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  1. Partner Presentation PREPARED FOR STARBUCKS COFFEE 02.11.14

  2. The Larger Problem It takes 20 seconds to appropriately wash your hands—getting in between your fingers, getting on top of your knuckles, getting under your nail bed with at least one swoop each time with a lot of soap on, and then rinsing. “ …researchers pointed out that bacteria levels on the [shopping] carts were greater than what is typically found in public restrooms and other public places.1 ” 1According to a study that swabbed the handles and seats of 85 shopping carts randomly selected from parking lots of grocery stores in San Francisco... Los Angeles...Atlanta...Portland, Oregon...and Sioux City, Iowa, and tested the samples they had gathered.

  3. Current Options Foam Sanitizer & Hand Wipe Stations

  4. Introducing the UV Hand Sanitizer from Hygenia

  5. The Benefits of Working with Hygenia’s UV Sanitizer Easier to Maintain Clean & Tidy CONSUMER FOCUSED PARTNER SIMPLER COOLER State of the Art Technology Green Solution Simple & Effective Retailer Receives Revenue Share Opportunity on Ads Commitment to Quality & Service Multiple Ad Spaces Push More Products Faster Reduces the spread of infectious diseases Lowers Doctor/health costs Clean and Tidy Store Quick, Convenient and Effective Offering of New Products and Promotions Through Ads

  6. How Do We Compare? • Clean Store • NO Retailer Maintenance • Cleaner Hands

  7. How Do We Compare? Less Maintenance 1 Bulb=20,000 Hours Annual Replacement Quick, safe & effective Chemical free Air Shower timer - tactile Cost effective & hassle free Multimedia platform for multiple advertisers Engagement and retention model with store patrons Tray provided to sanitize mobile devices More Maintenance 1 Bottle=6,000 Squirts Replace Every 10 Days Many contain Triclosan (a hormonal irritant) Some contain fragrance & alcohol that irritate skin Messy & can take up to several minutes to work1 3Daily Health news, June 2011

  8. Our Technology 3-5 Seconds Germs, bacteria & viruses are eliminated in 5 second sessions 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruseseliminated Air Shower Timer Air shower timer signals the start and stop by blowing air during sanitization Green Hygenia is chemical-free and generates no waste Indirect UV Light Hygenia is the ONLY sanitizing unit to use safe and effective, reflected UV-C light

  9. Throughout the last 100 years, scientific work and real life experiences have brought forth an enormous array of UV-C applications. Since the 1800s UV-C has helped to disinfect and heal wounds, aseptically package military K-Rations, and has kept medical and dental instruments sterile. UV-C is used in pharmaceutical applications, the military, and NASA, and has a large presence in our Homeland Security.UV-C rids harmful microbes that affect human health! It can bring sanitation and cleanliness to the most contaminated of things. It's been used very successfully in HVACR equipment now for over a decade. ” Quote found and supplied by Jeffrey Gralnick, PhD Micro Biology UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA

  10. The Perfect Equation Mobile Marketing Revolution 65% of smartphone owners are open to receiving offers on their mobile phones.1 Green & Natural Movement Consumers’ strong preference to natural and organic products. Additional Revenue Opportunity While offering a complimentary service to your customer you will gain additional revenue through Advertising revenue share. High Hygiene Standards Consumers desire to shop in a clean and safe environment. 1YouGov, 2011

  11. Advertising Opportunities Revenue share opportunity Interface design allow MULTIPLE advertisers equal exposure Retailers can have dedicated advertising slots for their own use Direct link to Retailer coupons & promotions

  12. Revenue Model $ $ Millions $100,000s # Stores

  13. Conducive to Placement in Multiple Locations

  14. Next Steps Initiate a 1-3 store test plan consisting of: Discuss store locations Discuss installation and setup cooperation Discuss ad strategy use of branded vendors content Discuss use of SMS integration for redemption of coupons and promotions Define test results expectations

  15. Executive Staff GEORGE SCRITCHFIELD co-founder NIGEL WAITES co-founder Nigel brings a wealth of product development experience in a broad range of consumer electronics categories. Before coming to Hygenia, Nigel was CTO for the Best Buy private label group managing all technology. Nigel has held positions heading up engineering groups in the development of Wireless technology, Web based services and multimedia display technologies. In addition he has worked at leading high technology companies such as Apple Computer, Polycom, and National Instruments. He holds an MS in Computer Engineering from Rice University. Nigel holds 21 US patents. • • George’s background is in finance. As an Investment Advisor, George has helped several startups develop seed funding. George has also created many startups of his own, including a digital photography website whose customers include: Microsoft, Fuji and Milton Bradley. George is very adept at developing start up marketing strategies and revenue models.

  16. Contact Us FOR QUESTIONS, PARTNERSHIPS & ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES HYGENIA INC. 605 Twinbridge Ct. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 United States P+1 (925) 338-2450 C+1 (925) 216-0181