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Overview. Highlight for HIB In-service. A school-based overview related to NJSA: 18A, 37-15 (3)(b)(3) In-service presentation, 9/2/08 John C. Lestino, MA District School Psychologist Edgewater Park Schools. Three Sound Bites to Remember.

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Highlight for HIB



A school-based overviewrelated toNJSA: 18A, 37-15 (3)(b)(3)

In-service presentation, 9/2/08

John C. Lestino, MA

District School Psychologist

Edgewater Park Schools

three sound bites to remember
Three Sound Bites to Remember
  • School Climate is most important factor affecting nature and extent of bullying in school.
  • Bystanders play crucial role in dynamics of bullying behavior.
  • Committed Coordinating Committee is most important feature of a bullying prevention program:
    • spearheads the effort
    • maintains momentum
    • keeps issue on front burner
two ways in which power is determined in social groups

Resource-holding potential

Toughest wins the most fights


Power determined by social attention

Achieve status by showing talent, being knowledgeable and/ or attractiveness

Two Ways in Which Power Is Determined in Social Groups
social development in early and mid adolescence
Social Development In Early and Mid-Adolescence
  • Increased importance of peer relationships
    • Look to peers for guidance on behavior and affirmation of individual worth
  • Development of young person’s racial, ethnic, religious, sexual/gender identity
    • May lead to hostility toward those who are “different”…i.e. so called non-normative…
  • Important period of social development
    • Behavior patterns learned during this time usually persist
  • Gay Teen's Killing Labeled a Hate Crime
  • By REBECCA CATHCART, The New York Times
  • Posted: 2008-02-23 17:20:18
  • Filed Under: Nation News
it s the law http www njleg state nj us 2000 bills s2500 2408 i1 htm
It’s the law…http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2000/Bills/S2500/2408_I1.HTM
njsa 18a 37 15 3 b 3 or the 10 commandments plus 1
NJSA: 18A, 37-15 (3)(b)(3) or “The 10 Commandmentsplus, 1…”

1.   Prohibition

2.   Definition

3.   Description

4.   Consequences5.   Procedure(s)6.   Principal/Promptness7.   Range of Responses8.   Prohibition of Reprisals9.   Falsely Accused

10. Policy Publication11. Employee Training

a definition of harassment intimidation and bullying
A Definition of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying…

“Harassment, intimidation or bullying” means any gesture or written, verbal or physical act that takes place on school property, at any school-sponsored function or on a school bus and that…

  • is motivated by any actual or perceived characteristic, such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or a mental, physical or sensory disability; or
  • by any other distinguishing characteristic; and
  • a reasonable person should know, under the circumstances, that the act(s) will have the effect of harming a student or damaging the student’s property; or
  • has the effect of insulting or demeaning any student or group of students in such a way as to cause substantial disruption in, or substantial interference with, the orderly operation of the school…
unified discipline white 1996
Unified Discipline (White, 1996)
  • Clearly described school and classroom rules
  • Similar and consistent correction procedures when students misbehave
  • Roles and responsibilities are described for all school personnel

Doll, et al.

social and emotional learning
Social and Emotional Learning

CASEL: Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning

cyber bullying

Cyber Bullying

Frank J. Epifanio, PhD, NCSP

Rowan University

Special thanks…. For the excerpts on cyber-bullying adapted from:

Dr. Frank Epifanio…Rowan University, NASP, 2008


verbal bullying
Verbal Bullying
  • Name calling, teasing, insults
  • Often considered part of a normal stage of development
  • Teachers may not be sensitive to this type of bullying (Bauman, 2005)
  • Can easily escalate to physical bullying


relational bullying
Relational Bullying
  • Can also be considered indirect verbal bullying
                  • (Raskauskas& Stolz, 2007)
  • Involves rumors or exclusion from a social group
  • Relational bullying found its home online via emails, instant messages, web pages, and blogs


cyber bullying1
Cyber bullying
  • Cyber bullying is a form of relational aggression (bullying) that causes fear, isolation, and humiliation among its victims


effects of bullying
Effects of bullying

Research has shown that bullying can seriously affect the mental and physical health of children and has a deleterious effect on their academic work.



Children who are bullied are more likely than non-bullied children to suffer from anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem

  • Victims are also more likely than their age-mates to think about taking their own lives



Preliminary research indicates that victims of cyber bullying experience the same mental health risks as victims of school yard bullying


cyber bullying2
Cyber Bullying
  • Adolescents are “digital natives”
    • They have been “weaned” on the internet
  • Teachers, parents, and school administrators are “digital immigrants”
    • They are striving to keep up with advances in technology
                  • Raskauskas & Stolz, 2007


  • Teenagers are adept at manipulating photos and posting them online
  • With camera phones and camera videos they are able to take pictures of fellow students in various situations – lavatories, locker rooms, etc.


cyber bullying modalities
Cyber bullying modalities
  • Instant Messaging (IMs)
  • Electronic Mail
  • Text Messaging (SMS)
  • Social Networking Sites



Chat Rooms


Web Sites

Internet Gaming


methods of cyber bullying
Methods of Cyber Bullying
  • Flaming
  • Harassment
  • Denigration
  • Impersonation





Cyber stalking



School wide prevention programs are critical and this prevention needs to infused throughout the curriculum.

Cyber bullying and bullying prevention need to be part of the district’s character education program

Cyber safety also needs to be taught at every level of technology training for students and staff


cyber safety
Cyber Safety
  • Teach kids to use the save feature
    • Save the evidence
      • Print copies of messages and websites
      • Use the save feature instant messages


cyber safety1
Cyber Safety
  • Teach kids to use the blocking feature
    • Ignore, delete, or block the sender
    • Most e-mail, instant message programs, and cells phones have blocking features
      • Blocking may not solve the problem – many kids are tech savvy and are able to set up proxy servers to bypass blocks.


cyber safety2
Cyber Safety
  • Web spaces usually have a link to report to a moderator
    • The link for reporting cyber bullying can usually be found on the help menu of most websites
      • For example My Space has a help center on its site that provides a link for reporting offensive or threatening content


cyber safety3
Cyber Safety
  • Report cyber bullying to police if cyber bullying contains threats, intimidation, or exploitation
              • Agaston, 2007


cyber safety4
Cyber Safety

Students need to know that they can tell a trusted adult.

Many students do not believe that adults will be helpful and they fear retribution if it get out that they “ratted”

Set up a system so that bystanders can anonymously alert adults if they believe a fellow student is being targeted by a cyber bully

Agaston, 2007



Research shows that bystanders often do nothing to help but when they do help it makes a difference

              • Agaston, 2007


hib consultation highway
HIB ‘consultation highway’
  •  Confirm discussion with your building principal and/or designee.
  •  Be prompt.
  •  Relay your perspective of why you are requesting a HIB consultation.
  •  Discuss your concerns with the parent(s).
  •  Report on-going progress or concerns.
  •  Review appropriate classroom procedures, discussion, and/or consultation strategies, interventions, and/or techniques.
  •  Inform other appropriate school staff in a timely fashion….e.g. Grade-level colleague(s), counselor(s), school nurse, CST, other staff…