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Greeting Customs

Greeting Customs

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Greeting Customs

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  1. Greeting Customs Some differences among cultures

  2. Meeting people from other cultures may create discomfort or awkwardness if you don’t know rules of etiquette. Customs vary from country to country and person to person. Take your cue from others in the room.

  3. American Personal space Personal space is much greater than other countries. Rules of touching more stringent.

  4. Latino personal space Much closer personal space. Touching of shoulders, arms, hands more common than what we are used to.

  5. When in doubt start with western handshake. Follow with country’s customs. Shake hands with everyone, even children, upon arriving and leaving. Start with the oldest present. Be prepared to shake hands more than once a day with the same people

  6. Even Handshakes can Differ In Latin America. handshakes are often light and linger about twice as long. Pulling away too soon is interpreted as a rejection.

  7. The Cheek Kiss Handshakes are often followed by a kiss on the cheek—something Americans are not always comfortable with

  8. Male/Female and Female/Female quite common. Male/Male more often a half-hug but a kiss not uncommon Touch cheeks, kiss air. Number of times varies.

  9. Always greet before launching into a conversation or asking questions. Remember to use titles with adults, especially with adults in authority or business settings.

  10. pointing Hands on hips Eye contact Hands in pockets

  11. Be careful of gestures!! What means one thing in the US can mean something very different in other countries. In addition, you will often encounter gestures not seen here.