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Remote Desktop Protocol

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Remote Desktop Protocol - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Remote Desktop Protocol. Remote Desktop Protocol ( RDP ) is a multi-channel protocol that allows a user to connect to a computer running Microsoft Terminal Services . Clients exist for most versions of Windows, and other operating systems such as Linux , FreeBSD , and Mac OS X .

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Presentation Transcript
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a multi-channel protocol that allows a user to connect to a computer running MicrosoftTerminal Services.
    • Clients exist for most versions of Windows, and other operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X.
    • The server listens by default on TCP port 3389.
  • Based on the ITUT.share protocol (also known as T.128), the first version of RDP (called version 4.0) was introduced with Terminal Services in Windows NT 4.0 Server, Terminal Server Edition.
    • Version 5.0, introduced with Windows 2000 Server, added support for a number of features, including printing to local printers, and aimed to improve network bandwidth usage.
    • Version 5.1, introduced with Windows XP Professional, included support for 24-bit color and sound.
    • Version 5.2, introduced with Windows Server 2003, included support for console mode connections, a session directory, and local resource mapping.
    • Version 6.0, which will be introduced with Windows Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn", will include a significant number of new features.
  • 24-bit color support, giving a palette of 16.7 million colors. (8-, 15-, and 16-bit color are also supported.)
  • 128-bit encryption, using the RC4 encryption algorithm. (This is the default security; older clients may use encryption of lesser strength.)
  • Audio allows users to run an audio program on the remote desktop and have the sound redirected to their local computer.
  • File System Redirection allows users to use their local fileson a remote desktop within the terminal session.
  • Printer Redirection allows users to use their local printer within the terminal session as they would with a locally or network shared printer.
  • Port Redirection allows applications running within the terminal session to access local serial and parallel ports directly.
  • The clipboard can be shared between the remote computer and the local computer.
upcoming features in rdp 6 0
Upcoming features in RDP 6.0
  • Remote Programs: Application publishing with client-side file type associations.
  • Seamless Windows: Remote applications can run on a client machine that are served by a Remote Desktop connection.
  • Terminal Server Gateway:
    • Enables the ability to use a front-end IIS server to accept connections for back-end Terminal Services servers via an HTTPS connection, similar to how RPC over HTTPS allows Outlook clients to connect to a back-end Exchange 2003 server.
  • Support for remoting of Avalon/WinFX applications:
    • Clients that have Avalon/WinFX support will be able to display full Avalon effects on a local machine.
  • Rewrite of device redirection to be more general-purpose, allowing a greater variety of devices to be remoted.
  • All of Terminal Services will be fully configurable and scriptable via WMI.
  • Bandwidth tuning for RDP clients.
other products
Other products
  • Provision Networks
  • Citrix MetaFrame
  • Independent Computing Architecture
  • Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
  • NX technology
  • rdesktop - free open source client for Unix platforms
third party products
Third-party products
  • Thinstuff Touch Linux RDP and terminalserver solution - World's first commercial RDP server for Linux
  • iShadow Desktop - Multi-monitor, multi-protocol, multi-session tool for ICA, RDP and VNC connectivity.
  • 2X SecureRDP - Free tool to filter incoming RDP connections on terminal services
  • Microsoft RDP Man in the Middle Vulnerability - Article detailing Man in the middle attacks against Remote Desktop Protocol
  • properJavaRDP - free open source client in Java
  • xrdp - free open source prototype RDP server for Unix platforms, based on the VNC libraries