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Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Architecture and Improvements

Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Architecture and Improvements . Nelly Porter Principal Group Program Manager Remote Desktop Virtualization Team, Microsoft Session Code: VIR305. Experience RDP7 Architecture and Enhancements Agenda. RDP Technology Overview

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Architecture and Improvements

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  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Architecture and Improvements Nelly Porter Principal Group Program Manager Remote Desktop Virtualization Team, Microsoft Session Code: VIR305

  2. Experience RDP7 Architecture and EnhancementsAgenda • RDP Technology Overview • Win7 and WS2008 R2 RDP7 Key Investments • RDP Performance • What is coming next?

  3. Why do we care? • We are part of every 5th human being work life

  4. The single largest security risk … 81%

  5. Remote Desktop Charter • Close the experience gap between Local and Remote

  6. Key Investments in RDP 7 Rich Multimedia and Audio Multiple monitors RDP 7 Enhanced 3D Graphics Performance Improvements

  7. Experience Improvements AeroGlass and Direct3D applications remoting • Complete support for Aero Glass on Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 • Fully utilized in Windows 7 User Interface • Especially important for Virtualized Desktops (VDI) • Direct3D App Remoting • DX9 applications rendered using GPU on the server • DX10/DX11 applications can use DX9 capable hw • Support for D2D applications, new in Windows 7

  8. Rich Multimedia and AudioTwo-Way Audio and Media Remoting • Bi-Directional Audio • Audio input added to current audio output features • Reduced latency feature for better AV sync • Full Redirection of Media Foundation and DirectShow on supported apps • Video bit stream sent to client for decompression • Nearly no CPU usage on server • Full fidelity, bandwidth permitting • Currently supported on Windows Media Player, third party apps available on opt-in basis

  9. Video Playback CPU

  10. Video Playback Network

  11. Experience ImprovementsMultimonitor Support

  12. demo Full-Fidelity Remote HD Media Playback and Aero

  13. Configuring User ExperienceRole Install Screen: Remote Desktop Session Host

  14. Configuring User Experience • Server Configuration tool • “Remote Desktop Session • Host Configuration”

  15. demo What about DX9, Silverlight, and Flash?

  16. RDP PerformanceBulk Compression • A brute-force approach • 1600 by 1200 desktop would require 1600x1200@32bpp@15fps = 0.92 Gbps • Bulk compression • Applied for all data, not just graphics • Four choices controlled by server group policy • RDP WAN Acceleration solutions • In addition, compress across sessions/VMs • Compress on bytes level

  17. RDP PerformanceOffice And LOB Application

  18. RDP Graphics Intensive Performance

  19. Tuning RDP PerformanceFlow Control • By default graphics uses 70% bandwidth • Can be configured via registry • Disable flow control • Display bandwidth % • Other data bandwidth % • Flow control post or pre compression

  20. Graphics Remoting Landscape GDI Applications Word Desktop Windows Manager D3D Applications Flash Windows Media Player Silverlight GDI32.dll Millcore.dll GDI32.dll (bitmaps) GDI32.dll (bitmaps) GDI32.dll (bitmaps) RDPMF.DLL RDS Dynamic Virtual Channels User Kernel Win32k.dll RDPDD.dll TERMDD.sys RDPWD.sys TCPIP.sys

  21. RDP PerformanceBitmap Compression RDPDD.dll Tile 64x64 pixels Split color planes to A,RGB Transform color space to A, Y, Co, Cg Classify : Bitmap or Text Bitmap: Subsample chroma (CoCg) Text: Skip Subsampling Compress all planes RDPWD.sys Bulk Compress all tiles

  22. demo RDP7 : looking under the hood

  23. Next Steps and Relevant trends … • VM isolation finally enables full desktop centralization • Infrastructure • Faster networks and edge compute node • Processors shifts from clock speed to massive parallelism • Increased diversity of client devices • Graphics related trends • Graphics Richness Increasing: Media, 3D UI, Video, Animations, Flash, Silverlight • Fragmentation of Graphics Stacks Increasing

  24. Heavy Investments in RDP

  25. question & answer

  26. Related Content • Breakout Sessions • VIR205- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): Microsoft's Technology Offering • VIR307 - Windows 2008 R2: Remote Desktop Services: VDI - RD Connection Broker, RD Virtualization Host Drilldown • Additional Resources: • RDV team blog ( a.k.a. TS Blog) • RDP Performance White Paper

  27. Resources • www.microsoft.com/teched Sessions On-Demand & Community • www.microsoft.com/learning • Microsoft Certification & Training Resources • http://microsoft.com/technet • Resources for IT Professionals • http://microsoft.com/msdn Resources for Developers www.microsoft.com/learning Microsoft Certification and Training Resources

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