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Save the Earth! PowerPoint Presentation
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Save the Earth!

Save the Earth!

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Save the Earth!

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  1. I will share with you many easy things that you can do daily, that you can do to save the Earth! What are some ways to prevent global warming? Save the Earth!

  2. Preface The animals in the world are giving carbon dioxide and the plants are the ones that are taking it all in. The ways that us humans are adding the carbon in the cycle is by we use electricity, using cars, cutting down the forest. Human’s health affected the climate indirectly by air pollution changes in food, and water supplies and coastal flooding. Also it can direct the climate by heat stress and other related health problems. We found ways that we humans can help save the earth. These tips are not that hard to do they will help our world a lot. They are easy every day things that you can do at home or outside home. If we do these things we will live in a better environment.

  3. Walk to places close instead of driving!

  4. Plant trees!

  5. Turn off the TV and lights when no one is using them.

  6. You can get TV’s, stereos with special labels such as these..

  7. Recycle cans newspapers and bags!

  8. Wash your clothes in cold water, and line dry your clothes.

  9. By using solar energy panels you can put less gases into the air because the energy is coming from the sun.

  10. By using Hybrid cars your reducing the amount of gases going into the air. These cars travel longer and use a less amount of gasoline. Oh that car is not only cute, but its also good for the environment!

  11. By insulating your walls you wouldn’t need to turn on the heat so much and so high.

  12. Turn your heat down! Wow, what a smart idea.

  13. By purchasing energy efficient light bulbs you can save 300 pounds of carbon dioxide.

  14. Use Non-Toxic cleaning products. I never would of thought of that!

  15. When reducing garbage you let less green house gases go into the air, like methane because garbage lets off methane gas. Use less garbage.

  16. Use Reusable grocery bags!

  17. By raising awareness you can help other people do little things that prevent Global Warming. Global Warming can affect humans by heat stress and other related health problems. It could cause the rise of sea level, pollution changes in food and water supplies.

  18. These are many different ways you can prevent global warming. They are easy things you can do every day that could make a big difference in our future. The End By: Jessica Capp & Lupe Albarran Wow, that is so cool!