What will i use math for
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What will I use math for?. WebQuest for High S chool students By: A shley C astillo . Introduction. Every high school student knows or has a very good idea what they would like to be when they “grow up” .

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What will i use math for

What will I use math for?

WebQuestfor High School students

By: Ashley Castillo


Every high school student knows or has a very good idea what they would like to be when they “grow up”.

How does everything you are learning in high school prepare you for the real world?

How does math affect for future career?

How often will you be using math frequently or never?

For this WebQuestyou will research your future career. If you are unsure of your career choose your top three and then research them. Choose whichever you are able to collect the most data on. You need to create a power point on your career.

T ask

Build a power point emphasizing the following:

How often math is used?

What types of math you will be using( algebra, geometry..)?

How math knowledge will effect your career?

A reflection page on this project

By the end of this project you will have knowledge of your future career as well as knowledge of how mathematics is used on a daily basis.

You will present your power point to the class. A grading rubric will be provided for your project


First: State your future career and how you think math is used at your career. How do you obtain this career?

College trade school?

Second: The research

Part A- Follow the links provided and research your career





Or you can do your own research, ask a friend or family member who is in that field and interview them.

Part –B Also, if you will need college degree or trade school do some research of your own at a school you might like to go to and be sure you put the math requirements in your project!

Third: Start answering the questions located on the task page.

Fourth:Sstartyour Power Point Project!

Process c ont
Process Cont..

How to create your PowerPoint? Organize it in this order :

Page 1- Title and Name

Page 2- State the research links you used and a brief statement of the information you found at each site. Be sure that this includes the information about college or trade school and the math classes you will need to take.

Page 3- Answer the questions on the task page, in complete sentences.

Page 4- Your conclusion on this project. This will be an over all summary of your knowledge gained from this project and how it will be useful!


Out of 100 points

25 points- for career research (must have at least 3 sources sited.)

25 points- for school or college research(must have 2 sources sited.)

25 points- for your power point project( 4 page minimum be sure to follow directions on the process page.)

25 points- for your reflection page(be sure to use complete sentences.)

C onclusion

At the end of this project not only will you have more inside knowledge about your future career but also, how math as well as other subjects taught in school help to prepare you for that future.

I do hope you find this project fun as well as interesting and maybe even make you think math might not be so bad after all.

Teachers notes
Teachers notes

This project can be expanded to letting them research multiple jobs or letting them work in groups to research general careers that are math based.

It can also become a good research project for helping students look for prospective colleges or trade schools and letting them begin to realize just how much work they still have a head of them.

I searched several websites and WebQuestprojects the best website I can recommend you use is


It has a bunch of completed WebQuestprojects to give a lot of ideas.