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Once upon a time… PowerPoint Presentation
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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…

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Once upon a time…

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  1. Once upon a time… Some universities were asked to take on a new and very important education initiative, homeland security education.

  2. The universities were willing to ride forth and conquer this initiative… But there were no new funds.

  3. From this situation, an idea was born: IHSEA The Illinois Homeland Security Education Alliance A consortium of Illinois public universities to collaborate in offering homeland security education.

  4. IHSEA Northern Illinois University & Western Illinois University have received HECA funding to initiate the work of IHSEA

  5. The concept of IHSEA grew out of the need to address homeland security with limited resources. IL Public University 1 IL Public University 2 We don’t have the resources to teach course X that our students need. We have the resources for course X but not for course Y. Funny thing, we’re already teaching course Y! IL Public University 3 Maybe we could all share! IHSEA

  6. Distant University The basic idea of IHSEA: I’m teaching HLS 301 this term. I’m taking HLS 301 on line this term. Home University The student registers on the home campus, pays tuition and fees there, takes the course online, and receives the grade on the home university transcript. IHSEA

  7. Who is involved in IHSEA? All Illinois public universities can participate in the Alliance. IHSEA

  8. How IHSEA works: University leadership makes the commitment Faculty determine the curriculum and teach the shared courses. Operations staff make the sharing work IHSEA

  9. Members of the leadership team commit their universities. This is a good idea for us. Let’s make it happen. IHSEA

  10. The leadership team member appoints operations team members from the university staff. Provost at IL A U Dean at IL B U Assoc Provost At IL C U Dean at IL D U Assoc Provost At IL F U Provost at IL E U IHSEA

  11. The operations teams work out the technical challenges. Financial Officers Information Technologists Registrars How are we going to manage student records? What will be the price for the course? Will our teaching platforms be compatible? and more. IHSEA

  12. Once the Leaders agree…. And the operations team makes it possible… • The 3 big academic steps begin: • Identifying courses & programs • Accepting courses & clearing the way • Offering the courses & programs IHSEA

  13. Faculty To Do List • Define breadth homeland security education. • Compare content in certificates, degrees & syllabi. • Identify needs • Explore sharing possibilities • Make curricular changes as needed at each university. • Decide best means to offer • Determine schedule • Offer course • Evaluate course & process IHSEA

  14. How does the financial end work? Students pay an agreed upon price for any shared course. This income is divided among the offering university, the student’s home university, and the Alliance. IHSEA

  15. IHSEA • A HECA Grant supports the development of IHSEA: • NIU, lead university, & WIU, partner university. • renewable for two additional years. • seeks to establish partnerships among Illinois public universities. IHSEA

  16. Outcomes sought by the Alliance • Phase 1 • identification of needs • shared courses • communication systems, including webpage • clearinghouse • IL HS network conferencesfor those seeking r & d funding Phase 2 adds collaborative programs, certificates, or degrees. Phase 3 adapts the model for other uses. IHSEA

  17. What does the grant pay for this year? • State coordinator, quarter time • Small stipends and travel for faculty attending meetings during the summer • Meeting costs • Website development and maintenance • Statewide HS inventory • IL HS network conferences • Software for handling student data • Marketing and printing • Audit • Outside evaluator IHSEA

  18. Dear Allie, My university is interested in this new Alliance but we don’t feel ready to be actively involved now. What should we do? Wondering in Illinois Dear Wondering, Not all participating universities have to be at the same stage of participation. It is fine to be a less active participant until your university is ready. I would advise that you continue to meet with the group and help make the decisions that will shape the Alliance. This is especially important for faculty and operators. And, come to think of it, for leaders as well. Good luck, Allie IHSEA

  19. IHSEA Questions? For more information go to: ESP 4/12/2007