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WWII Home Front

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WWII Home Front. Michael D. Sobierajski EDCI 270 Spring 2008. Off to War. In a few months after Pearl Harbor millions of Americans left their families to go to war. They all left as sons, fathers, husbands, and brothers to fight for a common cause.

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wwii home front

WWII Home Front

Michael D. Sobierajski

EDCI 270

Spring 2008

off to war
Off to War
  • In a few months after Pearl Harbor millions of Americans left their families to go to war. They all left as sons, fathers, husbands, and brothers to fight for a common cause.


  • The home front of WWII was an important place for both the axis and allies. Millions of men left their jobs at home to go fight abroad, leaving women and older men to make the weapons of war.


home is where the resources are
Home is Where the Resources Are
  • Learning about the home front during the war is as important as learning about the war itself. The people who were left at home supplied the war effort with the guns, ammo, tanks, ships etc. to fight.


  • Women were the main work force during the war. They worked mostly in factories making war materials such as uniforms. Women ages 19-30 in the UK were required to register for war work. Their jobs were mainly as secretaries, drivers, cooks, and mechanics.


what about men
What about Men?
  • Most men of all nations involved in the war were drafted into combat. Some men such as scientists and engineers were not sent to war because they were more valuable at home.
military parents
Military Parents
  • Imagine that your son or daughter just went to fight in the biggest war in history. You might be slightly frightened. The parents of these fine military men and women did a fine job of dealing with their stress and helping their respective nations.


effect on the nation
Effect on the Nation
  • The effect that the people left at home had on the nation cannot be measured. One thing is for sure, the role of women was forever changed after the war.
aftermath of war
Aftermath of War
  • Together, 16.1 million United States service men and women served in WWII. None of that could have been done had it not been for the people left at home.


review question 1
Review Question #1

Which of the following men were most likely to stay home during the war?

Unemployed Teenagers

Factory Workers


Grocery Clerk

review question 2
Review Question #2

Why was the home front important?

Resources for war

I don’t know

The ladies

Because he said so

this is the end
This is the End




Life At Home During WWII


Parents of Children at War


Effects of WWII on Society


WWII Statistics


yes that is correct
Yes, that is correct!

Next Review Question


This concludes our review.


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