Thinking about manifest destiny
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Thinking about Manifest Destiny - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thinking about Manifest Destiny. SIGHT. S S can for important details I I dentify the issue G G uess the artist’s intent or message H H ear the voices T T alk about interpretations. John Gast , 1872. S can for important details. I dentify the issue. What is happening?.

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Thinking about manifest destiny
Thinking about Manifest Destiny


SScan for important details

IIdentify the issue

GGuess the artist’s intent or message

HHear the voices

TTalk about interpretations

John gast 1872
John Gast, 1872

S can for important details
Scan for important details

I dentify the issue
Identify the issue

Thinking about manifest destiny

Guess the artist/author’s intent or message

Thinking about manifest destiny

Hear the voices

What do you think the people at the left might be saying?

What do you think the people on the right might be saying?

Thinking about manifest destiny

How might their thoughts be the same as or different from those of the other people in the painting?

T alk about interpretations
T those of the other people in the painting?alk about interpretations

What does American Progress tell us about Manifest Destiny?