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End-to-middle Security in SIP draft-ietf-sipping-e2m-sec-reqs-04 draft-ono-sipping-end2middle-security-03. Kumiko Ono IETF61. Requirements. draft-ietf-sipping-e2m-sec-reqs-04. Changes since 03. Section 2.1: Examples of Scenarios

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Kumiko Ono

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End-to-middle Security in SIPdraft-ietf-sipping-e2m-sec-reqs-04draft-ono-sipping-end2middle-security-03

Kumiko Ono





changes since 03
Changes since 03
  • Section 2.1: Examples of Scenarios
    • Removed the text that overlapped with the scope of session policies
    • Removed the text that described an illegal behavior of a proxy server
changes since 03 cont d
Changes since 03 (cont’d)
  • Section 4: Requirements for a Solution
    • Added notes to describe the requirements met by session policies
    • Added a note to describe the requirements met by an existing mechanism, digest authentication
    • Changed "SHOULD" to "MAY“

REQ-CONF-4: It MAY allow a UA to request that the recipient UA disclose information to the proxy server, which requesting UA is disclosing the information to. The request itself SHOULD be secure.

    • Added the conditions of the requirements.
  • References
    • Divided references to normative and informative.
In WG LC till Nov.20
  • Feedbacks are appreciated.



open issue 1 labeling the target body for middle
Open Issue#1: Labeling the target body for “middle”

OptionA-1. A new SIP header

i.e.: “Proxy-Required-Body"

Option A-2. A new parameter in a SIP header

i.e.: "content-id" param in Route header

Option B-1. A new MIME header

i.e.: "Content-Target"

Option B-2. A new parameter in a MIME header

i.e.: "required-entity" param in


My Proposal:

Option A-1. A new SIP header

open issue 2 notification with a new error code
Open Issue#2: Notification with a new error code

Proxy should have a way to notify a UA about e2m security utilization in addition to using UAC driven method, such as session policy package.

1) When a proxy server needs to view an encrypted data sent by UAC, it requires end-to-middle confidentiality.

  • An existing error code, "493 Undecipherable“ and target content type in Warning header

2) When a proxy server needs to validate the data integrity of the message, it requires end-to-middle integrity.

  • 403?
  • A new error code, such as "495 Signature required" and target content type in Warning header
next step
Next Step
  • Can we adopt this as a WG item?