opening doors on lifelong learning n.
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Opening Doors on Lifelong Learning

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Opening Doors on Lifelong Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Opening Doors on Lifelong Learning. Using locations outside the classroom Using industry and professional experts that are passionate about their field of work Real learning linked to employment skills, leisure interests positive citizenship. Purposes of Education.

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Opening Doors on Lifelong Learning

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opening doors on lifelong learning
Opening Doors on Lifelong Learning
  • Using locations outside the classroom
  • Using industry and professional experts that are passionate about their field of work
  • Real learning linked to employment skills, leisure interests positive citizenship
purposes of education
Purposes of Education
  • Dylan Williams says there are 4 purposes:
  • 1) Personal empowerment
  • 2) Cultural transmission
  • 3) Preparation for citizenship
  • 4) Preparation for work
  • Work is changing so fast that this is most important to all educators
predicting the future
Predicting the future
  • We are preparing student for a world that we cannot imagine
  • Eg. Encarta project died but Wikipedia survived against all logic
  • We need to prepare young people to react intelligently when they are not prepared for it
  • What they need to know has not been discovered yet
pedagogy to prepare for the unexpected bill lucas
Pedagogy to prepare for the unexpected (Bill Lucas)
  • What kind of life are we preparing students for?
  • Authentic (rather than contrived), questioning(rather than certain), extended learning (rather than bell-bound), workshop (rather than classroom), group (rather than
  • individual), assessment visible (rather than hidden)
ideas for possible joint working or sharing
Ideas for possible joint working or sharing
  • Open Badges from Mozilla
  • Use to create a framework that matches project aims
  • Comenius badge created by us for students digital e-portfolio
  • Existing one include Sports Reporter in 3 areas: Journalist, Coach and Producer
  • With 3 levels Bronze, Silver and Gold
other ideas for lifelong learning validation
Other ideas for lifelong learning validation
  • IGGY from Warwick University
  • A gifted and talented programme for individuals to access other like-minded students in specialist areas on interest It is a new social networking site for 13+
  • Arts Award Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze, Silver, Gold
common standards for hosting

