road to meerkat kat 7 dbe n.
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Road to MeerKAT KAT-7 DBE PowerPoint Presentation
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Road to MeerKAT KAT-7 DBE

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Road to MeerKAT KAT-7 DBE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Road to MeerKAT KAT-7 DBE. Alan Langman. meerKAT. Overview . Objectives of meerKAT Location Location Location MeerKAT Engineering Specification Prototypes to MeerKAT KAT-7 Mention Control Interface Other research Questions?. KAT/MeerKAT Objectives.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Objectives of meerKAT
  • Location LocationLocation
  • MeerKAT Engineering Specification
  • Prototypes to MeerKAT
  • KAT-7
  • Mention Control Interface
  • Other research
  • Questions?

KAT/MeerKAT Objectives

  • Build a world class radio telescope (up to 80 dishes)
  • Choose a frequency range that is likely to have high science impact.
  • Commission a 7 dish system from end of 2009, engineering risk mitigation and do some early science.
  • Train a new generation of scientists and engineers who are capable to participate in large international projects, such as the SKA.
  • Provide an excellent facility for local and international scientists.
  • Implement mission-driven innovation to mobilise industry, academia and research fraternity.
  • SKA pathfinder
meerkat dbe functions
MeerKAT DBE Functions
  • Imaging (continuum + spectral line)
  • Beamforming(continuum + spectral line)
  • Pulsar Timing
  • Transient Detection
  • Baseband recording
  • VLBI
  • (and more … scope is still under revision)
what is the kat meerkat

Dishes and Feeds:

80 x 12 m dishes, each equipped with a single pixel prime focus feed

Key interfaces

Optical RF links:

80 x 2 optical links

(80 dishes, 2 polarisations)

Digital Receiver

Station Controller (Karoo)

Front end station processor

Station data:

High speed, large data volume, long distance data transfer Karoo Station to off-site data processing facility.

Back end station processor

Operations Centre

(Cape Town)

Station data:

Distribution internationally, typically over TCP/IP.

User (Scientist)

Internet access

What is the KAT/MeerKAT?
the prototyping phases
The prototyping phases

Same site in the Karoo – 2009 onwards

On the proposed SKA site in Karoo – 2008 onwards

MeerKAT roll-out & commissioning

KAT-7 construction & commissioning

Current – at HartRAO

Experimental development model (XDM)

Current – at SAAO


Phased Experimental Demonstrator (PED)

4x3x2 FPA

meerkat dbe functions1
MeerKAT DBE Functions
  • Imaging (continuum + spectral line)
  • Beamforming(continuum + spectral line)
  • Pulsar Timing
  • Baseband recording
  • VLBI
katadc requirements
katADC Requirements
  • The katADC shall include an E2PROM to store configuration information.
  • The katADC shall operate from 50MHz to 1GHz (goal 1.5GHz).
  • The katADC shall sample data with more than 6.5 ENOB over the full operating frequency range.
  • The katADC shall have a 50 ohm termination on the input, switchable via a suitable RF switch.
  • The katADC shall have 30dB RF gain control
  • The katADC shall have an onboard PLL clock generator.
  • The katADC shall have RFI shielding.
gateware firmware
  • 100% CASPER tools
  • Developed Board Support Package for ROACH
  • Integrated into toolchain
  • U-boot port on board
  • Ready for ROACH
control monitoring
Control / Monitoring
  • Control interface are lines of text
    • Similar to tinysh, but with two differences:
      • Syntax somewhat more formal, more amenable to machine parsing
      • Not only set and get commands – commands defined for application domain (eg: start a data capture)
  • In concept similar to a shell, but also SMTP, IMAP, POP, FTP
  • Runs out of FPGA blockrams on PPC
  • Control protocol runs over serial port
  • Multiple simultaneous data products over network interfaces (100Mbit, 10Gbit):
    • Histograms (2 * 256 bins)
    • Radiometers (2 * integrated power value)
    • Spectrometer (1024 channels, IQUV integrated)
    • Raw (2 * 1024 complex values)
datastream control
Datastream control
  • Create and destroy streams
  • Set up parameters for data products
  • Start and stop data streams
  • Data transfer
    • High speed data products emitted autonomously by gateware over 10Gbit
    • Lower bandwidth data products transferred by processor via 100Mbit interface
example command
Example Command
  • Broadcast histogram data for 15 seconds:
  • ?capture-create stream1
  • ?capture-source stream1 hist
  • ?capture-destination stream1 xdp1:
  • ?channel-dump-rate stream1 4
  • ?capture-start stream1 1194508376
  • ?capture-stop stream1 1194508391
  • ?capture-destroy stream1
other control and monitoring
Other control and monitoring
  • Set time
  • Configure network interfaces
  • Dump and restore settings to survive reprogramming
  • Report log events
  • ...