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Office of Force Readiness and Deployment: Training Proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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Office of Force Readiness and Deployment: Training Proposal

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Office of Force Readiness and Deployment: Training Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Office of Force Readiness and Deployment: Training Proposal. April 2011 Pine Ridge Reservation. Proposal. Work with the people of Pine Ridge to: Provide medical and public health services to the community

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Office of Force Readiness and Deployment: Training Proposal

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  • Work with the people of Pine Ridge to:
    • Provide medical and public health services to the community
    • Facilitate an opportunity for our deployment teams to work together, improve their ability to communicate and function during deployments
  • August 2011
  • 150-300 people
    • Objective is to create a mutually beneficial experience
    • May work with Rosebud Sioux as well
  • Help meet unmet needs
    • Help fill gaps in current expertise
  • Work hard with the community and IHS to understand capabilities; for example:
    • Pharmacy formulary
    • Process for referrals and follow-up care
  • Ongoing communication with Tribal and IHS points of contact
who we are
Who we are…
  • We are not IHS
  • We are response teams from the Office of the Surgeon General
    • Primary care (Rapid Deployment Force RDF)
    • Mental health (Mental Health Team MHT)
    • Public health (Applied Public Health Team APHT)
    • Access to services and follow-up care (Services Access Teams SAT)
corps officers
Corps Officers
  • Validated, licensed subject matter experts
  • Represent doctors, nurses, scientists, social workers, veterinarians, psychologists, engineers…
  • OFRD had Corps officers deployed every day during Fiscal Year 2010
    • included a suicide cluster support mission, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill as well as recovery efforts following the Haiti earthquake
the office of force readiness and deployment
The Office of Force Readiness and Deployment

Pandemic All-Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA)

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Sec 204(a) PHS Act (Title 42)

remote area medial ram
Remote Area Medial (RAM)
  • Non-governmental organization
  • Provides logistic support
  • Experience with other Tribes
  • Support essential for medical, dental and vision care missions
previous field training 2010 operation nexus
Previous Field Training (2010) Operation Nexus
  • Mission- Prepare Corps to respond to public health emergencies
  • Vision- Through innovative cross training
  • Goals- In collaboration with stakeholders
  • Accomplishments- Purposeful, sustainable
USPHS Commission Corps teams transformed local health and human services projects into a purposeful capacity building operation
ftx 2010 operation nexus
FTX 2010Operation Nexus
  • 25 Deployment Teams (1500 Officers)
    • Rapid Deployment Forces (RDF)
    • Applied Public Health Teams (APHT)
    • Services Access Teams (SAT)
    • Mental Health Teams (MHT)
    • Tier III and Inactive Reserve Corps (IRC)
  • Conducted forty-eight public health missions
  • 4 States & 38 counties in seven weeks
    • Tennessee
    • Kentucky
    • Oklahoma
    • Texas

In 2007, 234 Cases of TB in TN

  • TB site environmental services -12 sites in 9
  • counties
  • Findings: malfunctioning negative pressure
  • exhaust located within 25 feet of building
  • entrances
  • Reports formulated with specific engineering
  • changes and guidance to improve TB infection
  • control practices

Environmental Health

  • Team created database of local information to be used for local planning and policy initiatives
  • APHT implemented CASPER in time frame similar to a real disaster
  • Activities: data gathering, cleaning, analysis, interpretation and report generation in 60hrs

Water Assessment:

  • Teams performed 1,048 home site visits in TN
  • Collected data on location, features and deficiencies of individual
  • and wastewater disposal systems
  • Mapped into the state’s Global Information System database
  • Provided citizens technical information and resources for testing their water
  • Improved State’s capability to respond to fly ash incidents

Smelter Site Assessment : Teams identified toxic pathways in Knox County, TN

Data collected and analyzed during training helped get site onto EPA Superfund Site list


Medical Readiness Expeditions

  • Conducted in conjunction with
  • NGOs, academia, local health
  • departments, hospitals, labs and
  • volunteers
  • Provided free health, dental,
  • vision and education
  • Established building of opportunity
  • Managed input, throughput and
  • output for 1,000 patients/day

Total patients registered: 3,432

Total services provided: 4,737

Medical services rendered: 1,239

Dental services rendered: 1,956

Vision services rendered: 1,542

Total value of care provided: $1,003,376

field training for 2011 operation foothold
Field Training for 2011Operation Foothold
  • Mission – Train teams in planning sustainable development of health infrastructure by building relationships with tribes and communities
  • Goals- Create a “Win Win” Improve operational readiness, increase public health assessment and intervention planning skills for continuity and recovery, foster a cross cultural experience and enhance team cohesion
site selection
Site Selection
  • Logistics
  • Desire
  • Beneficial for all
pine ridge possibilities
Pine Ridge Possibilities
  • Medical, dental and vision…..
  • Community public health assessments…
  • Grant writing classes
  • Small and large animal health/vaccination campaigns
  • Water, sanitation, environmental health assessments and interventions
  • Mentoring for students interested in public health or medical fields
  • Other ideas….
example white house initiatives

Example: White House Initiatives

Will this help the local communities?

way forward
Way Forward
  • Receive blessing from the tribal leaders
  • Align tribal needs with training needs and available resources
    • There are many needs but we must ask “What can we do realistically?”
  • Please present your ideas to the planning committee
    • Main point of contact Lisa Dillon and Arlene Catches the Enemy
entire summer schedule
Entire Summer Schedule

Yuma, AZ

Tribal Nations

Team Leadership Training, TX

HHS Integrated Training Summit

Paducah, KY

(National Level Exercise)

Pikeville, KY

Returning to assess impact

Brownsville, TX

Operation Lone Star

Pine Ridge, SD

Tribal Nations

"The strength ofa relationship is not how perfect it is, but how resiliently it deals withthe inevitable challenges."