Common Standards for Hosting

Comenius Project 2012-14

visits to schools
Visits to Schools
  • From Thurs 6th December to Tues 11th December for Augsburg, Germany
  • From 2nd May to 7th May 2013 for Murcia, Spain
  • Mid October 2013 to Bourges, France (Festival international du film écologique)
  • End November/ beginning December 2013 to Helsingør, Denmark
  • Early May 2014 to Cornwall UK
comenius project principles
Comenius Project Principles
  • A minimum of 3 students per school on each trip (Minimum of 24 mobilities per school over project)
  • If a school wishes to bring more, this should be a mutual and reciprocal arrangement with the host country and the decision remains with the host country.
student ambassador selection
Student Ambassador Selection
  • School invites applications from students who are age 13 +
  • They must be interested in learning beyond the normal curriculum and classroom
  • They must be studying a foreign language and have a working knowledge of English
  • They should have good social skills including independent research skills and team work
  • They must have an interest and enthusiasm for other cultures and an ability to appreciate difference
pre hosting planning
Pre-Hosting Planning
  • Every effort should be made to match the students with gender, age and interests in mind
  • A common application form should be used across the project to enable good matching to take place
  • Students are encouraged to contact their host family/student at least one week before visiting
  • All students to bring a typical regional gift for the host family to the value of no more than 10 Euros
pre hosting planning cont
Pre Hosting Planning(cont)
  • Check and/or bring health insurance
  • Check passports/ID details are in date
  • Check all homework/assignments are complete
hosting obligations
Hosting Obligations
  • All students involved in the project should agree to host at least one student from a partner Comenius school
  • Hosts must provide food and drink for the duration of the stay this should include breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as drinks/snacks for the duration of the stay
  • All families are expected make an effort to show the visitor the local attractions and ensure young peoples’ safety at all times
transport standards
Transport Standards
  • All transport costs are provided for by the host school from the arrival in the host school
  • The host school will arrange the transfer from the airport to the host school but will not incur the cost
visit arrangements
Visit Arrangements
  • Host country to distribute a preliminary programme for the visit one month in advance, and a detailed programme one week before
  • To include:
  • Times
  • Locations
  • Activities
  • Avoid arriving early/late for the programme
transport arrangements
Transport Arrangements
  • Murcia, Spain
  • Alicante or Murcia airport. Connection by bus
  • Arrive on 2nd May by 1700 (To be confirmed:);
  • Departure on 7th May
  • The school will meet the party at the bus station
transport arrangements1
Transport Arrangements
  • Bourges, France
  • Paris, Orly or Roissy CDG
  • RER Train to Paris and change for Bourges
  • The visitors will be met at the train station
transport arrangements2
Transport Arrangements
  • Denmark
  • Copenhagen Airport
  • Train from airport to Helsingør
  • Pick you up from airport
  • Arrive on 28th Novemberby 1700 (To be confirmed:);
  • Departure on 3rd December
transport arrangements3
Transport Arrangements
  • UK
  • Best to fly to London Gatwick (Air Southwest or Flybe) then fly to Newquay (MBA can collect you from Newquay) OR
  • London to Penzance direct by train via London Paddington or coach via London Victoria
  • Cheapest and most practical transfer is from London by taxi.
  • Dates to be confirmed
food and drink standards
Food and Drink Standards
  • Students food and drink will be provided by the host family or school this includes breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Staff food and drink
  • Breakfast and lunch paid for by guests
  • Welcome Party/Banquet (staff only) and Farewell Feast provided by host school including plates of food from the families
  • All soft and alcohlic drinks paid for by individuals
visits and trips standards
Visits and Trips Standards
  • The host school will pay for all visits and trips
  • The first day of the project is travel
  • One day or two half-days is “down-time”
  • Three days are for working on the project
  • The last day is for travelling home
managing project meetings
Managing project meetings
  • The agenda should clarify whether the item is a discussion / a decision / an action point
  • All action points should be SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related) and designate the person responsible
  • Germany: Complete commonapplication and student details form, by the end of November
  • UK???
  • Spain???
  • France???
  • Denmark???

The website is needed to provide an evidence base for the final report

Sam will set up a Facebook page for the project to communicate.

There will be a moderator from each country who can upload photos.

Germany: Udo

Denmark: Helle

Spain: Antonio

France: Lenny

Cornwall: Sam

email group
Email group

Here are all your email addresses: (Countries in alphabetical order)

Cornwall: not UK ;-)

email group1
Email group

Here are all your email addresses:


email group2
Email group

Here are all your email addresses:


email group3
Email group

Here are all your email addresses:


email group4
Email group

Here are all your email addresses:


what makes our school unique
What makes our school unique
  • France:
  • UNESCO school
  • Programme with India – reciprocal exchange
  • Parenthèse – student “time-out” programme
what makes our school unique1
What makes our school unique
  • Spain
  • Student mediation programme
  • Debate project with a University
  • Extra curricular programme run by volunteer staff
  • School improvement programme with other schools
what makes our school unique2
What makes our school unique
  • Denmark
  • 205 pupils and 25 teachers and 5 pedagogues
  • 3-week projects – 50% lesson time and 50% project time as a Free School not bound to a curriculum
  • All students aged from 6-17 work together on these projects
  • No bells
what makes our school unique3
What makes our school unique
  • Germany
  • Projects with Kulturpark West
  • Arts projects with industry experts
  • School exchanges with several partners with incorporated learning experiences.
what makes our school unique4
What makes our school unique
  • Cornwall
  • Arts Award programme
  • Teams of industry experts – non teachers
  • Student teams who are skilled in media
  • Radio and TV channel, outside broadcast van
  • All staff and students have ipads
  • Improving Teachers Programme – learning from each other
managing project meetings1
Managing project meetings
  • The host country will chair project meetings in their own country
  • The host country will delegate a secretary to record meeting action points and agreements.
  • The host country will be the time-keeper of the meetings and the breaks.
good work team
Good work, team!!!!

We look forward to seeing you all in Murcia.

Hasta la vista!!!!!!