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The biggest marketing challenge today is to Reach and Engage with an increasingly mobile audience which is elusive to

The biggest marketing challenge today is to Reach and Engage with an increasingly mobile audience which is elusive to traditional media. This is where OOH media plays an important role.

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The biggest marketing challenge today is to Reach and Engage with an increasingly mobile audience which is elusive to

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  1. The biggest marketing challenge today is to Reachand Engagewith an increasinglymobile audiencewhich iselusiveto traditional media. This is where OOH mediaplays an important role. It serves as not just a reminder medium, but an informative mediumas well for generatingbrand awarenessandsalience

  2. The largest chunk of OOH budget and planning time goes into billboardsas these are considered most effective

  3. But here’s why you should think beyond billboards… Not at eye level hence high possibility of visibility issues Unfocussed and non-interactive Moreover, your message might get lost in the clutter of billboards Requires long term commitment, not conducive for very short promotional campaigns

  4. Is it possible to have mobile billboards that can be anywhere… everywhere… And at the same time Is it possible to cut the clutter and have a personal communication with your target segment ? The answer is YES Cabvertise and become ubiquitous at a very competitive price

  5. Why cabvertise? Many purchases are contemplated when customer is relaxed and on the way home Hence cab ads also impact shopping and purchasing on the way home from work External Branding Internal Branding

  6. Indicative data for cost and reach of different media Mobile billboards have high reach and low cost per impression

  7. Meru- A spectacular growth story Meru Cabs has grown consistently in its 5 year history in terms of the fleet, revenue and popularity Meru today Executes more than 20,000 trips per day Serves more than 1 million passengers in a month

  8. Meru Hall of fame… Only taxi company in India with so many national and international accolades

  9. Customer Satisfaction Survey 2012 90 % overall satisfaction score in 2012 Continuous improvement in scores since 2008 Meru can comfortably claim to be the most customer centric company in the entire industry

  10. Why Meru is the best? Meru has successfully completed 24 million trips

  11. What makes us Reliable? We go extra miles to keep our chauffeurs satisfied. As a result we have a set of happy and committed chauffeurs. This enables us to be on-road with minimal disruptions in service compared to other taxi service providers.

  12. Meru Network 1100 Cabs on Road DELHI 5000+ Cabs 3rd largest in the world Largest in India 1400 Cabs on Road Mumbai 750 Cabs on Road Hyderabad Bangalore 890 Cabs on Road

  13. Reach of external branding on Meru Take your message to the length and breadth of the city

  14. Reach of internal branding in Meru Engage with customers who are captive and receptive to brand communication

  15. Why cabvertise with Meru? there’s more…

  16. Meru Customer Profile 70% passengers from business / corporate sector 98% of commuters belonging to SEC A & B You can get upfront and personal with this lucrative segment

  17. External Branding • Taxi Top • Taxi Sides • Rear side • Vehicle • Wrap

  18. InternalBranding • Danglers • Product • Catalogues • Brochures • Feedback • Forms • Gift Vouchers • Games- • Puzzles, • Crossword • etc • Magazines

  19. Electroluminescent Stickers EL stickers are connected to the Brake-lights of cab Whenever driver applies brake, these stickers glow along with brake lights They are very eye catching especially during night time

  20. That’s not all… • Road Shows • Product • Sampling • Bill Roll • branding

  21. Voice Over Works like jingle on radio but with no clutter. The voice over or jingle is played twice for each customer(once when the meter is turned on and once when it is turned off) On an average 6 trips are done per Meru cab per day. Therefore 360 mentionsper month per cab. 360 mentions of 30 seconds each on radio would cost around Rs. 3,00,000 to 4,00,000.

  22. SMS Activity Send SMS to Meru customers regarding your offering Data Generation Obtain data from Meru customers through forms placed in cab or through dedicated person at airport. You can leverage Meru’s niche clientele for your benefit

  23. Outdoor Advertising Convention Awards 2011 Meru Cabs bagged the prestigious OAC awards for the unique and engaging campaign for Tata Photon Plus where Meru Cab commuters were greeted with a jingle 'Get Speed, Get Time' the moment they boarded. The campaign was successful, and reinforced the brand’s credibility and brand message 'Get Speed, Get Time'. The campaign was implemented for three months in Hyderabad.

  24. Outdoor Advertising Convention Awards 2010 • Meru bagged two awards: • Merit Award in Entertainment and Media category for the promotion of the movie “Toh Baat Pakki” on Meru Cabs • Merit award for Best Format Innovation for Vodafone branded Chargers in Meru Cabs

  25. Transparency in execution No operational and control worries Auditable data to measure the reach, frequency and impact of your campaign

  26. Our partners • Banking & • Insurance • Telecom • FMCG • Retail • Outlets

  27. Our partners • Pharmaceutical • & Healthcare • Media • Travel & • Tourism • Construction & • Real Estate • Automobile • Electronics And many more…

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