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Pushing Digital Transformation Of Banking

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Pushing Digital Transformation Of Banking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital innovation has changed how people interact with themselves and by extension, with companies.

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traditional banking is challenged by tech innovations
Traditional Banking is Challenged By Tech Innovations
  • Fintech startups are challenging old business models with new approaches
  • Customers too are keen to gain more control over their financial affairs
  • A Consumers and Mobile Financial Services reportshows mobile banking apps usage has doubled to reach 43 % in 2015
  • Banking firms must navigate this new landscape with tech tools to meet business demands and customer expectations
  • Personal customer service still remains a key to customer’s satisfaction
digital tools for transforming customer experience
Digital Tools for Transforming Customer Experience
  • Omni-channel strategy important as customers expect seamless experience across channels
  • Virtual Banking, Mobile banking, phone banking - all are gaining ground with customers
  • Personal engagement based solution enables banks to engage with customers in real time when live help is needed, resulting in better quality customer support experience
bring a qualitative change into customer service
Bring a Qualitative Change Into Customer Service
  • Cobrowser: Simultaneous browsing for collaborative guidance  
  • Live video chat: Personalized discussions via video calls
  • Instant Document sharing: Secure sharing of documents, applications etc.
  • Live guidance via both co browsing, video and phone support   
a multifaceted platform with many use cases
A Multifaceted Platform with Many Use Cases
  • Easily Handle complex financial transactions and discussions remotely with video chats
  • Provide interactive help - walk-through of products/services, help filling applications, troubleshoot issues
  • Demonstrate online banking transactions with secure screen sharing
  • Exchange documents instantly during  live sessions
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