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  2. AGENDA Opening Remarks Family Readiness G-2 /Afghanistan Legal S-1/Admin Combat Operational Stress Control Closing Remarks

  3. Commanding General1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade Brigadier General Joseph Osterman

  4. Commanding OfficerBrigade Headquarters Group Colonel Lori Reynolds

  5. Family Readiness Program Mr. Wayne Bell

  6. Taking Care of Marines & Their Families CMC Planning Guidance “Marines take care of their own – period. This enduring pledge between Marines is never more sacred than during time of war. Just as every Marine makes a commitment to the Corps when they earn the title Marine, the Corps makes an enduring commitment to every Marine – and an enduring commitment to their family.” James T. Conway

  7. Family Readiness Program • Communicate official command information • Facilitate two-way communications between the Command, Marines, and Families • Provide information through resource referrals • Provide readiness and deployment support to all members of a Marines’ family, those that they were born into, sworn into and married into.

  8. Definition of “Family” • Born into • Sworn into • Married into

  9. Family Readiness Command Team Led by the Commanding Officer (CO), the Family Readiness Command Team is responsible for providing guidance and support to Marines and their families. Members of the Family Readiness Command Team include: CO, Executive Officer (XO), Sergeant Major (SgtMaj), Family Readiness Officer (FRO), Chaplain, Senior spouses, and a Family Readiness Advisor.

  10. Family Readiness Officer The Family Readiness Officer, (FRO)is member of the unit who provides oversight and coordination of all aspects of family readiness for the Family Readiness Command Team, to include official communication to all members of a Marines family.

  11. Family Readiness Officer FRO - Mr. Wayne R Bell Deputy FRO - Cpl Heather Rupp Off: (760) 763-2739 Cell: (760) 464-9103

  12. Senior Spouses Mrs. Jennifer Osterman (MEB) Mrs. Linda Oconnell (BHG)

  13. Family Readiness Advisor Family Readiness Advisor is the spouse of an enlisted or officer member of the unit who Provides insight to the Family Readiness Command Team regarding the overall Unit Family Readiness Program.

  14. Family Readiness Advisors Mrs. Nora Frederick (MEB) Mrs. Monica Hacket (BHG)

  15. Family Readiness Assistants Family Readiness Assistant assists the FRO in the execution of the Unit Family Readiness Program, and provides feedback from unit families and information and referral services.

  16. Family Readiness Assistants MEB Mrs. Karen Golden Mrs. Jessica Perdew Mrs. Steva Molinaro Mrs. Joanne Baldwin Mrs. Mrs. Michelle Cassel BHG Mrs. Brittany Geist Mrs. Francine Cruz Mrs. Yendi Parker Mrs. Justine Blackwell Mrs. Jennifer Smit Mrs. Vanessa Adams

  17. Pre-Deployment Campaign Plan PHASE I, 28 Oct Family Readiness Program G-2 /Afghanistan Legal S-1/Admin C.O.S.C

  18. Pre-Deployment Campaign Plan PHASE II, 3 Dec MCFTB Family Security Camp Leatherneck Casualty Assistant Call Officer

  19. Pre-Deployment Campaign Plan PHASE III, ? Jan Disbursing Postal NMCRS Red Cross


  21. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Overview • Geography • Terrain • Weather • Economy • Government • Narcotics • People • Ethnographics • Demographics • Culture • RC-South • Threat UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  22. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Amu Darya 846ft Nowshaq 24,557ft Geography / Terrain Overview • South Central Asia • Slightly smaller than Texas • Neighbors • Iran, Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan • Varying Extremes UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  23. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Weather • Overall dry, dusty, and relatively cloud free • Terrain driven variations in temperatures, precipitation, snow and cloud cover • Can be 110F in lowlands during summer, but -30F in mountains during winter • Dust storms in the SW deserts • Cloud cover reaches a maximum in winter; still minimal compared to most regions of the world • Climate: arid to semiarid; cold winters and hot summers UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  24. Economy • GDP: $23.03 billion • GDP Growth Rate: 7.5% • Debt: $8 billion • Population below poverty line: 53% • Unemployment rate: 40% • Inflation Rate: 40% • Imports: • $3.8 billion • Partners: Pakistan 37.2%, US 11.1%, India 5%, China 4.2%, Germany 4.2% • Exports: • $274 Million • Partners: India 23.6%, Pakistan 22.5%, US 21.2%, Russia 4.1% • Trade Deficit of approx $3.5 billion

  25. Government • Islamic Republic • Consisting of three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial • First democratic presidential election was held on 09 October 2004 • Constitution Ratified 26 January 2004 • All laws must comply with Islam • Equal rights are guaranteed to women • Suffrage is universal at age 18

