countries.