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The Restoration

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The Restoration. English Unit 1: Pt. 4 for McClurg’s DE 101 and AP 12. Restoration Outline. I: In Brief II: History III: Literature. Restoration: In Brief.

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the restoration

The Restoration

English Unit 1: Pt. 4 for McClurg’s DE 101 and AP 12

restoration outline
Restoration Outline

I: In Brief

II: History

III: Literature

restoration in brief
Restoration: In Brief

The Restoration is a time of relative peace, prosperity, and order. The monarchy and traditional ways return, but beneath this surface, new ways of thinking—scientific, logical, “enlightened”—are beginning to change England and the world.


1660: Restoration

1798: Lyrical Ballads

restoration history
Restoration: History

Charles II returns from France, bringing to the upper class:

  • Sophistication and splendor
  • Silks and laces
  • Elaborate wigs and jewels
  • Comedies of manners
restoration history1
Restoration: History

Charles II also

  • Appoints first official poet laureate (John Dryden)
  • Charters Royal Society
  • Re-establishes Anglicanism as state religion
restoration history2
Restoration: History
  • Tories: mostly aristocrats who support royal authority
  • Whigs: financiers and merchants who want to limit royal authority
restoration history3
Restoration: History
  • Glorious Revolution (1688)

William and Mary of Orange come to the throne after Parliament forces James II to abdicate. This is a peaceful “revolution” and Parliament limits royal authority again.

The next year Parliament passes the English Bill of Rights.

restoration history4
Restoration: History
  • 1714
  • George I of the House of Hanover
  • No English!
  • Robert Walpole becomes Prime Minister
restoration history5
Restoration: History
  • Age of Reason or Enlightenment
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Scientific method
  • Natural laws and philosophy, economics, government, etc.
  • John Locke rejects “divine right of kings”
restoration history6
Restoration: History
  • Coffee houses
  • Salons and “bluestockings”
  • Journalism
restoration literature
Restoration: Literature
  • England’s first novel: Robinson Crusoe (1719)
  • By Daniel DeFoe
  • English’s first dictionary by Samuel Johnson (1755)
restoration history7
Restoration: History
  • Neoclassical or Augustan Age (First Half of 18th C.)
  • Satire
  • Horatian Satire: light, playful
  • Juvenalian Satire: dark, biting
restoration literature1
Restoration: Literature
  • Age of Johnson (Second Half of 18th C.)
  • Samuel Johnson
  • Poet, critic, journalist, essayist, scholar, lexicographer, etc.
restoration literature2
Restoration: Literature
  • AphraBehn: first woman in England to make a living as a writer
  • Mary Wollstonecraft: A Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792)
restoration literature3
Restoration: Literature

Late 18th C. writers leading into Romanticism:

  • Thomas Gray (“Elegy Written in a Church Courtyard”)
  • Oliver Goldsmith
  • Robert Burns (“My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose” and “Auld Lang Syne”)

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