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  1. Present participle Past Participle Verb boring bored bore exciting excited excite interesting interested interest shocking shocked.. shock

  2. Developing countries Developed countries Boiling water Boiled water

  3. SOME EXAMPLES Turkey is a developing country. The USA and England are developed countries. There is some boiled water in the fridge. You should put macaroni into boiling water..

  4. Jane’s job is boring. MORE EXAMPLES Jane’s bored (with her job). Julia thinks politics is very interesting. Julia is very interested in politics. The news was shocking. We were shocked when we heard the news..

  5. Choose the correct word Are you ( interested, interesting ) in football? He’s one of the most (boring, bored) people I’ve ever met. The film was (disappointing disappointed)..

  6. She had a (tired, tiring) day. We were all very (worrying, worried) when he didn’t come home..

  7. = TRANSLATE = 1) Ağlayan çocuk annesini arıyor. The crying child is looking for her mother. 2) A rolling stone gathers no moss. Yuvarlanan taş yosun tutmaz. 3) The broken chair is in the kitchen. Kırık sandalye mutfakta..

  8. Comparative and superlative adjectives For short adjectives we use -er for the comparative and -est for the superlative. Adjective Comparative Superlative small smaller smallest cheap cheaper cheapest young younger youngest longer longest.. long

  9. For adjectives of three or more syllables we use more for the comparative and most for the superlative 1 Adjective Comparative Superlative Expensive ex-pen-sive More expensive Most expensive More interesting Most interesting Interesting in-ter-est-ing ..

  10. 2 For two - syllable adjectives ending in a consonant +y, change the -y to -i and add -er and -est. 3 A few other two syllable adjectives also take -er and -est..

  11. EXAMPLES funny (fun-ny) funnier funniest easy (eas-y) easier easiest clever (clev-er) cleverer cleverest..

  12. Most other two syllable adjectives take more and most Boring (bor-ing) More boring Most boring Modern (mod-ern) More modern Most modern..

  13. Some two syllable adjectives can take either -er /-est or more/most Polite (po-lite) Politer / more polite Politest / most polite Common com-mon Commoner / more common Commonest / most common ..

  14. Irregular comparatives and superlatives adjective comparative superlative better best good bad worse worst farther / further farthest /furthest far least little less more most.. much/many

  15. HERE IS SOME EXAMPLES The Amazon is longer than the Mississippi. Good health is more important than money. The Nile is the longest river in the world. Who is the best footballer in Europe? He is one of the most stupid people I know. I think that was one of the worst days of my life..

  16. as ....... as Ali is as old as Veli. Istanbul is as beautiful as New York. Ali is not as fat as Veli. Ankara is not as crowded as Istanbul..

  17. Translate the followings into Turkish. 1)Ayşe is more beautiful than her mother. Ayşe annesinden daha güzeldir. 2)Ali speaks English bettter than his friends. Ali İngilizce’yi arkadaşlarından daha iyi konuşur. 3)It’s not as cold today as yesterday. Bugün hava dünkü kadar soğuk değil. 4)English is not as difficult as Chinese.. İngilizce Çince kadar zor değildir..

  18. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the adjectives given in the brackets. most important 1)It’s the .............. victory of his career. Now everyone agrees that he’s the ........ player in the world. (important - good) best younger 2)He’s ............ than his sister. She’s the ............... in the family. (old - young) oldest cheaper 3)The new machine is ................ than the old one.. (cheap)