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Popular Trends in Library Media:

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Popular Trends in Library Media: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Popular Trends in Library Media:. Censorship Graphic Novels Street Literature. ISTC 615 Sarah Scholl Kaitlin Bryant Katie Dutton. Introduction Discussion. Censorship. Graphic novels. What are graphic novels? KWL. childlitbookclub.blogspot.com. forbiddenplanet.co.uk.

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popular trends in library media

Popular Trends in Library Media:


Graphic Novels

Street Literature

ISTC 615

Sarah Scholl

Kaitlin Bryant

Katie Dutton

what are graphic novels kwl
What are graphic novels? KWL





basic definitions
Basic Definitions

Graphic Novels

Manga or Anime

“Shakespearean quality”

Japanese comics


Sailor Moon

Dragonball Z


  • Graphic = In Pictures
  • Longer
  • Bound in book form
  • For kids or adults
  • Series or Individual


graphic novels are great for
Graphic Novels are Great For:
  • Addressing Multiple Intelligences
  • Students incapable of visualization
    • Helps create visual images that contribute to comprehension
  • Reluctant readers
    • Helps with constructing meaning
  • Visually dependent students
    • Develops visual literacy

Develop Visual Literacy

  • Analyze facial expressions
  • Build plot in their minds
  • Understand how the images and text create a story
  • Attention to detail


student testimonials
Student Testimonials

“One Piece is the only manga that I read, for the simple reason that it is very interesting.”

“I enjoy them (manga) because the art style is very good, they have great stories and they are great in total. My favorites are Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist and M.A.R”

“I like graphic novels because I can read them fast and it helps me understand the stories by showing me what's going on.”

“I like manga because they are a great way to see Japanese culture. I would recommend these books to anyone.”

“I like Kingdom Hearts because it tells a long journey in story terms.”

cataloging and shelving
Cataloging and Shelving
  • 741.5
  • Separate
  • Maintain by age group
collection development how do i select graphic novels
Collection Development: How do I Select Graphic Novels?
  • Is the book physically well produced and attractive?
  • Is the storyline coherent, imaginative, interesting and well written?
  • Is the language accessible and appropriate?
  • Use the same guidelines as you would for regular fiction book selection.
misconceptions and controversy
Misconceptions and Controversy
  • Graphic = “dirty”
  • Not books of literary merit
  • Fancy comic books
  • Only for adults
  • Only for boys
  • Only Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  • Multiple topics for multiple genders
  • Classics have been converted
  • Builds visual literacy
  • Helps reluctant readers
  • Move forward with caution
  • Get reviews
my recommendation
My Recommendation
  • Give them a try
  • Include them in your library
  • Use them in your class, you may be surprised with the level of student engagement
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also known as
Also known as…
  • Urban Fiction
  • Street Fiction
  • Ghetto Lit
  • Gangsta Lit
  • Hip-Hop Lit
what is it
What is it?
  • Setting – Inner Cities of United States
  • Protagonists – Young African-American or Latino men or women
  • Fast paced morality tales
  • Deal with sex, violence, crime,

and drugs

history of street lit
History of Street Lit
  • Donald Goines and Robert “Iceberg Slim” Beck 1960s and 1970s
  • Omar Tyree and Sister Soulja
  • Rap music
  • 1970’s mafia films
teen street lit
Teen Street Lit
  • Tamer version of Street Lit
    • Brushes topics of sex, violence, crime, etc. in passing
    • Contains warnings of consequences for actions
  • Violence, drug dealing, sex and language are inappropriate for teens.
  • Depicts African-Americans in a negative way and has misogynistic and homophobic content
  • Sexual and violent depictions on covers
responses to criticisms and why we should include it in our libraries
Responses to Criticisms and Why We Should Include it in our Libraries
  • Some of today’s classics were once controversial (ex. Jack Kerouac)
  • Relates to students’ lives – appeals to reluctant readers
  • Helps build teen fluency
how to meet street lit readers needs honig 2008
How to meet Street Lit Readers’ Needs (Honig, 2008)
  • Respect the genre
  • Provide satisfying alternatives
  • Provide access
  • Collect street lit
  • Use street lit in library programs
  • Broaden your collection
top street lit titles pattee 2008

The Coldest Winter Ever (Souljah, 1999)

Push (Sapphire, 1996)

Let That Be The Reason (Stringer, 2001)

A Hustler’s Wife (Turner, 2003)


“Bluford High” series (Townsend, Scholastic)

Tyrell (Booth, 2006)

The Sista Hood: On the Mic (E-Fierce 2006)

Top Street Lit Titles (Pattee, 2008)