  26. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO People • Overview • Approx 32 Mil • Ethnic Mosaic • No real boundaries • First Loyalty to family and tribe • Afghan Nationalism is an abstract idea UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  27. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO People • Ethnic Groups • Pashtuns • 44% of Population • Ethnic Majority • Sunni • Tajiks – 25% of population • Believed to be the original Persian population • Most refugees • Hazaras – 10% of population Descendents of Genghis Khan • Shi’ite UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  28. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Tajiks and Other Dari-Speaking Groups • The historical influence of Persia, now Iran, on the peoples of Afghanistan can be seen by the number of ethnic groups who speak Dari, the name given to the various dialects of Afghan Persian. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  29. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Society • Tribal Affiliation is most important • Patrilineal • Increases unity against threats • Prestige • Land/Livestock ownership • Religious leadership • Offspring UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO


  31. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO The Family • Centered around the kala • Extended Family • Separated into work groups • Extremely Private • Social status is fixed • Marriage UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  32. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Dress • Men • Long tunics (perehan tunban) • Baggy trousers • Turbans or kolah • Women • Hijab • Chador • Burkha UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  33. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Greetings • A smile, nod, and greeting • Cheek kissing is common • Hand shakes • Soft and gentle • May place hand on heart • Be the first to initiate • Small comfort zone when talking UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  34. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Culture • Eating and Drinking • Essentially Persian • Tea • Smoking Cigarettes • Gestures, Mannerisms & Taboos • Thumbs-up and OK • Feet • Heads • The Left Hand • Shame • Animals • Profanity Remember: Afghans are not Arabs! UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  35. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Culture Business • Prefer to know someone before making commitment • Tea first • Multiple attendees • Mood dictates pace • Allow time for prayer UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  36. Insurgency Taliban Hizb-I Islami Gulbuddin (HIG) Haqqani Network (HQN) Al-Qaeda (AQ)

  37. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Post Taliban: The Good • Elections in June 2004, September 2005 • Reconstruction • Civil liberties • Women’s rights • Improved education UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  38. UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO Post Taliban: The Bad • Government has little control outside of Kabul • High unemployment • Security remains an issue • Poppy production has soared • Taliban Reintegration UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO

  39. LEGAL BRIEF • Presented by the Camp Pendleton Joint Legal Assistance Office Capt J. Marshall Moorhead

  40. Joint Legal Assistance Schedule Location: 22 area (Air Station). Building 22161. ATTORNEY WALK-IN HOURS TUES & THURS at 0700 Appointments are scheduled on Friday mornings at 0700 Wills/Powers of Attorney Class: Mon & Wed at 1300 Notary Hours: All normal business hours

  41. What We Will Cover In 25 Minutes Estate Planning Landlord/Tenant Best Practices Various Consumer Law issues Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Deployment Myths Scams that affect Servicemembers and their family members.

  42. Components of an Estate Plan Will Powers of Attorney. Living Will Advanced Healthcare Directive Probate Avoidance Measures/Trusts SGLI Advice PADD Death Gratuity

  43. Important Notes About Wills NOBODY CAN ORDER YOU TO GET A WILL! It has to be a VOLUNTARY document in order to be valid. Show me your last will and testament!

  44. What is a Will? Do you need one? • A will allows you to tell the world how to distribute your estate upon your death (where your stuff will go). • You may name an “executor” in your will. This person will actually execute the instructions in the will. • TWO CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T NEED A WILL! • You’re single, you have no kids, and you want all of your stuff to go to your parents in equal shares. • You’re married, you have no kids, and you want all of your stuff to go to your spouse.

  45. You might want a will if… • If you have kids.Very important to appoint Guardians and successors Guardians. * Remember, most biological parents will have superior rights to appointed Guardians. • Part ownership in a family farm or business • Independently wealthy

  46. You Don’t Need a Will If everything you own is pictured here, you don’t need a will.

  47. Powers of Attorney 3 Types • General Power of Attorney Unlimited discretion to your agent. Very risky. Pain in your future. • Special Power of Attorney Agent can only do specific things. Minimizes risk. Recommended! • Power of Attorney for the Care of Children

  48. Battle Damage Assessment Everything on this page was purchased using General POAs while the Marine was deployed…

  49. Powers of Attorney It is difficult if not impossible to revoke a power of attorney after you have given it! If you want to find out if a business will accept a power of attorney, contact them. - Banks, Credit Unions, Title Companies, etc. • Power of Attorney for the Care of Children • Is important if both biological parents are unavailable to act as a parent. • TEMPORARY responsibility over the child. Does not change any court-ordered custody. • You give this POA to a non-parent who is available in case of an emergency. Very important if you have kids.

  50. SGLI It is not paid automatically to your current spouse! Whoever is on your SGLI benficiary form will be paid your $400,000.* *You cannot put minor children on your SGLI beneficiary form without special language. Please fill out the SGLI form correctly…