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Remote Desktop Management

Remote Desktop Management. Source Mark Gibbs from networld.com Presented by: Remote Management Chris Cornette. MOTIVATION.

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Remote Desktop Management

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  1. Remote Desktop Management Source Mark Gibbs from networld.com Presented by: Remote Management Chris Cornette

  2. MOTIVATION • The reason that I have decided to add remote desktop management to our systems is to watch what students and faculty are doing along with being able to easily update the systems • One of the reasons for adding this was to stop students and faculty from getting on sites where they don’t belong.

  3. Motivation • Another reason is because it could get viruses, wasting time when they are supposed to be working. It’s also a fast and easy way to update all the computers that you have in your network. Along with fixing the server to be able to push these things out on network such as Windows 7

  4. INTRODUCTION • People have been abusing their privileges with the computers that are at their disposal. • I found a lot of technical research that helped me reach our conclusions • I listed the pros and cons that were found about the software • Installing VNC Skeep was the main solution to the problems that he was having. • The other was fixing the server along with imaging a computer

  5. TECHNICAL RESEARCH • I looked online and used the Google search engine and EKU libraries site for information about remote desktop management. • One of the articles we found had pros and cons about using remote desktop management • It also helped that the school I used to work at was using this and deploying this on their system.

  6. PROS & CONS PROS CONS • Very helpful • Innovative features for classroom • Help desk could use the software easily to watch the network and help the client. • Editing client permissions does not work as documentation states. • Buggy OS X-client installation • May have to update often to keep the system working well over the network

  7. PROBLEM STATEMENT • There have been faculty and students getting on sites and playing games that are inappropriate. • The time it would take for people to have to update these computers and don’t know how to would be a problem for the IT department when instead they could easily update it themselves

  8. Problem Statement Cont’d • The server needed to built from scratch and turned into a windows deployment system for the network. • A computer needed to be re imaged and I used the server we fixed to do so.

  9. ASSUMPTIONS • I needed to download a remote management software for the computers he had in his network. • The product would work and it would make their job easier.

  10. PROPOSED SOLUTIONS • This is the process that he would’ve used to arrive at his conclusion. • Brainstorming • Proposed solution with justification • Arranging for software/hardware • Testing and troubleshooting • Verifying results

  11. BRAINSTORMING • I believe that going into this process was what could help the school be more effective and not have to go and update computers along with watch what people are doing while using the computer. • The reason that I specifically choose the remote management ideas was because it solved most of his issues with one solution.

  12. SOFTWARE/HARDWARE • The software I choose was VNC Skeep that would allow me to view all the systems that had the software downloaded to it that he wanted. • VNC Skeep is a Network Administration tool that allows you to remotely manage all of your desktops and servers from a single location.

  13. Testing and troubleshooting • The process for downloading the software and getting it to work was flawless. • The only complaint - trying to read the information about VNC Skeep was difficult but I managed to get it done as best as I could.

  14. RESULTS • Less problems with inappropriate Internet use occurred. • Installing updates and fixing bugs were completed faster. • The Windows deployment server worked well along with the computer was able to get imaged • Able to take over a computer succesfully

  15. VERIFYING RESULTS • After I installed the VNC Skeep, the school caught faculty and students misusing their computers and were punished. • Due to this installation, reports of misusing the Internet became a rare occurrence. • Some bugs fixes and update installation were completed faster.

  16. CONCLUSION • It let me get a feel for what the software could do, along with being able to take a server from scratch and build it and it was successfully built. • It also let me load software along with being able to image a computer and then taking it over with no problems.

  17. FUTURE WORK • Will be adding it to the entire school system’s network. • Any Questions? • christopher_corne43@mymail.eku.edu

  18. REFERENCES • References: ANFIBIA UNVEILS DESKTOP ORBITOR 2.1 REMOTE SECURITY. (2003). Computer Security Update, 1. • References: B. Z., G. G. (2007). LogMeinHamachi. (Cover story). PC Magazine, 26(4), 70. • Gibbs, M. (2009). Managing remote desktop management . Retrieved from http://www.networkworld.com/columnists/2009/091409- gearhead.html?page=2 • Vncscan enterprise network manager for vnc and rdp. Retrieved from http://www.bozteck.com/vncscan/

  19. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS • The people that I have to thank for letting me do all this work is: • Owen County School’s • Jack Duncan • Naomi Cornette

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