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France 1814-48. The Restoration. The Restored Bourbons. Character of Louis XVIII – what kind of man was he? Good choice as King? The ‘100 Days’ What problems do you think he will face? What solutions can you offer him?. Louis XVIII. 59 years old, fat & walked with difficulty

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The restoration l.jpg

France 1814-48

The Restoration

The restored bourbons l.jpg
The Restored Bourbons

  • Character of Louis XVIII – what kind of man was he? Good choice as King?

  • The ‘100 Days’

  • What problems do you think he will face?

  • What solutions can you offer him?

Louis xviii l.jpg

  • 59 years old, fat & walked with difficulty

  • Dull and uninspiring but not without intelligence

  • Had been in exile for many years

  • Appalled by the Revolution

Support for louis l.jpg
Support for Louis?

  • Talleyrand worked hard to persuade Allies to restore Louis

  • “wanted for what he stood for rather than for what he really was”

  • Seen as the rightful king of France

What problems will he face l.jpg
What problems will he face?

  • Royalist dreams

    : Return of privileges and wealth

    : Not necessarily a return to pre-1789

    : Revenge for suffering in the Revolution

    : Wished for an end to warfare and economic dislocation

What problems will he face6 l.jpg
What problems will he face?

  • Republican fears

    : Return of landowners might lead to loss of land and freedoms

    : Restoration of Church?

    : Loss of status and political power

  • Threats from Bonapartists

  • War damaged France?

Early problems l.jpg
Early problems

  • Louis, the Army & the civil service

  • The 100 Days

  • 2nd Treaty of Paris

  • The Ultras & the White Terror

  • ‘La Chambre Introuvable’

Slide8 l.jpg


fragility of

Louis’ support

2nd Treaty of


What impact did the

100 Days have?

Severely damaged

policy of


The White Terror

2 nd treaty of paris l.jpg
2nd Treaty of Paris

1st Treaty of

Paris very

lenient & seen

as honourable


By 2nd Treaty

France had to

pay indemnity

& suffer army

of occupation

Would this make

life easier or

more difficult

for the new

King & his


Slide10 l.jpg

Extreme Royalists

Supported Divine


White Terror followed

2nd Restoration

The Ultras

‘La Chambre Introuvable”

:chance for counter-


Successes 1815 1820 l.jpg
Successes 1815-1820

  • Issued Charter – showed intentions

  • Chamber dissolved & franchise altered

  • More moderate assembly elected

  • Growing confidence in regime

  • Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle great success

  • Ultras thwarted

1820 1824 l.jpg

  • Murder of Duc de Berri huge blow

  • Richlieu recalled to government

  • Start of Ultra revival

  • Beginnings of Charbonnier movement

  • Ultras beginning to join the government

  • 4 sergeants of La Rochelle

  • 1823 Intervention in Spain

  • Death of Louis XVIII

Was louis a good choice as king l.jpg
Was Louis a good choice as King?

  • Made good attempt at reconciliation

  • “No great blunders had been made by Louis, but the slide away from moderate policies and towards extreme Royalism had already begun before Charles X officially became king.”

Accession of charles x l.jpg
Accession of Charles X

Dynasty seemed very secure

  • Support from both Chambers

  • Birth of new heir

  • Young 67

  • But not all was well!

Charles pays legal l.jpg
Charles & pays legal

  • Deeply distrusted by majority

  • PL = 100k allowed to vote

  • Only 15k of richest could be MP

  • Main concern was maintenance of power & position

  • Would challenge any return to despotism

Slide16 l.jpg







Attitude towards


Treatment of the


Political parties l.jpg
Political Parties




Charles parliament l.jpg

Jules de Polignac

Charles & Parliament

Strong position in 1824?

Polarisation of politics – loss of middle ground

Charles calls fresh elections 1827

Villele unpopular – Charles facing opposition from L & R






Growing support

for opposition

Charles x final days l.jpg
Charles X: Final Days

  • 1830 elections to be ‘managed’

  • Four Ordinances seen as direct challenge to the Charter

  • No action taken to prevent any possible action by opposition

  • ‘3 Glorious Days’ saw abdication in 1830