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The Telegraph iPad V2 – launch partner

The Telegraph iPad V2 – launch partner. iPad News app version 1 – an overview. Launched October 2010 Best of Daily and Sunday Telegraph 75k downloads 44k regular users. Results of registration data capture. POSTCODE PROFILE. GENDER. AGE. ACORN group (top 5). Share. 5%. Under 25 25-34

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The Telegraph iPad V2 – launch partner

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  1. The Telegraph iPad V2 – launch partner

  2. iPad News app version 1 – an overview • Launched October 2010 • Best of Daily and Sunday Telegraph • 75k downloads • 44k regular users

  3. Results of registration data capture POSTCODE PROFILE GENDER AGE ACORN group (top 5) Share 5% Under 25 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65-74 75 & over Wealthy Mature Professionals, Large Houses 7.4% 12% 27% Villages with Wealthy Commuters 6.0% 28% Well-Off Managers, Larger Houses 5.6% 19% Wealthy Working Families with Mortgages 4.4% 7% 2% Well-Off Managers, Detached Houses 4.3% Who is using our iPad app? • Mainly men • Similar socio-demographics to typical Telegraph print readers… • …but younger (average age 47) • 25% buy the paper – but not everyday Source: internal research, October 2010; This consists of iPad Registration data; and findings of an email survey of opted-in iPad users

  4. Results and feedback Consumers want a highly-curated, finite experience on their tablet devices Breaking news is not a priority Not just a website Real-time news is not important; users will use other platforms for that There are some ‘newspaper’ essentials requested: crossword etc Users prefer full page to fractional ads iPad consumers don’t just want the web Source: 4 focus groups were held across October and November. Majority 35-54, male; A mix of tech savvy and non-tech savvy; all were iPad users August 2010 data: IAB.

  5. Version 2 Content • Full paper edition: News, Business, Sport • Multimedia: video, graphics, interactive galleries • Puzzles & Cartoons • One month archive of content • Subscription model; Price TBC • Feb launch

  6. Sponsorship Details Inventory • Full page creative served on the 3rd page viewed, and each subsequent 7th page. • Max of 3 advertisers, with even rotation of creative Reporting • Creative is served and reported on through Telegraph ad server (Dart for Publisher) • Metrics reported are as a brand would receive from a 3rd party ad server. These include Ad imp's served, unique users, frequency, ad interactions, time of day etc. TMG Marketing Support • Marketing campaign to drive subscription User Sessions & Ad Exposures • On average 7.6 visits per user per month • 3 Ad exposures per session • On average 22.8 ad exposures per user per month • 456k total ad exposures over launch period for Q1

  7. Investment 3 month package: • Based on an estimated 152,000 ad exposures* • 12 month package: • Estimated 608,000 ad exposures across the year* • *TMG will guarantee the forecasted ad exposures. This will be underwritten with equivalent inventory across our digital portfolio. For example, if we under deliver by 5% over 12 months, the equivalent value of £5,000 of value would be owed.

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