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Masa Ono. Questions to be discussed will be how much we should glow (if any of what type for how long) and/or the degree of lithium deposition prior to the run. Unofficial Start-up Plan. Duplicate March start-up (as close as possible) 5% Lithium fill (1 day)

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masa ono
Masa Ono
  • Questions to be discussed will be how much we should glow (if any of what type for how long) and/or the degree of lithium deposition prior to the run.
unofficial start up plan
Unofficial Start-up Plan
  • Duplicate March start-up (as close as possible)
  • 5% Lithium fill (1 day)
    • Evaporate Lithium from E-H? Will that form LiC?
    • He glow before to clean plates? Or dirty them?
  • XMP064 to evaluate
    • Argon glow, more lithium to solve problems.
  • Revisit LLD with 50% fill in June with better conditioned machine, proper personnel and modified XP1000
  • Proceed with “high triangularity” experiments until revisit of LLD.
  • Then, during/before a partial or full maintenance week, heat the LLD again to evaporate the Lithium and start over with 3-4 days of Lithium evaporation and go into a modified XP1000 as discussed at the last LR-TSG meeting.
vlad soukhanovskii comments
Vlad Soukhanovskii comments
  • I am surprised to hear that the LLD experiment is considered for the week of May 24th, when the PSI conference is taking place,and when we are all gone to San Diego.
  • I think a bigger concern is the NSTX start-up XMP064 after several argon vents. These vents had a potential to introduce water and oxygen into the vacuum vessel and minimize the bake-out effect and oxidize the lithium already deposited.
  • I fully agree with Henry’s plan
    • 1) In the week of May 24th, use medium LITER rates, run high triangularity fiducials, carefully evaluate machine conditions aka XMP064 and then have a discussion on how to proceed (He/ D /Ar GDC, more LITER ?)
    • 2) Run XP1000/ XP1001 sometime in late June, when LLD, LITER ready and more diagnostics may be on-line. To quantify the LLD pumping or non-pumping, introduce elements of XP1001 into the LLD experiment.
jem concerns questions
JEM concerns/questions
  • Concerned that multiple Ar vents have:
    • Allowed *oxides from H2O/air to form on plasma facing surfaces
    • Allowed too much Ar to bond (loosely) to surface
    • JEM worried we will inadvertently burry Ar and/or oxides with 1 day Li, which will later be liberated in uncontrolled ways  irreproducible shots
  • How much Ar is in the machine?
  • How much is acceptable?
    • Have bad memories of M. Bitter Ar injection experiments in middle of previous decade – recall increased H-mode threshold, radiation, reduced pulse length…
  • If problematic, is He glow to remove Ar advisable?
    • And didn’t we already have Ne glow, so perhaps any impact on LLD would be comparatively minor anyway?
  • JEM personal opinion uninformed by data (and subject to ridicule!):
    • If Ar level in vessel is noticeably higher than usual, should run ½ hr He glow to see if Ar level is reduced. If some reasonable clean-up is observed, continue He glow until Ar is reduced to 2-3x normal pre-run levels (or lower).
    • Positive side effect is additional removal of oxides by He (+Ar?) glow
    • Risk is sputtering C onto LLD. Any diagnostics to know if this is a problem?
  • Then, try to make plasmas with normal LITER ops (20-40mg/min)
    • If that fails, try 1 day LITER method, then if that fails assess if oxide or Ar issue
rajesh maingi
Rajesh Maingi
  • Li deposition - agree with Henry that we should fill LLD to at least 50%
  • Mechanism to look for reduced LLD pumping and reduced density: we should re-introduce modest ELMs so that the particle confinement is not very large, which makes comparison difficult. This implies some expts. with lowish IP ~ 0.7-0.8 MA and n=3 triggered ELMs as part of Henry's assessment
  • GDC - haven't followed closely enough to render a good opinion

Hosea: GA FDR conflicts week of June 7,switch with June 14 w/ Phil Ryan approval?

  • Kolemen: At a conference week of May 31st
  • Solomen: On vacation week of June 12.
  • Rajesh: Swap June 2 and June 11?
  • Vlad: Waiting for DIMS, expected mid-June
rajesh maingi1
Rajesh Maingi
  • The temperature profiles look rather good, and one can see a change in the single color temps as compared to 2-color right at the melting/freezing point (180), where 2 color gives the right answer and single color ones deviate (lower).
  • So technique seems to be working ok and correcting emissivity differences, as hoped.
  • Its a high priority to turn these into heat fluxes routinely, and I think we'll get that soon, hopefully some time next week just after PSI drafts are sent for co-author review.